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Why $6400 Bitcoin is So Important – What's Next? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Why $6400 Bitcoin is So Important – What's Next? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin continues to rally and heading towards $6400. Why is it so important and what can come next?

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30 thoughts on “Why $6400 Bitcoin is So Important – What's Next? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. I feel sorry for you USA guys, from Australia

  2. Sounds like FinCen is obsolete. A lightning node isn't going to know who's transactions they are running. Besides there are other countries that won't have such ridiculous rules and lightning will run outside whatever rules they can makeup.

  3. Avatar samyuill says:

    If the top guns jump in and support the FINCEN for now for sure that's great press,, cause either way the end results would be the same if they cause problems,,, just a short term improvement to adoption.

  4. Sherman is a dirty filthy crook. He is a marxist.

  5. Avatar Eric Manes says:

    I wonder why Vechain isn’t participating at all. Any idea, George?

  6. you know its all fake, right?

  7. anyone know how long Binance has shut down card payments? trying to buy more

  8. Saying 1300 is out the door is stupid. Anything can happen and nobody knows shit.

  9. Tether dump pumping BTC.

  10. Happy Friday George!!!!

  11. Avatar Wideolink says:

    Bitcoin 100 k in one-two years! I got my popcorn 🍿 – watch !

  12. 100k? how rich are you trying to be! lol

  13. Avatar MrJeroenJA says:

    Please discuss Chainlink next time, the decentralized oracle network

  14. BTC 6400? next challenge please!

  15. Avatar Red Man says:

    In the US there is a law on the books to put anyone in jail at anytime……I dont care how squeaky clean you are……

  16. I have just made 0.2btc in 9 hours with the help of Mr Goodson’s program, I have been trading for 7 good month with no profit to boast about and have been loosing heavily. Yesterday morning I stumbled upon a comment of someone giving testimonies on a group .. how he was able to make profit with Goodson’s trading strategies and programs, So I contacted Thomas so I can be part of the testimony which I saw. it only been 9 hours of trading since I reached out to this crypto God and I have successfully made profit of 0.2btc in my wallet in short a period of time, I’m so grateful and thankful to Richard for his help, I am so overwhelmed Feel free to reach him on *Email/hangout *richardgoodson1994 (AT) or via whatsapp: +1(904)385-0801* and thank me later

  17. Avatar Tony T says:

    I have to say Peter, even in the darkest of months you still kept super positive and pumped out supportive uploads and i for one admired your sheer bloody minded attitude! Nice to see the market doing some of the heavy lifting at last!

  18. Avatar Rikkity Rakk says:

    That whole FinCEN thing is confusing. For crying out loud… any "Individual" who sends BTC as a tip is a "money transmitter."
    What about small GPU miners who are basically just computer geek hobbyists trying to make a few dollars? It's crazy trying to keep track of every mining pool payout.

  19. hodl on for dear life! 😂 😂 😂😐

  20. "Let's be conservative, let's say we only go up 5000% " 😂😂😂 only in Crypto

  21. I remember 2017 couldn't even sleep

  22. Avatar Budiman Lim says:

    Alts hodler are selling for BTC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤩🤩

  23. Avatar Raul Benitez says:

    Mr. Sherman, a U S congressman is creating a bill to ban BITCOIN and crypto In the US.

    We the people should be fighting to ban the dollar due to the fact that it has lost most of its value since it was created and it's burying us in a giant debt . Mr. Sherman and many others who thinks like him need to update themselves and embrace the new technology that is changing the world and is giving all of us the freedom we deserve to have

  24. Avatar Drew Smith says:

    Many people don’t know the driving factor of this rise, it’s mostly because of the pyramid coin Vollar (v dimension on coinmarketcap)that drew over a million users and 30k plus bitcoin into the ecosystem

  25. this hacker helped me hack into a bitcoin wallet and I was able to got back my btc, contact him on WhatsApp +14692969380 or [email protected]

  26. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    Help you help me, help you? — That's not my job Jerry!
    Show me the money, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

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