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Richard Heart’s HEX Now Trading For Less Than 1 Satoshi After 52% Drop


Bitcoin’s (BTC) smallest denomination is now worth more than an entire unit of altcoin Hex (HEX) after the controversial token lost over 50% in a day.

Data from Coinmarketcap and other sources confirm that HEX/BTC is now below 1 satoshi — or 0.00000001 BTC.

HEX price too small to measure

Put in different terms, the price of a single HEX token has become so small that many price calculators cannot measure its value. On Jan. 5, Hex traded at 7.745e-9 BTC according to Coinmarketcap, the equivalent of 0.000000007745 BTC.

That number, of course, is far below a single U.S. dollar cent, and roughly translates as $0.000058. Data from Bidesk, an exchange offering the HEX/BTC pair, confirmed the price levels.

HEX/BTC orderbook from Bidesk exchange

HEX/BTC orderbook from Bidesk exchange. Source: Bidesk

Hex’s demise over its short lifetime has been precipitous. Those who bought tokens or claimed them using existing Bitcoin holdings since its Dec. 2 launch have seen their value dive by practically 100%.

Throughout, Richard Heart, the coin’s vocal creator, has continued to promise vast returns for those who hold HEX for certain periods via a staking scheme. 

Speaking to Cointelegraph in an interview last month, Heart was unrelenting in his promotion of what he claims is a “truly unique system” in the cryptocurrency world. 

Investors would rather buy satoshis

Criticism has nonetheless come from multiple sources, with a popular theory naturally centering around Hex being run similar to a pyramid scheme. A study released shortly after the launch highlighted what its author described as the “perpetual self-enrichment” of Heart at the expense of other investors.

A further gaffe saw HEX/BTC plunge 60% overnight after cryptocurrency exchange chose to list it. 

The drop below 1 satoshi meanwhile fielded a fresh wave of satisfaction from social media users, many of whom had long warned that investing in Hex was a decision which amounted to little more than plain foolishness.

Domingo Guerra, co-founder of enterprise mobile security company Appthority, noted that on Saturday, there were no buyers for HEX at 1 satoshi, “It’s dead! Essentially at zero,” he summarized.


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