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Volatility is back, Tim Draper exclusive | Hodler’s Digest

Volatility is back, Tim Draper exclusive | Hodler’s Digest

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Hodler’s Digest Nov 26 – Dec 2
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We spoke to Tim Draper about all things crypto, also this week Nasdaq Bitcoin future, market crash impacts miners, pay taxes with BTC and Vitalik.

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Volatility is back, Tim Draper exclusive | Hodler’s Digest

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46 thoughts on “Volatility is back, Tim Draper exclusive | Hodler’s Digest

  1. 1:01 – Market update
    1:26 – Interview with Tim Draper and Tom Lee
    4:35 – Ohio allows crypto tax payments
    8:45 – Crypto mining crisis
    12:36 – Nasdaq to launch Bitcoin futures
    13:46 – Vitalik Buterin on blockchain enterprises

  2. Send me bitcoin for no reason 😎

  3. Avatar Daniel O says:

    Great content. But please tone down with the hectic music.. It’s not a Christoffer Nolan movie.

  4. Avatar geestman9 says:

    Turn down the background music!!!

  5. Avatar Sal Lazuka says:

    Yes, as a crypto enthusiast and lived my entire life in Ohio, I applaud the work you've done. Go for it!

  6. I dislike automatically if Tone is in the clip

  7. Avatar Kay Yu says:

    Tom who? Never right.

  8. It may be due to the Bitcoin Cash fork, but the volatility of crypto prices seems to have returned – downwards – causing a panic selloff just before the end of the year.

  9. Avatar 2600 says:

    Please stop that cheesy canned music.

  10. Avatar Audrey Sorg says:

    Jay Clayton has a constipated look on his face. Need I say more?

  11. Avatar Chris topher says:

    Hodlers digest. What a joke. Crypto is a scam and eveyone in is a scam artist. Including coin telegraph. Buy more "hodlers". Lol.

  12. Avatar dubstep1994 says:

    Crypto wont go any where. But fiat will go to 0.

  13. Avatar Haejin Lee says:

    You need to pick better background music…

  14. Avatar JamesH says:

    Tom Lee does not say “revolution” at 1:57, but “resolution”. Surely, anything relating to BCH would not be qualified as being revolutionary.

  15. Avatar John Galt says:

    Stop the constant lagging effects. It looks and sounds annoying

  16. Could be shaking out the week miners

  17. Tone Vase is a nose miner

  18. Avatar Nico Smid says:

    The subtitles should be double checked, saw some errors like FCC (SEC)

  19. Avatar Di Gu says:

    Crash of 2017 is a classic pump and dump using the futures market

  20. Draper and Lee don't tell you one significant detail. Every time a bunch of ignorant, greedy asshats like Ver and Wright create new "shitcoins" through HF's and those Shitcoins closely resemble BTC they have effectively eroded investor confidence, AND double and tripled the amount of supply. I know all you blind idiots think that BTC is only 21 million total supply. Wrong, now it's BTC 21 million, BCH 21 million and BCH SV 21 million and on and on. Until that shit stops I'm afraid BTC is only going down.

  21. "Significant recovery" ?!?!?! LMAO! Idiot.

  22. Avatar domdom939 says:

    the word hodler is what brought bitcoin from 20k to 4k and now will bring it to 100 dollars… you fools, its meant to be spent

  23. If Nasdaq truly launches their futures contract will be the death of Bitcoin, just google why, it's stupid… An ETF is better but the best is if institution just trade the real bitcoin, that would take 2 more years but it will be the best long term outcome

  24. Avatar Norliss says:

    Whoever filmed Tom Lee has no idea about framing and the rule of thirds…

  25. Great content …. can do without all the hand waving ……. lol

  26. Avatar paul1mdrn says:

    Ohio state treasurer 👏🏼

  27. Avatar CRYPTOGOD says:

    Not only volatility is back – she's back also…. 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Avatar Tom says:

    Awesome update, thanks!

  29. Avatar C Joe says:

    mmmm i likey this girl

  30. The gangsta music is nice (not really) but pls it's too loud.

  31. Avatar M. Yahya says:

    you are just like other mainstream media, you never verify what you read this video from twitter is old miners being changed to new and more efficient miners, Never trust verify. hope you will do better.

  32. If you sold all your Bitcoins last week better buy em back Major key 🔑😂😂

  33. Avatar mr 9ine says:

    Coin Telegraph has been reported to the fashion police.

  34. Avatar Jane Singh says:

    Great channel! Music too loud and distracting at times

  35. Avatar raymond ona says:

    haha , never sell till BTC is worth $100k

  36. Avatar Oliver Li says:

    if it reaches -90%, i'll buy a lot. if it bounces back to -70%, i'll buy a half

  37. Avatar Oliver Li says:

    Mr_Kristof is still making profits. check his channel

  38. wow, this channel is even better than crypto zombie

  39. Avatar Harry Gupta says:

    She is back . I like her voice 👍👍😍

  40. Avatar RJ REX says:

    Good video CT. Keep it up. Cheers

  41. Avatar chrisiden says:

    insider info: Tom Lee is really Charlies biological father lol 🙂

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