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How Many Bitcoin Should You Be HODLING??


How Many Bitcoin Should You Be HODLING??

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-05-11 16:01:08 | Duration: 6:56 | Views: 30023 | Likes: 1476 | Dislikes: 57

What is the right amount of Bitcoin to own? How many should you be HODLING? With the next great bull run of 2020 on the horizon, now is the time to be accumulating BTC before the price reaches $10,000+! How many Bitcoin should you own for future success?? Tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:33 The Current State of Bitcoin & The Crypto Markets
01:16 Bitcoin Dominance Is Growing Over Altcoins
02:21 Owning A Whole Bitcoin: The 21 Million Club
03:20 Owning 21 Bitcoin: The 1 Million Club
03:56 The Club Numbers May Be Less Due To Lost or Destroyed Coins
04:29 Exact Number of Members In The 2 Clubs Based On Current Data
05:11 .1 BTC or .25 of A BTC Puts You In A Powerful Position In The Future: The 1 Percent Club
06:12 Conclusion

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46 thoughts on “How Many Bitcoin Should You Be HODLING??

  1. Avatar Chico Crypto says:

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction

    00:33 The Current State of Bitcoin & The Crypto Markets

    01:16 Bitcoin Dominance Is Growing Over Altcoins

    02:21 Owning A Whole Bitcoin: The 21 Million Club

    03:20 Owning 21 Bitcoin: The 1 Million Club

    03:56 The Club Numbers May Be Less Due To Lost or Destroyed Coins

    04:29 Exact Number of Members In The 2 Clubs Based On Current Data

    05:11 .1 BTC or .25 of A BTC Puts You In A Powerful Position In The Future: The 1 Percent Club

    06:12 Conclusion

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  2. Avatar elijah5791 says:

    I can’t see how bitcoin becomes a truly global currency that everyone wants unless the world financial system radically changes.

    First, nation-states are heavily invested in existing currencies so they’d essentially have to collapse for people to turn to an unregulated, volatile, uninsured currency.

    Second, the later you get to bitcoin the less exciting it is. Right now, speculation and the chance to see sick gains feed the rush, but when 1B people own it, it won’t be a good investment anymore (it’s not as exciting to own .001 coin for $1,000) so the only way it will have value is if it actually replaces existing currencies, which would once again require them to utterly fail and inflation to be a global problem (which could happen.) This means it would have to be truly liquid (buy groceries, pay bills with BC.)

    Third, it needs to really stabilize to become valuable as a real currency. But how is stability achieved without a financial system to support it? This was the whole idea behind a banking system that could control the money supply and prevent the dramatic swings and bank runs that happen in panics.

    If people feel their money is in danger and have any way to get it out, they will do so fast and bitcoin has no safeguards to prevent this yet.

    Overall, I’m betting fiat currency’s days are numbered, but it’s a gamble. Maybe BC resolves all it’s problems and maybe the world adopts it as a true replacement currency over the next couple of decades, but it’s anyone’s guess.

    Overall, the risk of not owning some bitcoin is greater now than not owning any for me, so I’m in but I think one coin is all I’d care to strive for, but even .5 should do. If BC fails I’m not out too much, and if it succeeds it could be a nice nest egg. Time will tell.

  3. Avatar Thomas S. says:

    I gave my best friend .25 bitcoin a few years ago as partial payment for a real estate project we did together. I think he'll be quite pleased by your assessment. Other experts have recommended owning just one bitcoin, but I don't think it's the best thing to sink money into after all the forks. Of course I got mine before the forks . . . I think DGB is the best asset out there with the most promise to make money and it's not like one has to wait for BTC to take over the SWIFT system before BTC becomes a MEGA crypto. Owning DGB is like getting into BTC when it was priced in the dollars and cents and should rival LTC as a means of exchange.

  4. Avatar BVB BVB says:

    I had 15 btc jan 17. lost it all fml

  5. You called the fake bull run! ✊🏼 Good job buddy! 🤙🏻

  6. Avatar Jim Shepard says:

    I have 16,842.57841539 Bitcoin.

  7. Can you explain why you still haven’t cut your hair? What are your future thoughts on bitcoin price? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. man !!! you work so hard !! thanks for all the information !!!

  9. Great video as always Chico. 1 million club (via XMR). keep up the good fight. xx

  10. Yeah dude whats with encouraging people to talk about their crypto holdings.
    You use to be cool Chico. Your too smart to say something that stupid.
    If you like my comment respond by leaving your social security number.

