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Warren Buffett is WRONG about Bitcoin According to Chamath Palihapitiya

Warren Buffett is WRONG about Bitcoin According to Chamath Palihapitiya

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See what Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital says about Warran Buffet and his interesting take on why everyone should have 1% of their portfolio in Bitcoin.

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48 thoughts on “Warren Buffett is WRONG about Bitcoin According to Chamath Palihapitiya

  1. Buffet is the rat and Bitcoin is the rat poison²

  2. Avatar Wanderman says:

    I think somebody gotta make the interviewers do intensive research before taking on discussion about this topic!

  3. Lol everything is SCUM when they can't control it not surprise

  4. Avatar Drew Smith says:

    Only 1%? I’d sell my pants to scoop up as many Satoshies as possible LOL

  5. Avatar vambo13257 says:

    There"s is a lot of scum in these old fart investors .

  6. Yeah maybe 1% that’s it there’s no guarantee that bitcoin is gonna ever hit its all time highs , I mean 11 years later still no major use cases , a whole lot of shyt coins watering the market down a bunch of scam coins , bitcoin is still slower than visa still hard for most people to use and not a lot of people want it if you had to liquidate it fast, so yeah a very very small amount of ones portfolio is ok

  7. I have 1% as a hedge in non-crypto 😉

  8. Instead of listening to Chamath and actually learning something, CNBC decides to keep cutting him off. I'm not from the US but I bet CNBC is left-wing.

  9. Avatar ct phy says:

    Bill Gates MUST not have an iota of A CLUE what he was talking about because there is multiple simple exchanges you can use for shorting extremely easily! not to mention they will all 3 be more poor than a 11th century peasant considering the dollar will collapse over a short time when they lower rates to 2% and inflation is actually closer to 4%.

  10. buffet isnt wrong. He has the same mentatility on gold too. What hes saying is that none of those give you anything.
    If you buy property, you can live in it on rent it out. If you buy farmland, you rent it out or produce food from it.

    Gold or bitcoin doesnt do anything. Thats buffets point. As for the scumball guy, hes wrong. As for Gates, not so smart there.
    But buffets statements actually hold truth, if you look at what he actually says.

    Personally im all in on bitcoin/crypto

  11. Avatar Max Mas says:

    The only true coin is BITCOINSV everything else is a scam stealing people's money

  12. Avatar Marius Mormo says:

    One more video from last year, are you serious man???🤔

  13. Avatar N B says:

    What a dickhead that guy Chamath … I understand technology and Bitcoin is interesting, but ultimately unnecessary and useless. I am will to bet this idiot has invested in Bitcoin and now wants to get the public to invest so that he can get a bull run to materialise and make a killing on Bitcoin before cashing out and leaving the public to deal with another loss. Bitcoin is all hype and you should be very wary of rich investors saying anything positive about Bitcoin. Thankfully we have the likes of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger who are philanthropists and have no interest in scamming the public and they are the only people to trust regarding Bitcoin. Bitcoin is nothing more than a worthless Ponzi with no assets to back up its inflated price. Its worthless garbage that appeals to clueless Millennials.

  14. Avatar Morten Helle says:

    If you have a lot of money, buy gold. Then go down to the broker and tell them you are there for the gold you bought. You will be met with confused faces telling you that, well… the gold you bought does not really exist. You will basically get a piece of paper with an IOU. It's a massive scam.
    Bitcoin is not clamining to be anything more than what it actually is.

  15. 5:08 "Why not buy gold?" LOL! Sure – and go buy a typewriter and a rotary phone while you're at it. That dudes drunk on mead…

  16. Avatar Batman says:

    I like that guy

  17. Why ask the oldest billionaires? They're obviously going to favor the ways that got them rich and they're all getting big bank money. Crypto threatens big banks so the 100 year old billionaires will shit on all crypto

  18. Avatar Tam Nguyen says:

    XRP will take over the crypto market by surprise just wait and see.

  19. Avatar gary roach says:

    How do I invest in this guys company?

  20. Avatar Ricky Smith says:

    If Warren wanted to, he could buy the whole market cap of BTC right now…..

  21. Avatar Angel Soliz says:

    Adoption is coming!

  22. Avatar crypt0bank says:

    Intelligent conversation and main stream media do not go hand in hand…..

  23. Everything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it….Bitcoin and Gold just the same.

  24. Avatar Mohd Arif says:

    if everyone has the sense to get in emerging technology at initial stage than we have more millionaires today.

  25. What I love is that this is a perfect example for how it is to talk about BTC with colleagues to date. Doesn't matter what points you bring up or try to bring up, you will get cut off and labeled. My opinion, HODL and check back with those colleagues in two years and let me know what "label" you have now. I project they listen this time and that label will be polar opposite. Just my thoughts…

  26. I'm surprised that reptilian didn't Slither his tongue at this guy if you never seen it the guy on the far right is a reptilian and when mad he slithers his tongue at people why are we not talking about that

  27. you can never get rid of gold and silver if you're just putting your money in crypto I feel sorry for you only put what you could afford to lose if you make it you make it if you don't it was worth the laugh

  28. The irony of Bill Gates is that his Bill Gates foundation is partnered with Ripple. How the times have changed. Watch what they do not what they say.

  29. the times of Warren Buffett are over it is hard time our reality our world make way for the new millionaires let's change this world for the better

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  31. The only thing i dont understand yet but i am gonna read the bitcoin standard book the coming days(it will arrive in the mail today) is what will happen if all coins are mined…will there be another system which takes over or..will all coins just dissapear..

  32. I agree. Buffet is also known for his Anti Tech stocks. He doesnt buy what he doesnt understand. So he clearly doesnt understand why we buy Bitcoin.

  33. Chamath Palihapitiya makes a great case and is so well spoken and convincing.

  34. 90% of gold in the world is owned by the federal reserve, and it’s mostly all stolen from the Philippines. Why can’t these old folks open their eyes. Our economy is running off of printed paper, backed by nothing. We are all under control. BUY BITCOIN, JOIN THE REBELLION

  35. Avatar John Cool says:

    whatever CNBC the opposite..they are scripted to make future young investors be afraid to plunge into the digital world..I'm still buying my bitcoin and I'm freaking happy..i will hodl and i will survive.

  36. Buttett is straight up lying. You know he is buying while trying to talk the price down. they all do it.

  37. hey George I enjoyed this video but how are you getting away posting cnbc you shoukd be careful

  38. Avatar Matt Short says:

    Great theoretical reason to invest but there is no definitive proof it is uncorrelated. So far, the opposite has been true.. When the equities markets are hot, risk-on investments like BTC begin to rise. When the equities markets are bearish, no one wants to invest in something volatile and risky like Bitcoin.

  39. Avatar Jimmy Yu says:

    Why does bill gates hate bitcoin but bakkt is backed by Microsoft?

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  41. Avatar adrianmxmx says:

    Once Bitcoin reaches 100,000, there should be a short video finger day with BTC on the middle nail!!

  42. Avatar shahin says:

    buffet invested in a crytpo company so what ever

  43. Avatar steelvegas says:

    If there is a bunch of "scam" in crypto, I can assure you that the traditional financial markets are literally full of BS scams.

  44. Peapol avaliation its the key reason to crypto market florish

  45. Gold &/or Diamonds never will have a fixed value quantity like Bitcoin have 🙂 no mater what ………. Hahahaah

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