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Market Crash, Bitcoin Cash Holy War | Hodler's Digest


Market Crash, Bitcoin Cash Holy War | Hodler's Digest

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2018-11-19 04:18:53 | Duration: 19:20 | Views: 16754 | Likes: 293 | Dislikes: 82

Hodler’s Digest Nov 12-18
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Bitcoin cash holy war
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Market Crash, Bitcoin Cash Holy War | Hodler’s Digest

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21 thoughts on “Market Crash, Bitcoin Cash Holy War | Hodler's Digest

  1. Avatar Franky Duks says:

    you guys are great and doing a fantastic job. keep it up!

  2. This was a terrible video cointelegraph.

  3. Avatar J Dizzle says:

    wow they are really fear mongering with this video! trying hard to get views much

  4. so overdramatic , my god its not the end of the world its only a small market as part of bigger global markets . everything is so over-hyped .

  5. Avatar 0xC0FF33 says:

    If you think investing in bitcoin is a waste of money think of the money they paid her and to produce that video… What a waste.

  6. Avatar krzeszewski says:

    she goes too often high pitch

  7. Avatar Press Play says:

    EOS is a walking dead coin.

  8. Avatar Andre Gagnon says:

    its crazy cause this bullshit garbage spewed by coin telegraph is just getting soo many weak traders and hodlers rekt! Stop this garbage propaganda!

  9. Avatar AceBreakz says:

    Pulp Fiction t-shirt is dope! That pantsuit though… Tryin' to figure out the color scheme… Lol

  10. Hi Hodler's Digest, I have to agree – where is the market going to come back, when it is real only at this moment, and tomorrow it will be different? It's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin and I hope it will bring me profits!

  11. Do you even understand what Sharia law is?? Clearly not as you don’t even know how to pronounce the word. Take a lesson on Islam and Sharia law. Once you understand that to them women are considered to be second class citizens who are worth only half of what men are. Perhaps then you will shut your ignorant mouth. Get educated, that’s step one.

  12. Avatar Paul Compme says:

    Folks, there is nothing wrong with Anti-Semitism; it is a GOOD thing.

    Semitism means: "favoritism towards Semite or Jews" 
    Anit means: "Against or Opposed" to something.
    Anti-Semitism means: "Against favoritism for Semite or Jews"

    With that in mind, Anit-Semitism is to be against or opposed to giving Favoritism to the Semite or Jews. Everyone should be treated equally with no one receiving favoritism over another. Everyone should engage in Anti-Semitism and this old world would be a better place.

  13. Avatar Ho Lee Fook says:

    oh god… no wonder crypto is crashing.. SJW's are infiltrating

  14. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently,
    especially the FTO. Many people are now looking for stable and transparent projects and their coins. I also, that's why I became interested in the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past.

  15. Avatar paul potato says:

    im getting rid of my shitty eos

  16. We need to show Wall Street a 1K BTC and hope they like it

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