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Satoshi Nakamoto? – Craig Wright Registers Bitcoin Whitepaper | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Satoshi Nakamoto? – Craig Wright Registers Bitcoin Whitepaper | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-05-21 17:19:30 | Duration: 41:21 | Views: 9596 | Likes: 482 | Dislikes: 31

Big news about Craig Wright and his registration with the US copyright office, is he Satoshi Nakamoto?

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43 thoughts on “Satoshi Nakamoto? – Craig Wright Registers Bitcoin Whitepaper | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Bris Vegas says:

    Everyone has an ideal of who Satoshi is, when idealism does not align with reality people are upset. Just because you don't like Mr Craig Wright, has nothing to do with whether he is Satoshi or not.

  2. Viral Killer says:

    I believe in HODLing unless a parabolic hype run presents itself, like Dec 2017…then sell at the top..the question is, is this bull run over yet?

  3. Ricky D says:

    Great job with the diet, George!

  4. Ken Shields says:

    Preferred shares have no vote and should have a minimum stated payout.

  5. D Street says:

    He was granted it loser, not just registered.
    Fuck off troll.

  6. Jay Dee says:

    Why does anyone take CW seriously?? Good show George.

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  8. Hey you know 2 wrongs don't make a Wright.

  9. Someone needs to do a FAKETOSHI T shirt for us to buy!!

  10. God this guy is a *sshole. If he turns out to be SN, I am going to be so pissed off. Spoilers for GOT season 8!
    Season 8 sucked, especially the 4th and 5th episodes. Also the 3rd, and the 2nd were also sort of disappointing. But the last episode actually wasn't too bad. Jon was useless though, as usual. He never could think on his feet. Or at all, really.

  11. LOCI blockchain is a patent registering platform anyone can search snd file through LOCI

  12. shizza82 says:

    Geroge, hey mate. Can you please explain how your Exodus wallet was hacked?

  13. Keto and fasting is affective to fat the melt off but made me dizzy once I started body building.

  14. again, Ill wait for the eos version of domain names!

  15. samyuill says:

    GOT sucked at the end

  16. JK says:

    Why on earth defend the wall now?

  17. JK says:

    Agree George the got finale crap.

  18. P Pan says:

    IMO most hackings are inside job.

  19. dyor. you have no clue my dude.

  20. The crooks, criminals and scum in the SEC will NEVER allow a Bitcoin ETF. The big banks pay them too much.

  21. kikin310 says:

    game of thrones last season shucked ash!!!!! big ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the end was awful

  22. Valen says:

    Someone should just beat the shit out of faketoshi. So, so tire of this shit. "Fake it until you make it" is getting very old.

  23. Lamptree says:

    I think Craig Wright is rude and a liar. Therefore he could not be Satoshi.

  24. samuel choe says:

    use ur common sense ppl. do you think craig is so retarded that he would go through the court system to prove that he is fake? r u guys this stupid? unless you have some ulterior motives, how could anyone doubt craig is the real satoshi. plz spend at least 50 hrs on research.

  25. George Dedes says:

    Worst ending ever I agree. Totally stuffed up the series.

  26. James Crypto says:

    I think a good idea would have a multisig wallet that uses fingerprints, retinal scan, password and number password. Use 1 sig to transfer small amounts. 2 signatures for even bigger amounts. And all your signatures to move really big amounts.

  27. Will the real Satoshi Nakamoto please stand up!

  28. "with Keto, only the melt fats off" best bit, love it

  29. L0b0ts says:

    It's a myth he is a fraud no one person made bitcoin.

  30. Hail Kira says:

    What about fingerprint authentication? wouldent that be fairly secure?

  31. Sorry guys, I hate to bust your bubble (no pun intended), but I am satoshi nakamoto.

  32. 28:46 “With keto, basically only the melt fats off” 😂

  33. OhGeeGanksta says:

    The order books are extremely thin right now. I have a bad feeling about this. Another jackass may try something.

  34. Venus Rise says:

    Yes! Craig IS Shitoshi

  35. m3tech95 says:

    All a copyright does is Register a claim. It will not be investigated for accuracy. Anyone can file a copyright claim and they will all just be registered simultaneously . This is a marketing strategy to try and legitimize CW in the crypto world. The real SN would NEVER jeopardize the true intention of Bitcoin for selfish reasons. His actions in and of themselves are irrefutable proof CW is NOT Satoshi.

  36. I honestly think its a conspiracy where Criag Wright is actually working with a undercover agency to get Satoshi N. to come forward. Hopefully he doesn't fall for it and stays in the shadows, for his/her own good.

    Has anyone else considered this? Just curious…

  37. Nobody wants Satoshi to represent an arrogant pompous ass. I'd hope the real Satoshi would be more humble.

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