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Owning 1 Bitcoin | 🛑 There Are Not Enough Bitcoins In The World For Everyone | Crypto News


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Keiser Report: Truth Decay (E1385)

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There are not enough bitcoins for everyone with a Coinbase account

Altcoin News: VeChain (VET) Among the Top 10 Firms with the Most Blockchain Patents

Altcoin News: VeChain (VET) Among the Top 10 Firms with the Most Blockchain Patents


Bitcoin Miner Revenue is Approaching Yearly High

Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Bitcoin Cash Block Details

Fidelity Is Really In Love With Bitcoin: Texas Office Filled With Crypto ASICs

Fidelity Is Really In Love With Bitcoin: Texas Office Filled With Crypto ASICs

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32 thoughts on “Owning 1 Bitcoin | 🛑 There Are Not Enough Bitcoins In The World For Everyone | Crypto News

  1. Paul Meister says:

    Moon the likes viewers 👍👍👍👍

  2. Elzee O says:

    Bitcoin halving will skyrocket BTC, better get now that its affordable

  3. Time to grab a drink and get my Altcoin Daily update!

  4. Qruns El says:

    You dont need a whole BTC anymore. All we need is Satoshis. They are correct, the internet can go down and BTC will still work, but if those Ground Base Satellites such as: cell phone/radio towers, goes offline, then BTC will go down, because those in the know. knows that their is no satellites 30,000km in the air.

  5. nDman says:

    Talk about FATF's new recommendation. That can kill the market.

  6. Axel Black says:

    The real Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, is still very affordable.

  7. Jay Steele says:

    upside break out from bull flag eminent.

  8. I’m thankful for the news you provide EVERY day! Thanx bro!!

  9. Saud Aziz says:

    Hi boss!
    I hope you will be fine!
    I want your keen guidance about btc!
    I want to buy 1 btc for holding (at lowest price)
    Plz plzzz plzzzzzzz tell me what time is the best to buy btc at lowest price!!!!
    Plzzz reply me!
    I'm waiting…..

  10. Ronbo710 says:

    Charlie Lee had it correct. Have one BTC at least. With the recent nod from China and AT&T payment adoption it is time.

  11. C. Piro says:

    Most undervalued Coin AGI !
    – Only AI marketplace with no competitors
    – AI's can network with each other via the platform.
    – 17 trillion market by 2030
    – AGI developers rank among the best AI developers in the world
    – Developer of Hanson Robotics and 200 other team members
    – Project already founded in 2008
    – Over 20 partnerships among others with Pingan (largest insurer in the world)
    – Promotion of AI startups via SingularityNET (similar to Binance Labs)
    – Hiring AI Developers via the Platform
    – Running Beta
    – Listed by Binance for free (without community voting)
    – Github No. 14 of the Cryptocurrencies with the most progress and publications

  12. Fed Dev says:

    Block stream satellite 🛰

  13. The future for Bitcoin looks bright.

  14. If you want one Bitcoin,
    buy 4 Litecoins, which
    will equal one Bitcoin
    Circa 2024 …

  15. Neo Plasma says:

    How many LTC to retire?

  16. I am SO incredibly happy I have one bitcoin. I try to upscale to two but if it walks away…. whatever…. 😋

  17. Derek Lee says:

    Hey bro just a quick question. Why is it okay for vechain to own patents but not Craig wright? I'm saying this as a vechain holder and someone who's not particularly fond of Craig right LOL. Keep up the good work, just playing devil's advocate

  18. Delusional to think that speed is not something that people want. BTC will not be an effective peer to peer transfer medium people will merely put money into BTC to hold wealth. So of course it will increase in value because people will take monies that they make from other coins and store into BTC. How will you be able to purchase good and services when it takes two hours to make a simple transfer today imagine in 3 years, the confession might result in it taking 20 hours. There are so many other uses for other tokens. All will not survive but many will.

  19. Mia Dang says:

    I am leaving this post here as a sign of gratitude since this is one of the least thing I can do to appreciate the things he has done for me. Most of us have tried a lot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no personal guide. Meeting Mr Ben Morris has helped me make $15,000 in less than 2 weeks. If you need to know anything about binary, contact him at [email protected]

  20. U guys have no other work that to shill this stupid dumb idea. Stop nailing innocent people. U r telling what to do. U r provoking. Get that shit in ur head. The big holders hoarders of bitcoin are the only ones who can swing prices. Till that's there it defeats the purpose of decentralised governance. Keiser is an ass. That fucker is paid by draper and mcafee licking their balls and speaks their tune. Why don't u put a disclaimer to all ur users that who ever watches my vide and buys Bitcoin as a shovel to ur throat convincing mechanism and u suffer a loss kindly send me ur purchase price if Bitcoin is finished and I will imburse ur money back. If u can't honor that then shut the fuck up and don't shill people into oblivion.

  21. Cy Opsticals says:

    Satellites at '30,000' feet in orbit? Please show us the launch of these satellites as well the components involved for transmission. The burden of 'orbiting satellite' proof is on the guest. Any possible false narratives of satellites in orbit could be BAD for crypto as well any possible bad actors should not he taken lightly… More like sate-loons' (floating radio communication via helium balloon) See YouTube for reference. Let's see the launch Blockstream it could only help the cause and alleviate all admin worry about true redundancy. The analytics show massive interest in burden of proof for satellites. Please show us more of what is supposedly backing this network in the air. It's about freedom and crypto not possible comic book 'see say' marketing… Or is it?

  22. Luca Toscani says:

    1 Satoshi is 1 hundred millionth of a bitcoin

  23. ErfolgReich says:

    LTC Halving 🚀 this year
    BTC Halving 🚀🚀 next year
    ↗️ It is unstoppable 🎊🎉💥

  24. FiboSwanny says:

    I like coming to my daily AA meetings … Thanks Aaron and Austin 🙂

  25. Jack Watson says:

    DigiByte is more secure than BTC and scalable without LN. Love BTC though.

  26. Wow the bear market was rough on tom lee 😂

  27. German Roy says:

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  28. In 2045 20satoshi for a Lamborghini

  29. Nita MZ says:

    Buy bitcoin NOW when it is only 8k because at 10k you'll all regret it.

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