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Korea’s Rising Crypto Generation | Cointelegraph Documentary

Korea’s Rising Crypto Generation | Cointelegraph Documentary

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-09-30 20:28:52 | Duration: 17:55 | Views: 37211 | Likes: 1021 | Dislikes: 30

The blockchain industry is blossoming in South Korea, which has become the world’s third-largest crypto economy. Rising from the ashes of the last speculative frenzy, a new generation of Korean entrepreneurs are investing in real use cases and building the future of crypto.

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25 thoughts on “Korea’s Rising Crypto Generation | Cointelegraph Documentary

  1. Avatar L J says:

    Hey man, I appreciate you.

  2. Avatar OXY says:

    How can you not go at the Bitcoin Center in Itaewon?

  3. Avatar njekshun says:

    just because youu can create a coin doesnt mean you are a ceo

  4. Avatar Lucas says:

    korean age is not specific to korea, it's from chinese culture.

  5. Avatar En Di says:

    Why you keep your hand in the pocket?

  6. Avatar Eren Kaslte says:

    Does this guy know about Boxmining??

  7. Avatar Illya says:

    Jae-Soo Yoo or better known as Jae-Sue You hehe. Sorry for the bad joke I had to make it

  8. Avatar Rex R.P. says:

    koreans are fucken shallow if getting rich is just to look good

  9. Avatar J S says:

    The dirtiest mo' I've ever seen.

  10. Avatar Adan Ramirez says:

    crypto is a tulip, and we already saw it's collapse and we will continue to repeat the process, stay the FUCK out of non SEC secured crypto.

  11. Avatar Great Days says:

    So no more use cases except partial ownership of art in Korea ?

  12. I still dont see the value or what blockchain is.

  13. City of Busan is partnered with ICON… HUGE PARTNERSHIP in the background.. If you follow ICX medium/news you'll see

  14. Avatar Raymond says:

    1 – 2 million USD for a house? LOL. Hong Kong starts to look livable, haha.

  15. Avatar Whocares says:

    Crypto currency for people who don't have money hoping to make money hoping for suckers.

  16. Avatar Shanthakumar says:

    What's your age?
    Koreans: my global age is…

  17. At 15:01 you said "Despite their tough stance on SEO's" you mean ICO's. It's interesting that you made this error. It shows where your mind is as a content creator.

  18. Profiles South Korea… leaves out Icon… smh

  19. Why is he nodding his head while the Korean guy is speaking Korean, he doesn't understand a word he's saying.

  20. Well, it was this or sell Newport cigarettes in Los Angeles.

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