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YouTube Ban of Chico Ends! Bitcoin Crash! What's Next?


YouTube Ban of Chico Ends! Bitcoin Crash! What's Next?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2020-02-25 01:53:20 | Duration: 55:11 | Views: 26099 | Likes: 1291 | Dislikes: 80

Guess who’s back? Back again!? Chico’s back! Tell a friend! Yes, the YouTube crypto ban is over for us….for now! Plus, Bitcoin takes a dump! What is the next move for the cryptocurrency markets? Will they follow the stock markets downtrend? Or is this, a fakeout, before the real BTC fun begins? Tune in to find out!

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39 thoughts on “YouTube Ban of Chico Ends! Bitcoin Crash! What's Next?

  1. Great Idea to switch you 401k to Cryptocurrencies

  2. Neo will turn around. You will be back and you should know better than to talk about an OG coin/token like that. Neo has been in the top 25 since it came out and held on strong throughout the bear market. I could go on but I'm sure you don't watch the market cap as I do and flip these alts. NOR HAVE MORE BTC THAN ME> YEAH i SAID IT. YOU DON'T HAVE MORE BITCOIN THAN ME OR ETHERUM.

  3. Avatar Mark Johnson says:

    Tyler, always let us know what we can do as a community to help you in the future. I speak for everyone. We all love you!!!

  4. I made the decision to put a percentage of 33% BTC profits to buy gold and silver bullion 33% into rebuy at lower price point and 33% small business and personal wants.

  5. Avatar Thomas Boerm says:

    Currently for bitcoin I believe a correction at this point is very likely if we want a healthy breakthrough to the $10,000 level and above, so yes $9,000 is a good correction level we may reach soon…so now is the perfect time to buy and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. The mooning of bitcoin is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass its all-time highs. What better way than to accumulate your holdings as an investor you should have at least 20 btc in your portfolio before the imminent bull run. That's why I trade daily to multiply my bitcoins using signals provided by a crypto expert named Jacob Morgan and I have been able to accumulate 12 btc since January. His signals are prolific, accurate and easy to implement in your own trade. Jacob can be reached by WhtsApp (+17375293076) or Telegrm (JacobMorgan99) for a better understanding of trading profitably.

  6. Avatar Greg Burns says:

    Buffet has no reason to like/use crypto. He’s sitting on billions in tax payer bail out cash. That’s your money this so called legend trader is hoarding away. He’s so good he needed bail out cash, because most of his holdings are in banks, which needs billions a day in bail out, other wise they collapse. So the sad story is Buffet continues to get bailed out. Yet Bitcoin is very bad.

  7. Great video ! 🏆
    I have something for you :
    Mining on mobile . It's not scam . Read the FAQ . Thanks me later 🥴

  8. Avatar Real AGI says:

    Chico I respect your views. But Singularitynet is not just another project using AI. It is the world first Decentralised Artificial General Intelligence Platform.
    Working today!! and being integrated into all of Ciscos systems.
    Watch Hugo Latapie CTO of CISCO discuss Singularitynet as a revolutionary platform!!!! Don't not side step this one. Your awesome at your research. So research it!
    Watch this

  9. "…internet going down…" – This is the one thing you can say will NEVER happen.

  10. I got paid form Joe it's a blessing to me talk to him on WhatsApp +1336_567_2854 I'm very great full Sir

  11. Ivan on tech also banned, go to his twitter to get on his email for notifications

  12. Funny how some people jumping on the Chico wagon..,”I unsubscribed from other schill content creators” haha, so some people need Chico Crypto to tutor them, what about having a filter yourself guys!! Watch as much as possible and choose the useful info, that is why I watch Tyler too… even I don’t like his personality and filter a lot away!

