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Fidelity Bitcoin Custody – Is it a Trojan Horse? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Fidelity Bitcoin Custody – Is it a Trojan Horse? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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26 thoughts on “Fidelity Bitcoin Custody – Is it a Trojan Horse? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar Benzimah says:

    you youtubers are to phukking all your story changed over the last year…before all you hypocrites were crying for freedom from the banksters. now because you want to make a quick profit you fakes are inviting them and begging that they come in…hypocrites!!

  2. Who da fks chris Larseny

  3. Avatar Rich H says:

    George, there are BILLIONS of dollars being managed by Family offices. Family offices often provide family management services, which includes family governance, financial and investment education, philanthropy coordination, and succession planning. A family office can cost over $1 million a year to operate, so the family's net worth usually exceeds $100 million in investable assets.

  4. Avatar Jason V says:

    Nuls up 35 percent 👍 it’s been a long ride but things are turning around

  5. Avatar pjotr n says:

    Why is NULS up so mutch today?

  6. I no longer believe in crypto currency but I'm OK with data encryption. #ownexperience

  7. You mean to tell me a computer is in my CELL Phone? Why when did they start doing that!

  8. Avatar D DIVS says:

    Eth is not going anywhere buying Eth at these prices is like buying Btc at these prices when it was $135. They building a blockchain city on eth in Nevada.

  9. Avatar Crypto Lambo says:

    Good update. Nothing but positive news for crypto, with Fidelity bitcoin custody now live. This will solidify and make the presence of btc and cryptos more and more mainstream and known in the near future and it will drive the prices sky high very shortly. Near term.

  10. Avatar Allender1g says:

    Cboe cme paper contracts Fidelity bakkt physically held. Will help to even out market. Right now too easy toshort and manipulate. We will have price discovery. And rise in prices.

  11. the Insecurities and Extortion Communists (SEC) have a whole quiver of lies and roadblocks ready to keep crypto (Bitcoin) from getting ETF. Moving the goalposts every time, all the time. What a worthless, corrupt, deficient and biased agency. Too much power in the hands of deadheads who are FIRMLY in the pockets of Big Busines and Big Banks.

  12. I feel like Bitcoin is already being controlled by the extremely Rich… Now Fidelity is offering them custody first. They will not offer us custody until Bitcoin is at a new all time high…..

  13. Avatar crypt0bank says:

    That ad is pure gold! Creepy AF!

  14. I agree with you that it is a good thing for now, as long as no one entity have control over any asset like JP Morgan over silver or the Federal Reserve over the printing press

  15. Avatar harman singh says:

    tron 023 cent 😂😂👌

  16. I agree there’s gonna be shit we didn’t think about that we won’t like in the future by just wanting it to become mainstream . Fuxk mainstream lol

  17. Avatar Scott Lee says:

    I got in trouble at work for listening to your live stream. Soooo i'll only be able to contribute on Tuesday's and Wednesday's

  18. Avatar Ricky D says:

    George is so tickled by Sirin Labs lolllllllll

  19. Avatar Wideolink says:

    I see FOMO coming in full swing !

  20. Avatar David says:

    Like yourself George, I'm cautiously optimistic about institutions coming into the bitcoin.
    My biggest fear is that Wall Street might be able to slowly bring in a "paper bitcoin" system so that unknowing (or knowing) investors will be only buying exposure to the BTC price instead of buying part of the 21 million total BTC. Far more profitable for Wall Street to have such a system in place and could potentially end up with a situation like COMEX and LBMA, with derivative products controlling the precious metals markets instead of physical gold and silver. Sort of "the tail wagging the dog" arrangement as it's put sometimes.

  21. Avatar Fid LaF says:

    No it is not a good thing.
    If a promoter were to place Bitcoin in a fund or trust and sell interests, it would create a new security

    It goes totally against Satoshi’s dream
    BTC futures and ETFs which are run by banks. Makes sense right!?

  22. Avatar Phil Ellett says:

    Regarding your section on coin/company ROI. I believe the best ever investment was VERGE coin during 2017. 67 USD Invested on 1st Jan 2017 returned 1,000,000 USD on 31st Dec 2017. That's a whopping 1.28 Million percent return. I doubt if anything ever will beat this kind of return!. Other than perhaps HEX 🙂 … Keep up the good work George.

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