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MASSIVE Bitcoin Pump Could Be Coming In MAY

MASSIVE Bitcoin Pump Could Be Coming In MAY

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Big events are coming in May which can cause a massive pump for Bitcoin and the crypto market. What is it?

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24 thoughts on “MASSIVE Bitcoin Pump Could Be Coming In MAY

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis and insight into the market. Check out the shop for Bitcoin and Crypto merchandise:

  2. Avatar atysays says:

    It's going to be a pump and dump. It'll be bull until the ETF with financial investors, then short the ETF, pull it all out and $$$$.

  3. Avatar BriaN says:

    No news is good news.

  4. Avatar CuteTiger says:

    It's not going to happen in May.

  5. Avatar P Pan says:

    Gold is trading all over the world. Why then gold etf?

  6. Avatar Kiddy Sirius says:

    Sec has no concern
    They want bigger marketshare

  7. i prefer to avoid stress situations of day trading, so i better buy some coins that i can use in the future.. @Etheal for example, will allow me to get a cheap/high quality hair implant in turkey, #Vibravid a decent reward in @Beaztcoin for my work, @iotatoken fast payment..

  8. Avatar DonMohini says:

    I think that the PTB are using this perpetual tension of suspended expectation of ETF (that never gets approved),
    To control the marked growth.
    Certainly ,thus far, the only effect this talk of ETFs has had on the marked ,was negativ.
    I would love to read a reply from someone with a solid counter argument.

  9. Avatar David says:

    Don't think an ETF approval will be the huge market boost people think. No one ever mentions that the Van Eck fund would require a minimum purchase of 200K for 1 ETF share and like any other ETF, you can't buy a fraction of a share. The SEC has indicated in it's comments last year about the Van Eck proposal, that it definitely wants to avoid letting retail buyers in due to the potential losses (caused by idiots' overexposure!) I haven't heard of the Bitwise proposal but I'd be shocked if it isn't set up to keep the little guy out too. I'm just guessing that it will be years before there will be retail access to any BTC ETF.
    It will be another tool for institutions for now. Since Bakkt is pending and Fidelity already begun, institutions already have other options.

  10. Avatar Bobby Crypto says:

    The market is already exciting now.

  11. Avatar m maxal says:

    The cboe postponing is not positive anymore, it's just ridiculous now and in the end they might not even approve it.

  12. Avatar Martin Long says:

    As always your insights are 'precious', hate to use that word but it is appropriate, and so happy with you to survive the bearishness since forever. Yes, it will dip back down but not for any long period of time. Can not wait to see your "fleet" of lambos dragging aroung the K.C. area

  13. They have been delaying this for almost a year

  14. Avatar Easy Eagle says:

    Perfect description of a volatile market. You can only loose 100% of a 1% investment versus a potential 1,500% gains. 💵💴💶💷💰

  15. I think at this point, people don't care about the ETF decision or postpones by a bunch of old 17th century decision makers playing childish game. This space will move forwards, Despite their decision😐

  16. Etf is getting closer regardless.they keep talking about it more and more it's kinda funny now! It's code ,it's on its way

  17. I really don’t think they will approve it. But as you said there can only be upside if they do.

  18. Avatar hoastbeef says:

    They keep postponing it so hopeful retail money buys in, while the insiders short on the other side.

  19. First Gold ETF was in Australia in 2003 and then expanded world wide. No one can be certain if it helped but it did not hurt. Not sure about a Bitcoin/crypto ETF but the timing will be interesting.

  20. Avatar borgilskye says:

    We now have an ETN (tracker for BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP) XBT Provider in Europe. Well ahead of the game. IF Europe can do it so can the USA

  21. second but not racing

  22. Avatar Jeff Higgenz says:

    They will punt or deny. We dont need them

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