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EY and Microsoft ALL IN on Crypto and Blockchain | LIVE Bitcoin News

EY and Microsoft ALL IN on Crypto and Blockchain | LIVE Bitcoin News

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Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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23 thoughts on “EY and Microsoft ALL IN on Crypto and Blockchain | LIVE Bitcoin News

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis, insight, and tools for the market. New newsletter released every Monday.

  2. Avatar Alex Komolov says:

    Which altcoins of 2019 are the best in your opinion and why?

  3. Avatar Edward Myers says:

    What do you think about Binance improving this AML efforts?

  4. Avatar Brian H says:

    You are incorrect about EOS. The block producers vote the interest of the community or they are voted out.

  5. Really appreciate your analysis man. Awesome work 🔥🔥🔥🚀🌕✨

  6. Great work as usual George, keep it up

  7. Avatar 79chemdog says:

    So happy i sold my xrp for BAT months ago.

  8. Avatar hofmeister15 says:

    Ay yo crypto rs…. Chill out bro lol

  9. why are we still talking about eth? I really don't understand? there many better options out there, it is now way down the list of most used platform blockchain, slow & expensive

  10. Avatar Hero Jason says:

    Still bull trap. 4K-5K was affect by one buyer and people keep buying around 5K but can't pass 5600.. i am waiting to come back down 4600 then buy some. It's not enough volume for bull signal yet

  11. Avatar George Dedes says:

    Hahaha bye bye sirin labs

  12. Avatar XO XO says:

    They are building wallets into the operating system and etherium is the test model. Store it on a wallet connect to a pc and its easy as abc 123. Everyone buy a grand of etherium and wait 2 years. Its going to one of the first with visa along with litecoin and xrp.

  13. Avatar Donnie Azoff says:

    Any thoughts on 0x? Just bought some to swing trade

  14. You are the best, George!

  15. Avatar Jovan Smith says:

    Crypto isnt supposed to have a CEO… You say your a fundamentalist and yet you believe projects should have centralized leaderships. You can't be both. Tezos governance mechanism allows it to take on new innovations with out hardforking. It has already mad history with the first on chain governance vote which went smooth as hell and is now getting ready for promotional period and protocol upgrade. That is a success my friend not a disaster. And its still outperforming every coin you talked about. Facts

  16. Avatar Jovan Smith says:

    Tezos has outperformed everything and even Bitcoin for the past 2 months! Act like you don't see it…

  17. But I understand you are trying to protect your viewers from Scam…

  18. Common Jake! 😉 You shouldn't block people only because they share their opinion. I was not shilling neither spamming about it. I'm pretty sure you guys miss the point about Hex and what Richard Heart wants to do with this project. George! You should have a talk with @RichardHeart ! Give Richard 30 minutes and I'm sure he will change your mind about Hex which is NOT a fork of Bitcoin and does not require us to send anything to claim our Hex tokens. It would be sad to see your community miss that opportunity to get free and valuable money… Well.. I couldn't say I didn't tried…

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