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How I Track My BITCOIN Crypto Portfolio and Why You Should Follow

How I Track My BITCOIN Crypto Portfolio and Why You Should Follow

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Today I’m going to reveal how I track my Bitcoin Crypto Portfolio different than most people and why I think you should follow.

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31 thoughts on “How I Track My BITCOIN Crypto Portfolio and Why You Should Follow

  1. Avatar Juddy Parker says:

    Thank you. Good info on Btc ratio

  2. Too bad you skipped ODEM and Enigma …

  3. Avatar Marc says:

    Can you folks chime in on this and let me know what you think. I would love some feedback from George as well. Thank you guys!

  4. Do you have a preferred universal wallet that you use?

  5. Avatar KingMJ says:

    I think BitcoinGenX is the new Crypto to take over! There developing more then anyone!

  6. Avatar Daniel Paris says:

    Coini Is good It gives me a Daily update Every 24hr at 10pm Shows you ur alt in BTC as well

  7. Avatar samyuill says:

    Fancy power point lol,
    George can you spice things up with a give away also ?

  8. Wow, page 2 coins kinda suck for the most part

  9. Avatar Si Yuan Lim says:

    How do u calculate btc ratio?

  10. Avatar Jay Rizzi says:

    NEXO coin is NOT a bot coin.
    It is a really professional custodial site, that pays interest, and loans, etc. Check it out

  11. I just wanna know when I'm not gonna be poor anymore, George. Please, look into your crystal ball and tell me this!

  12. Avatar MR T says:

    Love your daily updates In good times and bad. Cheers 👍

  13. One thing I like about Exodus wallet. If you click on your total wallet balance, it will toggle between fiat and BTC value for your portfolio.

  14. Avatar kurgon1976 says:

    I bought in at this price almost 2 years ago.. seeing black for the first time since owning's a different feeling.

  15. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    How do I cancel my health insurance and use the money to buy Bitcoin? That's my mission this week.

  16. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    Would Matic be a momentum coin

  17. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    Everyone is going to get liquidated on BNB 😂

  18. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    Moon the likes viewers 👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Ratio is spelled wrong in the title on your power point George

  20. Avatar Samuel Adams says:

    If BTC goes stagnant and ALTs pump, you can trade for BTC and theoretically get more BTC?

  21. Avatar Buzz says:

    George, I see spelling wasn't your strong suit. That's ok though. I still like you. 16:51

  22. Avatar Samuel Adams says:

    So it's possible that we can lose BTC amount whether an ALT is going up or down ?

  23. Avatar CHKDG8 says:

    22:54 😆😆 skirrr-skirrrt

  24. Avatar Chad Yoakley says:

    Excellent info. Thank you George.

  25. Boi you made me bullish!

  26. You should go through the last 2 pages every now and then! I bet people would love it!

  27. Avatar russell UK says:

    BTC could hit 20K, it could hit 50K, it could hit 100K – yes but guess what – it probably wont and we are more likely to be all really disappointed – I am not sure that all this fantasy and dreaming of BTC going to these values is that healthy

  28. Avatar Pecos Bill says:

    Great Information! Thanks a Lot!

  29. its the fourth time BTC has reached 8200 and bounced back from resistance line is that not alarming? Will it break thro the resistance at last or will we have a biiggg correction?

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