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World Economy Dips Into CHAOS! BITCOINs the Only Hope!


World Economy Dips Into CHAOS! BITCOINs the Only Hope!

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2020-01-11 18:58:14 | Duration: 1:19:57 | Views: 20237 | Likes: 856 | Dislikes: 54

Across the globe, economies big & small, are beginning their descent into CHAOS! Negative interest rates are a reality for the European Union & Japan, while western powers are barely hanging onto positive territory. What does this mean for BITCOIN? Great news! BTC is the only asset outside of the elites TOTAL CONTROL! Are you ready for Bitcoin’s Grand Decade?

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20 thoughts on “World Economy Dips Into CHAOS! BITCOINs the Only Hope!

  1. Avatar Matt Nelson says:

    I have heard the bank REPO overnight lending, the fed has injected almost $6 trillion. Has the money been hidden like the missing $21 trillion that Dr Skidmore and Cathryn Austin Fitts uncovered in the DOD and HUD departments? Seems this ties into the hot potato theory as bank do not have money to lend as they know the hot potato will not ever be seen again once they lend it to another Ponzi scheme bank.

  2. Praying for you Chico! Seemed not yourself here. Hang strong and be blessed and full of Gods love and light.

  3. Avatar Dane Theisen says:

    The best grow light is Horitlux Ceramic HPS and MH. Hortilux is the only company with ceramic HPS technology which has a PAR rating of 98 out of 100. It creates super white light. As of 2020, they now have a DE 1000 watt ceramic HPS . Hortilux is based in Ohio. Made in USA. Great customer service. 3 year warranty. End of story.

  4. I am not a Bitcoin hater, but i have some questions. In the article shown in 14:00 it sais "BITCOIN is a better option than banks for Saving Money". I do not understand how is that possible! BTC has 0% intrest rate, so my 1BTC is still 1 BTC. And assuming that fiat money has now disappeared after falling, and 1BTC is now queal to $50K or even $500K my 1BTC is still 1BTC!!! where is the saving in that!?

  5. Avatar Andy*123 says:

    hi chico if 70 percent of the earth is water, and the properties of water states. it will always have a flat surface how is it round?

  6. Avatar Vasiliy B says:

    @chico what are your thoughts on cannabis stock… good opportunity to make some quick turnaround?

  7. Avatar axelgear666 says:

    OMG , theres more volume on tether than on btc. WTF lmao

  8. Avatar J R says:

    btc futures market will be used by governments to crash the price

  9. Avatar Desertviews says:

    Will world chaos = internet chaos = bitcoin chaos?

  10. How well does Uniswap work? Says it's still in Beta.

  11. You think 🤔 bitcoin has to hit 20k again because who is you but you or the 🔑 you or the reason bitcoin is not hitting 20k because of the bad vibe/Curse you put on your self. If you cut your Beard and hair 🧔now bitcoin will hit 20k with no problem probably this week 😂 you is bad luck and you know it 😂😂😂

  12. About 10 more years 😂😂😂

  13. Avatar Steleet22 says:

    DeFi = Bitconnect with extra steps.

  14. Avatar Anon VPN says:

    stocks are outperfoming crypto, so many people got REKT that they prefer to invest in stock manipulation, i don't hold any high hopes for crypto except maybe for defi.

  15. 4Chan is great place for Crypto? WTF!?!?!?!?

  16. Avatar DD says:

    Watch this buddy, Charles admits in the first 90 seconds, that the testnet bugs have not been fixed, because the team has been working for 4 months, and they got tired. So they went on vacation. Like? ?? ? ?? hello?

  17. Chico: Curious what BTC effect you see from CME options (on futures) which initiate trading today 5:00 p.m. Chicago time. Thanks — Joe Dub

  18. Avatar Txantxoman says:

    Why are you biased against BCH?

  19. I want a game system that mines crypto while I am gaming

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