  13. Avatar Elefant In says:

    Hi Chico 🗽 Yeeessss yt revival 🗽❤️🗽

  14. Avatar Cellar Door says:

    Better cancel the european trip chico that damned covid19 is the new 911

  15. Avatar Wayneside says:

    Thank you for the no bs, straight forward talk on the crypto market. I recently just found your channel. Went ahead and bought 50 Chainlink last night right after watching this live stream. I'll be stacking too.

  16. Avatar Don Percent says:

    You seem like a real deal. Like I am. You don't give a shit, do you? I mean you care about those positive things and being ok to each other but if someone is a scum, you will just say it.

  17. Avatar Tom Bo says:

    Why Cardano will be number 1 on CMC and replaces Bitcoin:

    Cardano :

    This is how it looks like live:

    High assurance software on our computers – the best in class code quality on this planet, created by the smartest scientists .

    Military grade security – high tech software , used by Cardano ,NASA, or used in Nuclear reactors, rockets and systems that are important to national security .

    ……………… .

    ………. .


    and then there is Tron, Eos, Eth, Tezos, Bitcoin, Algo, …….

    you feel the difference, right?

    That is because such high assurance software is the highest standard in software developement .

    It takes years to build it and is most expensive.

    The reason even Microsoft and Apple are not using such software.

    Now you know why there are always bugs, exploits and hacks and you have to upgrade all the time.

    Cardano is the only blockchain project on this planet coded in this best in class standard.


    Because it's the only project who tries to build a financial platform where entire nation states can run on. Therefore it has to be top security standard, because it will protect life critical systems.

    You don't want bugs, exploits , hacks on such critical systems, right?

    And this masterpiece of tech will launch in 2020.

  18. Avatar Cellar Door says:

    Chico getting the invincible complex

  19. Avatar Hyatt Joshua says:

    It is important to remember that trading is a risky business and that mistakes cost money. The mistake you can make, is to risk more money than you can afford to loose.

  20. Avatar piotr knas says:

    UBT ??????UBT???????UBT. ?????

  21. I have a channel that got shut down how do you get it back up and running

  22. Avatar piotr knas says:


  23. Avatar piotr knas says:

    CHILIZ. CHILIZ. I. WABI. WABI. ???????????????

  24. Avatar Orgone Dan says:

    They rolled Buffet and Munger out of the wax museum to say BTC is worth zero, then everything crashes

  25. Avatar jimonius7 says:

    If you're even still on Twitter you deserve everything you get in the form of full Banning and censorship. You beg for it because for every real person that follows you there's 5 Bots that are not real on Twitter. Cancel all your platforms go on dlive tell everybody that you're on dlive and see how many real followers you have and the reality of how unpopular you really are will make you quit this. Only because you are not in it for the truth you're in it for the clicks, the fancy pants and the lollipops.

  26. Avatar N B says:

    Glad you are back Tyler … now we can get reliable/honest Crypto news again :=).

  27. Avatar Bitcoin Life says:

    Chico did you check twitter? Talk about MWC coin not grin or beam. American_hodl twitter suspended now his handle Hodl_America. Its about Trace and Giacumo MWC flyer wow it is hot Bitcoin Maxi story.

  28. Avatar SI says:

    #DeplatformChicoCrypto You trash everyone like you're some righteous crypto Cop….you shill as bad as anyone… Bezant, Enigma, Elastos… Would you like me to go on?????

  29. somone is looking for a suger daddy

  30. You do hate on people too much. It's the only thing I can't stand about you bro. It makes you look super insecure. No reason for that you have an awesome channel. There is plenty of room on this planet for all of you.

    Forget the drama.

  31. Hi Chico nice to see you again.

  32. Avatar Ionut Chinta says:

    Chico, if you have time, take a look at Elrond – proof of stake project

  33. Avatar D C says:

    Any word regarding ENG?

  34. the contagition movie is a tool, in a science called predictive programming.
    The elite uses this tool to make the minds of the masses to accept their comming agendas.. this is science!

  35. Avatar D C says:

    Still alive :-). Wekcome back!

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