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Is Bitcoin Overbought? | Crypto Markets


Is Bitcoin Overbought? | Crypto Markets

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-03-29 20:37:14 | Duration: 5:22 | Views: 3367 | Likes: 136 | Dislikes: 12

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Patrick Heusser from Crypto Finance gives us his market update. He looks at Bitcoin’s low volatility, recent reports of fake volumes, the problem with looking at ‘overbought’ as an indicator and the problem of low volumes.

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Fake Volumes vs Real Volumes | Crypto Markets

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12 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Overbought? | Crypto Markets

  1. 0:03 What is going on with market volatility?
    0:59 What traders can learn from fake trading volumes?
    2:42 Is Bitcoin overbought?
    3:29 Can Bitcoin maintain the positive momentum?
    4:07 Trading volumes decrease

  2. Avatar MS84R says:

    I been following crypto now for 2 years. When crypto was at Feb 2018 they were saying oversold. Now it overbought.

  3. i bought last dip with 50k, waiting for next dip i'll buy with another 50k, if it goes lower than i expect, i'll buy with my last 25k USDT
    My Portfolio %40BTC %10ETH %10 LTC %5 ZEC (%15 ICX %10 KMD %5 GRIN %5AION) , See you guys in my Tesla Roadster side cameras 2021-2022, (BTW I made 300K USD with my 10KUSD on 2017 Thx to Vitalik)


  5. – classic "expert" , at least he could determine how much would mean downtrend or uptrend

  6. Fakeout bull short term.. It will drop another leg down $1700-$2300. Checkout the 📈 for shorts

  7. Avatar Scott says:

    market down 90% from ATH…. is the market overbought LOL

  8. I think Crypto is oversold, not overbought

  9. I'm SOOOO upset I didn't get on RVN last Nov. :/

  10. Avatar Jae Oppa says:

    hope some action will come

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