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One Last Major Bitcoin Dip!? Dump to 7k Before Pump to 10k! Where Have I Been??


One Last Major Bitcoin Dip!? Dump to 7k Before Pump to 10k! Where Have I Been??

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Bitcoin is correcting back down!! Will the snowball effect take over, and will we keep seeing lower prices? This most recent bullish Bitcoin action could be the work of Bitcoin whales and the Tether mafia, manipulating the markets and cashing out, while retail investors FOMO in. This was an exchange driven pump, nothing more & nothing less. Although, there are some really good things developing throughout the cryptocurrency industry, and even if this is short term price manipulation, the future looks very bright for both BTC and cryptocurrency.

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40 thoughts on “One Last Major Bitcoin Dip!? Dump to 7k Before Pump to 10k! Where Have I Been??

  1. It’s extremely hard work! I know! Freaking editing video, traveling to location, reshooting, adding music, doing graphics, talking to important people, and trying to fund the whole endeavor is next to impossible! That was my main issue: Funding. And finding like minded individuals to work with who don’t in-fight constantly and who actually care about what they’re doing not to mention others.

  2. Avatar Ruck Bogers says:

    good to see you back, man. Missed you. Did write you I was pretty disappointed to see you on the board of "advisors" of that coin that you shilled without telling us – thats the same level as hiding sponsorship… but apart from that, i really think you bring the best content in this market . Keep that up man. Thanks for the energy. Just keep swimming..

  3. Avatar Eley Largo says:

    Can you take a look on Its a new exchange that offers Trading Pool (like copy trading). And also provide incentives on Pool Creators.

  4. Classic cup & handle on 1 year chart (weekly)…. give it a couple of weeks and the next move to the upside will occur. Bakkt in July which will make big difference. GBTC rumored to be buying 20% of currently mined coins!!

  5. Avatar TexasEric says:

    Don’t let the haters get you down. Do you!

  6. Avatar damon B says:

    They are not people attacking your channel, it's bots!

  7. Avatar Craig Mackey says:

    He’s leaving us for a girl, can’t believe this sh%* Chico lmao jk

  8. Avatar Raguel Lutz says:

    Bitcoin has made huge breakthrough in the financial and is becoming accepted as the new currency every day. But it has a high volatile nature price can sky rocket to the moon or crash sideways, so hodling for a future that’s not guaranteed is a bad idea on its own and not the solution. Take for example Japanese investors who have been hodling the Nikkei 225 index since 1990, that is 30 years and they are still at a loss. Don’t gamble with your money on a future that’s not certain try and make as much profit as you can today, and the only approach to that is trading. Quite agreed traders lose money without the right skill or guidance. So before you trade make sure you have years of experience, have a technical level of chart analysis and perform deep research on bitcoin trend. In a nut shell before going into trading on your own you must have access to wide range of information. Or you can be a smart investor like me and find balance between trading to grow your portfolio and hodling just incase the price sky rockets and goes to the moon but not forgetting to take profits sometimes. I am not an expert trader, I trade using signals and strategy provided by Gérard Barrientos, I have used the services of many signal providers but none comes close to him. I have been trading with Gérard signals for more than two months now and I have taken over $70,000 while hodling the remainder so I am covered for any trend bitcoin tends to take now. If you plan to implement same system or have any inquiries, you can reach him through [email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640.

  9. Avatar Sweetcanary says:

    hi! I love your work. Please tell me if Crypto Revolution on youtube is good or not & what do you think of universal Protocol ? which stable coin do you recommend? thanks very much! : )

  10. Join the biggest Bitcoin Pump group on Discord with over 100k + members. Every pump is a big win!

  11. min 48:05 … 3commas also contacted mr Crypto Zombie … a few days ago he had a sponsored video (he emphatically stated, of course, that is not sponsored 😉 )

  12. Avatar Btc game says:

    Good video sir
    Takе уour bitсoins gо tо mу сhаnnеl

  13. Avatar Sabbatxxx says:

    Well you hate Harmony but loce Chainlink.. With this partnership I don´t know what to say..
    Can you please give us a statement..

  14. Avatar MrFerdy1966 says:

    You were right about Crypto Zombie and Ivan on Tech, both Shill "Dapps" within a few hours of each other. Obvious coordinated shillathon.

  15. Missed you bro! If you ever need a place to stay in Australia your welcome mate

  16. Avatar Lab Rat says:

    Nice vid buddy,Investigate the Paul Le Roux thing like U said.I would like to know what U think for sure

  17. the word was meritocratic : obtaining power by merit.

  18. Tyler going hulk soon
    and let me suggest TheMoon crypto YouTube channel for your anti bnb shillers alliance
    even a collaboration with the guy I believe would benefit you both, he's 50k subs also

  19. Avatar ParAnnoyed says:

    Cool beans your back keeping it real.

  20. Avatar Benzimah says:

    yo you look like the pale rider…wtf happened?

  21. Avatar easeinbox says:

    Dragonchain is opening itself up to all the work it has been doing and all the NDAs it has had people sign. This is another cross platform interoperability token. They were scared of being called a security and went all hush hush. The dragon has been sleeping. But one eye has recently opened up. Its still darn cheap. Chico pls be careful about giving financial advice. You are directly giving it and ppl can take action against you later. Your a good guy in the space and we need you to be a survivor. Please always use a disclaimer. Even just a scrolling disclaimer. J Sun, obviously never did a hard days work in his life

  22. Avatar know Thyself says:

    Best insights in the industry

  23. Avatar know Thyself says:

    Videos every day please 😎

  24. Avatar Mark says:

    I believe Vitalik is afraid of BSV.

  25. Avatar Mark says:

    What do you think of BSV? FYI – Craig completely rips on Binance and Tether.

  26. Avatar Dave Turring says:

    Here's some news for you Chico and people – Justin Sun founder of the scam Tron.
    Justin Sun pays $4.57 million for lunch with Warren Buffett –
    Justin Sun sells 1,650,000,000 BTT ($2,192,908 USD) to pay for his lunch –

  27. Fuck youtubers that read news. Good stuff mate ! Keep it real.

  28. Avatar Dino Saurio says:

    Yah, don't get burned out! It really takes five days (minimum) to really get refreshed.

  29. where are you shooting hoops? outside at csuc? or at a gym? I'd love to run into you. What are some places you like to eat or go during the week im in 530

  30. Avatar Adam Lowe says:

    Nice work Chico, absolutely love your content and straight up ad-lib comments on projects/viewers comments 😂😂
    Keep your sanity bro, shorter 15-20min tubes if you’re pumping them out daily might be sweet 🤙🏼🎉

  31. Avatar R James says:

    Huge news from Portugal that major famous European soccer team Benfica will be accepting Bitcoin payments for ticket sales.

  32. Avatar hoastbeef says:

    Dam, I thought Justin Sun kidnapped you and made you market buy TRX before letting you free.

  33. Avatar Neil Manning says:

    Tyler, idea for content: talk about adoption, which coins are most likely to achieve adoption and what results will it have for the coin price & investors and also how will this impact and disrupt the none crypto space. What areas are most likely for adoption, gaming, currency, supply chain etc?? Which countries are most likely to lead the way? Good to have you back.

  34. Avatar mermeladeK says:

    Meritocratic is the new forbidden fruit

  35. If you buy MWAT tokens now you get 40% back in June (based on current prices) and free electricity every year based on how many tokens you hold. Great passive income. It's no brainer. Do your own research.

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