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HUGE Tether News & Arrest!! Crypto Industry Survival!? What the Projects Think…

HUGE Tether News & Arrest!! Crypto Industry Survival!? What the Projects Think…

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Major Crypto Projects put on the SPOT! How they react to bad news: Crypto Capital President, Ivan Manuel Molina Lee was arrested on the 25th & then on the 27th, Oz Yosef, Crypto Capital Executive was indicted by the US on 3 criminal counts in New York the same place Bitfinex, is fighting a case connected to Crypto Capital against the New York AG. Tether & Bitfinex’s day of reckoning is coming & it’s interesting to see what industry leading projects think. You won’t BELIEVE some of their answers!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Bringing The Tough Questions: Tether USDT
00:32 Waves Answer
01:44 Elastos Answer
02:38 Cosmos Answer
03:14 XRP Army Answer
04:50 Some Conference Stuff & B-Roll
05:00 Sergey Nazarov & Chainlink
06:30 Outro

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43 thoughts on “HUGE Tether News & Arrest!! Crypto Industry Survival!? What the Projects Think…

  1. Your videos are the best! Really appreciate your content!

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  3. Avatar Cosmic Elf says:

    Chico seems like he's had a few tokes before these interviews…

  4. Avatar VJ ZAICO says:

    Hey hey don Chico check out your cameo on @ 26:12

  5. Stop moving around when you're talking. And tame your ego down

  6. Avatar Julescape says:

    Nice one Tyler, our raving reporter on the scene. Ask those crucial questions Sherlock.

  7. Have you heard about BitStash?

  8. Avatar Noddy Holmes says:

    Fking bullshit,waste of time

  9. Avatar cedracine says:

    Think Big
    Be Bold
    Pet Cats

  10. Avatar Mr 2ReaL says:

    They looked shitbag pedophiles getting caught meeting up with a kid….😂😂😂😂 #ChicoHansen

  11. Avatar Steve Thomas says:

    Okay, so if USDT is potentially very dangerous what do we use, I imagine the answer will be BTC. Is USDC also the same scammy tether?? 4:22 – Asian with nice rack…

  12. Avatar Fraser Brown says:

    legend, one day I'll meet you at an event and have a beer, can't wait….

  13. And by 'tough questions' you mean more negative DOGSHIT, what a CRAP NEGATIVE channel this is. Maybe you should get out of crypto and go into drug dealing son, lets face it, you look like one!

  14. Avatar T.D. McCarty says:

    There must be some V-Trolls working the YouTube Algo's bro.. your name wont even appear until i nearly have it all the way typed out and it will still be at the bottom of the suggestions. Im subscribed to you and get alerts when new episodes are posted but when I get on to youtube it doesn't even recommend it. I gotta search for any new video even if it just alerted me that you posted.. You pissed someone off upstairs huh lol

  15. Avatar Eric Grose says:

    Chico crypto, looking wild-eyed and homeless, asking questions of doom, frightening the guests.

  16. Avatar slickleg64 says:

    Oh god who knew crypto will be used for illicit purposes, what a mystery, I am so surprised.

  17. Avatar matt a says:

    More positive stuff please Chico..

    It gets depressing after a while…

    Any chance of focusing on some of the good things about crypto rather than the Scoundrels in it?

    Sadly if it's related to the amount of marijuana you're smoking maybe just refrain for a bit…

    I'm the kind of asshole that tends to say what I think so apologies upfront for that…

    No doubt if you lay off the grass the videos will be more positive and Less conspiratorial.

    Don't want to upset your brother because you work so hard just given you my Roar un diluted thoughts

  18. Avatar SI says:

    Here comes the fake vigilante crypto cop again… who calls out people for Schilling but he shills himself….. He shilled Bezant Last year and sold you his bags..
    . This year its Irlc….. He won't debate me, because he's a crook like the people he calls out. He's MO is to make you believe he's a good guy..

  19. Avatar DD says:

    3:19 hahahahahaha
    Loads the gun. Chk Chk, boom, get out of here cancers!

    4:10 In crypto you're gonna have a lot of scams. Look at us 12B$ scam dumping coins machine! ha ha
    These guys from XRP are hilarious, they can scam you and pretend to be serious

  20. Avatar Amjid Ali says:

    Talk abt head in the sand

  21. The BIG BG puts all them fools to shame LOL

  22. Well done Chico, no body wants to talk about fraud. Whats they say to you. Thanks for your video.

  23. Muy amable el de XRP pensé que eran perdonan desagradables.

  24. Avatar nik blo says:

    little short but ok

  25. Avatar CryptoBearZ says:

    Great vid Chico! Do you have any more info from the dude that wanted to interview off camera?

  26. Avatar matt a says:


    Are you aware of one of the most fundamentally scary things I'm aware of in crypto..

    When Windows 10 updated in May and no one can use their Ledger wallet connected to meta mask..

    I mean what the fuck is ledger up to it's been like 6 months almost and no one's fixed it…

    That reality is if you've got a cdp and you need to quickly add some more collateral your fucked…..



  27. Avatar Miami sands says:

    Omg im buying tether tomorrow he must be shorting it..

  28. Avatar Miami sands says:

    Cartel?? Lmfao oyah el chapos amigos are changing hundreds of millions of USD for crypto if u guys believe this bullshit please just retire.. lmfao!!! Ha ha

  29. Avatar Miami sands says:

    Laundering fir cartel ?!! Lmfao the cartel does not need tether dooshbags! The USA is just horse fucking anything crypto and hiring tech geeks from MIT to hack any crypto company that caters to USA thats why USA citizens are being dumped!!

  30. Avatar Miami sands says:

    Tether cartel? What a load if crap! Where does this poser get his info??

  31. Avatar Mat Merlehan says:

    Loving the video Tyler! I’d love to see you get back out on the streets and do more of these types of videos. If possible I’d love to see you cracking a cold one and talking crypto again too!

  32. Avatar Neil Manning says:

    What did the Elastos guy say to you off camera???

  33. Avatar Neil Manning says:

    Awkward man… Well done Chico I could feel the tension asking those questions!!! When the dude went into robot like sales pitch about making xrp the gold standard of crypto 😂.. yeah right!!

  34. Avatar SonyJimable says:

    I think many of those people you spoke with underestimate the knock on effects of Tether being caught up in a money laundering racket. Taking away the bubble that Tether creates will lower values across the board by a considerable amount.

  35. Avatar No Mad says:

    Ridiculous, the whole thing.

  36. I thought you never found XRP people on those events! 😛

  37. Avatar BlackEagle says:

    @4:43 Lol Thank God Chico! You cut that xrp dumbass off. Yes, anyone with a brain knows of what we think of XRP

  38. Avatar A Vee says:

    Watch out for eth scammers in comments ppl..

  39. Avatar Aaron Monroe says:

    The real Vincent Wilson had more subscribers, for the record.

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