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Jimmy Nguyen CEO of NChain Talks Binance, Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV

Jimmy Nguyen CEO of NChain Talks Binance, Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-04-19 13:48:49 | Duration: 31:39 | Views: 4109 | Likes: 202 | Dislikes: 22

Interesting insight from the CEO of nChain. Hear his thoughts about Craig Wright and CZ of Binance.

Full Interview Video from EAK:

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20 thoughts on “Jimmy Nguyen CEO of NChain Talks Binance, Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV

  1. You are so smart dude. Give your self a pat on the back

  2. The concept is simple, Bitcoin + Use Satoshi = marketing!

  3. Lol…your first takeaway was “ahaaa…Jimmy doesn’t think Craig is Satoshi”. It’s crazy to me how many voices in this space are completely one sided.

  4. Avatar Jeremy Ng says:

    My thoughts.???
    BCHSV will have to go through what LTC experienced first. Down to $35 before heading back to the moon or dead pulse like BTCP.

  5. Avatar DJ Chan says:

    Leaders don't matter. That is where you go wrong. The 'community' isn't really that important. Bitcoin isn't a grass roots movement. It is simply a decentralized platform that everyone can use, without ideology. Focusing on whether or not a project would have 'done better' if so-and-so were not the public leaders is missing the whole point of Bitcoin. It is doing quite well despite people's focus on price as a proxy for 'health'.

  6. Desperate and calculated words from another BSV fraud. Don’t buy this crap, he’s attempting to change the narrative of what really happened and their true motives in November. Lets not forget this bunch F-ed the crypto community bringing the price down with them all over foolish pride and narcissism. He’s on CW’s payroll and simply the new face since CW and Calvin Ayre have been bannished. What we are seeing now is a changed tone only because BSV is dying and they are feeling the sting. What happened to the arrogant F*ck everyone who doesn’t follow us tone? All that’s left is a desperate man who’s almost out of a job.

  7. I would say that conclusion by CryptoRUs about Jimmy not thinking that Craig is not Satoshi to me is completely wrong, I did not see it like that at all! People try and think why Satoshi wouldn't like to confirm his identity officially. It would be much riskier for him, people or government would know exactly who to target for any reason! And also, he did not dodge the question if nChain would've been better without CSW, he said that certain things would be easier! Really bad interpretation, but the interview and Jimmy was great!

  8. Jimmy has a true point!

  9. Avatar Jaume Martin says:

    They should drop their conclusions if Craig is satoshi? Oh my god what a jerk…..

  10. Avatar Jaume Martin says:

    Oh yes because the main goal of BTC is having a centralized blockchain right? What a huge amount of bullshit, but of course if you believe that shit you can eat it.

  11. Avatar sha says:

    I don’t think binance did it out of emotion but the fact that Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin cash had cracked the whole Cryptocurrency market.

  12. Avatar Frank V says:

    Very unlikeable person.

  13. Avatar Raul Benitez says:

    The U S national debt is over 22 trillions dollars and still growing day by the day.

    It's unstoppable. An imminent collapse of the U S economy is approaching.

    Learn about BITCOIN and CRYPTO and make them part of your portfolio

    One day crypto will save you and your loved ones and you will be so glad, you did it.

  14. Avatar ZUGZUG says:

    The fact that you have never listened to Jimmy before shows you don't really understand much about Bitcoin SV. You are more constructive than most other Youtubers, because you're not that biased against Bitcoin SV, only against CSW from what you have heard so you repeat the bullshit…. if you take a little time to understand Bitcoin SV and what Jimmy has brought to the project then you might have a clear idea. Furthermore, CSW has that, I don't give out much "FUCKS" attitude, so this makes him a little aggresive, but successful people are like this actually and when you understand the value CSW has brought to the project, then you may have a clear understanding of Bitcoin SV as well.

  15. Avatar Judy Wells says:

    This was good info. Thanks.

  16. Nice talk. Thank you. I believe there's way more to this story than we know. Julian Assange may be in this thing. He may have been the fourth person on the team, Hal, Dave, and Craig being the others.
    BSV will survive, perhaps at a lower price for awhile. Actually, it may be a good buy. It depends on whether developers write useful programs. It always has been that way.

    But I am disgusted by the mob mentality and the sheer hatred some people are showing for Craig Wright. People must really be angry, and it can't just be over someone claiming he's Satoshi Nakamoto. They summarize the situation all wrong. They say CW is suing people for not believing he's Satoshi, stupid stuff like that. He's suing because they're calling him a fraud. Can't they understand that? They view CW as the agrressor, the instigator. That's not true. CW is totally within his rights. Calling someone a fraud is a tort, a civil wrong. How would you like it if someone repeatedly and publicly called you a fraud? That harms your reputation, and those people doing the defaming are the aggressors. You would take someone calling you a fraud? I wouldn't, and I think would less of you if you did. Those who sleep on their rights lose them is a legal maxim. And by not exercising their rights, they harm the rights of others.

    I'm reminded of that incident a few months back where some high school student who stood his ground when a Vietnam (era) vet beat a drum in his face. The student was roundly denounced by many in the news media as well as some celebrities, some even encouraging others to harm the student. This is very much like that. I'm glad the student has brought suit, and I hope he wins, just as I hope CW wins.

    One of the commentors to this video suggests CW should go to prison! To prison? Wow. That's just? Maybe for something else, but not for claiming inventorship of a great invention. They crucified Jesus for making some "blasphemous" staments. In mythology, the gods punished Prometheus for bringing fire to mankind. It happens a lot. The greatest reformers and benefactors of the human race have often ended unhappily.

    What a bunch of babies. Kraken delisted BSV after taking a Twitter poll, most of whom probably didn't even have any holdings at Kraken. They didn't ask the depositors at Kraken. What kind of nonsense is that? Craziness has run amock.

    I hope Craig Wright proves he can call himself "Satoshi" and he gets damages, or at least injunctions to stop people from calling him names. I don't know if he can. As I said, I believe there's much that we don't know about, Including Assange. But whether he is or is not Satoshi is not really important to me, one way or the other. I read CW's blogs on Medium. I listen to videos where the interviewer is nice to him. He's very nice in those situations. He has taught me a lot about Bitcoin. I thank Satoshi; I thank Craig. They may be the same. It doesn't matter. Bitcoin's got a long way to go. It ain't there yet. Stuff like this is not helping. Stop the anger. Stop calling CW names, and he probbaly won't sue. But there's more to this story.

  17. I mean how can they recover from the damage done by Fake Satoshi. They are getting d listed, from many exchanges RIP. Unless they can swing big partnerships etc they will just be another shit coin in a sea of shit coins.

  18. Avatar rebale gadar says:

    I don't like bitcoin sv period

  19. After twice seeing the huge detrimental affect that BCH and BSV I can only hooe that both projects fail. And merchants are not adopting BCH or BSV. However BTC is being used as a store of value. So nChain you are flogging a dead horse.

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