  11. Avatar DJ Chahal says:

    good call on ChainLink bruv

  12. Avatar theleftfoot says:

    @chico can you give your advise for tron? after the news…seems not good! cheers

  13. Avatar Chakotay2222 says:

    Homework; on trading view type usdt – kraken, it went to 1000 usd

  14. Can you cover more on stellar?

  15. Avatar BC says:

    What an ASS HAT!

  16. Avatar Tvwhore says:

    I am loving this hopium, give it to meee!

  17. Avatar RhythmicEye says:

    Bye bye Binance (future prediction). The scambling continues…ordered more popcorn. Invest in Popcorn Coin! (not financial advise)

  18. Avatar Harry Pappas says:

    21 million is not hard coded into the protocol, it's a derived value based off the initial miner reward + the time between each halving. There's nothing actually stopping Bitcoin devs in the future changing the code of the protocol to increase the supply. We say now its 21 million, but lets see what happens in a few years when miners and the like rally together to push for an increased supply/miner reward. I hope this doesn't happen, but there's a good chance it will

  19. Avatar John Law says:

    What if a guy has more than 21 btc but none in a single address

  20. Good video but no way am I saying how much BTC or other Cryptos I own haha

  21. Avatar tammymism says:

    All your friends AND your therapist.

  22. bitcoin aint global mr chodoler..she,s the daughter of Flat Earth Coin..DYOR!..cheers Bro x

  23. Avatar Than Chau says:

    Ho Tyler, I wishing you the best. Number one YouTube channel videos ever. Thank you very much sir

  24. Am so happy trading bitcoin especially now bitcoin is fast increasing i can't stop thanking mr peter wilson

  25. Avatar Robert Fuest says:

    Bhai bitcoin 10 lakh dollars no thashe j te lakhi ke lodha ma…

  26. Avatar Serokrates V says:

    Please make a video about GoChain! 😀

  27. Taking a closer look at these OG coins with finite supply, could this theory also apply to the 2 other blockchains as well? Using a gold, silver, copper model for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte……if 21 bitcoin puts you in the prestigious ONE MILLION CLUB, then 84 litecoin and 21,000 digibyte place you in the ONE MILLION CLUB for those as well. The ONE MILLION CLUB TRIFECTA of financial freedom!!!

  28. Avatar Tim Johnson says:

    I have 3 of John McAffees gallstones. That's like 100BTC right there.

  29. Only invest what you can afford to loose. Yeah right – I’ve invested every dollar I can get my hands on!

  30. Avatar EliteJin says:

    I had about 3 BTC last week but I turned 2 into other coins such as BCH, Eth and Litecoin. Also got £900 in DigiByte. So I have about 1 BTC and my goal is to get about 5 BTC by August. Been growing my Wallet by about £1000 weekly by putting in about 50% of business profits back into bitcoin.

    Let’s pray all these coins Moon🙏🙏

  31. Avatar Joel Mendez says:

    That's a great way of seeing it. The day the world wakes up to the new reality in big numbers, it will be too late for the majority to get ahold a full BTC. Got a friend who got in early enough and he's a proud member of the 1 MM club, he even got a t-shirt:

  32. Avatar sony joseph says:

    There may be 36million millionaire , but a sucker is born every day 😂. they hodl btc and don't take necessary profits ?

  33. Avatar faizaan khan says:

    Pls comment on your racist slur againt the black youtuber, we havent forgot about that

  34. Avatar Dont Bugme says:

    Thanks for the timestamps. Didn’t use them this time but it’s a useful feature. Please keep them. Cheers.

  35. Avatar 778hallo says:

    Please do more coin reviews not these shitty clickbait videos that pretty much dont say anything. 21 millions club … cringe… its like the no girls club i was in when i was 10

  36. Avatar JoyWizScree says:


  37. Avatar Miran Kajtna says:

    Not much until we see what will happen next

  38. We have the following hurdles to overcome

    = Possible unravelling of Bitfinex/Tether financial fiasco, this has potential to take us down to double bottom

    = Imminent payments of Mt Gox hack victims, at these prices some might be tempted to dump on the market as they bought at very low prices

    If these two do not materialise, we're good, if they do we are in for a NASTY suprise, under 3k Bitcoin for June to Aug 2019 then real bull run starts Sept 2019 to +80k Bitcoin

    I believe there will be an event that will flush out the junk coins and leave us with less than 200 coins of which +-50 will be quality coins.

    Just my humble opinions.

  39. Avatar Mathijs says:

    Your calcuation is off. Not everybody has gold. So not everybody will have a btc. I would say as many as you want or can afford.

  40. Avatar Mark Farmer says:

    Is there anyway of buying various different alt coins and not having to sign up to 20 different exchanges?

  41. Avatar jafar A says:

    Dammm BTC just broke 9k on coinbase. I am excited as well as scared. Let's see

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