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Top 10 Bitcoin Facts That Will Shock You! CIA, Satoshi, Hacks & More!!


Top 10 Bitcoin Facts That Will Shock You! CIA, Satoshi, Hacks & More!!

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It’s time to countdown the top 10 Bitcoin facts that you might find surprising, shocking, or downright unbelievable. These facts range from Satoshi’s original Bitcoin code to core Developer Gavin Andresen going to the CIA to unveil Bitcoin. Each Bitcoin fact get more shocking & unbelievable than the next. Are you ready for the final countdown?

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:40 Number 10 Fact: Bitcoin’s Actual Total Supply
01:29 Number 9 Fact: Smallest Unit of A Bitcoin Isn’t A Satoshi
01:58 Number 8 Fact: Original Bitcoin Units of Measurement
02:30 Number 7 Fact: Blockchain Was Called Something Else By Satoshi
03:12 Number 6 Fact: Bitcoin Addresses Don’t Contain Certain Numbers & Letters
03:46 Number 5: Bitcoin Up-time Total
04:14 Number 4: Bitcoin Downtime Due To….
04:47 Number 3: Bitcoin’s Most Serious Bug
05:52 Number 2: Satoshi Goes Into Hiding Because of The CIA
06:41 Number 1: Satoshi Nakamoto Has Been Found
07:07 Conclusion

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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Bitcoin Facts That Will Shock You! CIA, Satoshi, Hacks & More!!

  1. Avatar David Fred says:

    vastrangelinks/com just added 2 btc to my wallet they are awesome

  2. Avatar PayPal Info says:

    Bitcoin hack is real, I received some Bitcoins in my wallet from [email protected],com

  3. All the fun and games aside you don’t own what you don’t hold or is any currency worth anything when the rubbish sorry I mean rubber hits the road 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎂

  4. Avatar A B says:

    I like how you left out the part where Craig Wright proved to Galvin that he's Satoshi.

  5. Avatar Faraz Mobin says:

    hey Chico big fan , but i had to revisit the video since you said bitcoin address don't have 1's in them, bitcoin address begin with number 1 or 3, and i have found address on block 570027 containing 1's. can you or someone please clarify if i am wrong. Thanks for the great content

  6. Avatar Taylor says:

    Wow. Quality work. Never knew about the 2010 btc "rollback" very interesting.

  7. Thanks bro!!!!! Love your honest content ‘ keep going!

  8. Information is power to wealth, l earn 0.905 bitcoin daily. I can show you if you have a bitcoin wallet
    Comment “INFO” for link

  9. Hardware mining unlike cloud mining has little or no risk.

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  11. Satoshi Nakamoto=Elon Musk

  12. Avatar Entheogen says:

    infrastructure contract for Skywire. Value of first contract is ten
    times Skycoins current market cap.

  13. Avatar Sanctusnsb says:

    oh wat! CZ… get your booty on the floor toniiiite!… you kill me bro <3

  14. Avatar Sam Saltwell says:

    Loved this video, awesome facts!

  15. Avatar CAMBO W says:

    Well said , problem with Bitcoin is it will never scale for real world global adoption due to the fact that it is a PoW algorithm. Mathematically speaking Bitcoin is at a dead end, adding a flawed second layer, namely Lightning Network won’t change this. Add to this the fact that a fair percentage of BTC transactions have and will be compromised (Hacked). The fact is, Bitcoin has been superseded by blockchain and digital assets that have moved away from the flawed and mathematically defunct PoW algorithm namely PoS and Consensus Algorithms. Bitcoin still seems to have brand recognition if nothing else and for this reason i predict that Bitcoin will not acquire real world mass adoption. Because of the fact that a lot of people who hold Bitcoin have a platform to try and keep the dream alive i believe this is detrimental to crypto and will fade away as more user friendly and safer digital assets gain adoption.

  16. Avatar Chris Ingram says:

    Yep, Satoshi is purely created by the CIA, NSA, DARPA and the shadow government to make BTC look like it was created by a citizen….

  17. Avatar Nadir Future says:


  18. Avatar intheone1 says:

    I love how he says "strap in for a rollercoaster ride" in the most monotone voice possible, lol.

  19. Avatar PhilmyBush says:

    So I am guessing that you have been asked this before but I was wondering if you record background footage and then green screen over the top?

  20. Avatar Ruairi says:

    Love these vids dude

  21. And the hits keep coming brother!

  22. stronghands probably uses msats lol

  23. Avatar Mister Cat says:

    now i know what satoshi nakamoto looks like… lol

  24. Avatar Rick Thomas says:

    Good video, I got scared at the end though….. i thought you were going to out me.

  25. What? ..Bubbles' brother is Satoshi??

  26. Talk about partnership between Mc donalds and LYL @t

  27. Avatar chabudot says:

    I did not know those things! Your most enjoyable episode so far Chico crypto! I gotta have some more Tyler!

  28. Avatar Yasha Harari says:

    good on you for covering the bitcoin "limit" quite well. i've been talking about that for a while in my videos. It's just a social contract that keeps the limit at "21 million". aside from the infamous bitcoin blockchain rollback, and the prevention of the 2018 exploit discovered by a BCH dev and fixed in collaboration with BTC devs, it could easily be changed in the code if/when the community of core devs and miners decides to do so. this means yes, Bitcoin has an immutable limit, up to the point where the devs and miners decide that it doesn't. While it's not so easy to do that thanks to decentralized interests, it's clearly possible as it's happened before and nothing's changed to stop it from reoccurring.

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