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Market Crash Continues | Hodler's Digest

Market Crash Continues | Hodler's Digest

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Hodler’s Digest Nov 19-25
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Bitcoin dropped to $3,5K, BCH SV vs ABC, KPMG bullish in the darkness, Swiss stock exchange SIX launches Bitcoin ETP and Bitcoin Billy the Kid.

Interview with Craig Wright about the recent BCH fork.

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Market Crash Continues | Hodler’s Digest

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40 thoughts on “Market Crash Continues | Hodler's Digest

  1. Avatar Tera Tokomi says:

    Times man of the year in crypto. That would be me, because im not in it.

  2. craig is a turd. bitcoin is decentralized consensus

  3. Avatar Evan Adkins says:

    250k by the end of 2019.

  4. don't interview Craig Wright!!! he s a lying scammer, megalomaniac, bully.

  5. Avatar Jaems K says:

    As a Hollywood insider…get rid of the dude. About 6 reasons why.

    Good luck

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  7. Avatar ewmism says:

    Youi talk about rigging of the cryptos as a good thing?? wtf !!


  9. Didn’t he called him Satoshi

  10. How does it come? Easy you wizard. You and massmedia hyped and got people in and now people get out and nobody is stupid enough to buy this tulip seeds again.

  11. Avatar SanktGallus says:

    This two new Bitcoins are the greatest Shit ever … At least they bring Markets to Falls, coins Go to Zero… Ashes to ashes!

  12. Avatar Jon says:

    Bitcoin is a scam. Without sovereign backing it means absolutely nothing.

  13. Avatar CRYPTOGOD says:

    Well I have to give my honest opinion that guy is better then that Lady before anyone agree with me?

  14. Every-time I'll see fake-satoshi on your channel I'll thumbs down!

  15. Avatar Peter Pan says:

    Holy shit…I've only just subbed recently but might need to unsubscribe. What's with all the digital noises, swooshes and quick transition's? My eyes can't keep up. Where did I put the paracetamol? Content great but chill out with the graphics and stupid digital audio in the back ground.

  16. ah thank god not the lady with the shrill voice for once

  17. Avatar yves kone says:

    hello everybody
    I ve found to way to predict bitcoin prices but i don t know how to make money by monetizing this technic
    any bits of advice will be very appreciated

  18. Avatar i_got_worms says:

    @5:58 – Wrong, mr.faketoshi, you are a liar.

    PROOF – this quote from Satoshi dated February 15th, 2009 from p2pfoundation archives,

    "A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a lost cause because of all the companies that failed since the 1990's. I hope it's obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we're trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system."

    You'd think that he would remember that, if he did indeed post it. It is obvious that faketoshi is lying since he sounds nothing like the Satoshi that invented Bitcoin. Just look at the forum posts from back then.

  19. Faketoshi is now a Rothchild puppet

  20. Avatar 大哥 says:

    xrp is not blockchain

  21. if you look at the actual statistical variation of price you will find it is doing nothing unusual. All this reaction and hype is unwarranted complaints from babies who have failed to grasp the material they are working with. Just look at the numbers and stop being a child. Wait for the right moment and trade, make money, and repeat. Stop being annoying babies who cry when they see clouds. rather, see the rain and gather the harvest in due time. What are we, morons, who are taken advantage of? Or smart investors waiting for the right moment to make the deal? you decide. . . .

  22. Faketoshi has no idea what he's talking about

  23. I dont like to heard ''stablecoin''. Is not good for investors since stablecoins could replace cryptocurrencies.

  24. Avatar Brad Ulreich says:

    Craig Wright essentially admits that he's not Satoshi in his little interview video, here. He refers to Satoshi in the third person.

  25. Can CoinTelegraph stop mispronouncing HODL? Thanks.

  26. Avatar Mike says:

    CSW is so dumb. Bitcoin worth a lot due to censorship resistance enabling store of value property. Censorship resistance is enabled through decentralization. Not sure where or how he draws the socialist link.

  27. I love that when it falls everyone is expert and can say will drop further. Dollar cost average into bitcoin what I would do. Don’t listen to the noise. Accumulating should start now.

  28. Avatar Tom Tom says:

    If crypto ever replaces FIAT, will we call this period the financial crash of 2018?

  29. Whales want we should hodl… But they're dumping on us… Same thing cointelegraph saying..

  30. Faketoshi will go bankrupt in a few years.

  31. Avatar marloesje says:

    Much better than the usual girl with the creaky voice

  32. Avatar J Me says:

    Why dont you know what #xrp is?

  33. Satoshi man of the year and next year!

  34. Avatar offsetter says:

    "People were buying bitcoin for the wrong reasons. They were buying it just to make money for their investors. These people should exit the market completely." HAHAHA!!!!

  35. Crypto needs to get as high as the presenters voice keeps getting.

  36. Avatar Oliver Li says:

    You don't have the private key to move the donated 1 MLN bitcoins on the genesis block, Fake-toshi, LMAO

  37. Avatar Shopz Smart says:

    Fake sathoshi is an idiot

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