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The Gamble of the Century: BITCOINs Bet Against Governments!

The Gamble of the Century: BITCOINs Bet Against Governments!

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Bitcoin is the gamble of this century! Why? Governments across the world gain control of their citizens through one thing: fiat currency. Bitcoin is the first time in history the people get to break away from the shackles called fiat. How will the people break free? How long will it take? Are groups already working towards a decentralized & free future? Tune in to find out!

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46 thoughts on “The Gamble of the Century: BITCOINs Bet Against Governments!

  1. Avatar Paul Alves says:

    Great work ethic and content even with the smokey.

  2. Why are you giving crypto crow so much air time? I didn’t even know who he was until all this fight talk. Now he’s get more views than he would have. No one cares about a fight we want your crypto research and speculation.

  3. Avatar Brian Smith says:

    Am I completely safe with ellipal??

  4. Avatar Cosmic Elf says:

    You don't think the instability with Iran was more likely to have caused the pump more than the proof of keys event?

  5. Avatar Natelie Page says:

    Besides being persistent and always keeping faith in the blockchain technology, one major factor to making life changing gains from crypto is understanding the trends and working closely with it. Following the circle, the asset is headed for $13,000 and eventually $16,000 before the full blast of the bullish move and i am not taking chances by accumulating as much as i can while being guided by the professional aid (daily trade signals) of Brandon Gaston. Having bought just 2 BTC at $7,200 and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 10 BTC. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and Wriggle is one of such competent hands that has made an impact in the crypto spaces. He can be contacted on Telegram- @Bgaston and discord gastonbrandonn#3027 for any crypto related assistance…

  6. Avatar Cornealius C says:

    I will tell you RIGHT NOW! 🤪

  7. Proof of Keys a Failure ? Are you saying the Exchanges paid Trace Mayer to create Proof of Keys, which Pumped the price, which caused people to not do what Trace Mayer told them to do ? You lost me Chico !

  8. Avatar Sim Bitcoin says:

    Hey chico stop smoking you will get way fatter 100%.

  9. Avatar Sim Bitcoin says:

    Cardano and Charles are good ones same good as you .You ride on him way to long find another story man.

  10. I exchanged my ripple for 0x and chainlink

  11. Avatar Samuel Foos says:

    I'm not as interested in your "info" and I kinda liked your channel….but I like interest more

  12. Avatar Samuel Foos says:

    The only way to get rich in crypto is leverage trade bitcoin, other than that Hex and tezsos offer interest, Hex being the best game theory in crypto…Richard might be many things but an idiot? You're an idiot for saying that tyler

  13. Avatar joshua keith says:

    @56:30 what did he say in the chat?! 🤣💀

  14. Avatar kusuma tirta says:

    Hello Tyler, i followed your channel for few months and i liked your analysis. I want to ask your opinion, do you have any prediction about when is the altseason will coming?

  15. Avatar AL - Butch says:

    Ummm. You can type in Google. Chico cyrpto scammer and get a hit too. I watched you before and remember when you promoted Rock Miner. Scam. Come on dude

  16. Loved old school ufc back in the day, Ken shamrock, Dan severn etc

  17. Central Bank Digital Currency will probably be issued at an 'exchanged rate' to cash (as per the IMF Report last year) and will facilitate the use of negative interest rates if required.

    This will also make it easier to collect taxes as it will be on a ledger (blockchain).

    Bitcoin will be the decentralised hedge against bad monetary policy.

    $100K within 2-3 years.

    $1MM in 10+ years.

  18. Tyler
    🤔 Did you lite up today
    Before show?🚬😏

  19. Avatar TrevorB says:

    Great content and chat as usual. BTW UFC 246, McGregor vs. Cowboy is on Jan 18th. Me too think/hope cowboy Cerrone takes the win…

  20. Sent is way better than oxt! The price go oxt is outrageous!! Crazy!

  21. The estimated ROI for ethereum 2.0 staking is 3.9%, possibly lower, depending on the amount of stakers, 😞

  22. I JUST LOVE YOU BUDDY !!! You are talking like we should all talk

  23. Avatar SanktGallus says:

    Proof of Keys non event – they pumped it out – when dump? Crypto is worse than fiat world it slowly seems to me … Trace Mayer fell asleep, maximalists hide behind their bakks screaming scam at RichardHeX. While their bitcoin gets more and more zentralized (60% china mining etc., president Chi getting control over chain security). Fewer but bigger buffet like criptu holders. SInce two years strange situation, only tether scam supports the shit. Gold is secure compared to this.

  24. Avatar D. Bigge says:

    I reserved Crypto_Chico Channel for you on LBRY.

  25. Hello Tyler! Looking for Quantum resistant blockchains? Nexus and QRL!!

  26. Smoking some nice ganja while watching this. Your show is hands down the best crypto show out.

  27. Avatar Erik Jones says:

    Actually Trace has been hyping POK for the last month on podcasts, YT, etc. He's an early adopter who has been instrumental in passing hodler friendly laws in Wyoming. So highly doubt bought off by exchanges. Not impossible but unlikely.

  28. It's going up now you noob

  29. Avatar Robert Lee says:

    CH tryna wrap my nutz and run em on Cardano.

  30. Avatar Hell Hell says:

    Nobody is correct on BTC,even Chico is no difference, that's BTC for u

  31. Avatar Ram Ram says:

    The Pool Together idea is pretty cool… but is this regulated in the US? Could this fall on the wrong side of gambling, fractional reserve, etc?

  32. Do you mean Enercon the wind turbine manufacturers from Germany as they are putting WEC’s up in Sweden, Finland etc ? ….

  33. How hard are we going to have to dump to help fill the CME gap and keep the trust up that we will?

  34. Avatar Samer eldon says:

    u just take us through the internet news .. thanks but we r old and educated enough to read and analyze where the market is taking us .. the moon is way better and doesn’t talk a lot

  35. Avatar Greg Burns says:

    Binance and Justin himself own 98% of all Tron. They are not for you, it’s all for them. Don’t be surprised if Justin steps down with a few billion in his pocket.

  36. Hi @chio have you heard about KBC and what do you think about it?

  37. Avatar easeinbox says:

    I'm guilty. I forgot all about proof of keys. Angry at myself as it's very important.

  38. Wow I thought Trace Mayer was an OG. He’s getting paid by exchanges…it makes sense as he was an early investor in Kraken.

  39. Avatar Crypto Lynn says:

    Thanks Chico, I love your videos and the research you put into them thanks!

  40. Avatar matt a says:


    Double Chico even!!!!!!

    And suggestion for ur monthly profile tagline is…
    "Chico – im hell bent on 6k"

  41. Hey Tyler, there should be organized, unannounced events. A decentralized system that automatically sends the digital assets to the previously specified wallets. The code determines when the event happens and all exchanges would have to accept this code, otherwise, they are not trustworthy. An "https" but for blockchains.

    proof of keys security protocol -> POKSP

  42. Avatar XRPotato says:

    @41:00 isn't kava = kava labs = cosmos? Im guessing you didn't know or did i mishear this? o.o

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