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Easter Weekend Bitcoin Update – BAT and BNB on FIRE


Easter Weekend Bitcoin Update – BAT and BNB on FIRE

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-04-21 17:57:47 | Duration: 7:42 | Views: 4041 | Likes: 267 | Dislikes: 9

Happy Easter! Find out what has happened and what I think about BAT and BNB and their recent run.

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22 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Bitcoin Update – BAT and BNB on FIRE

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis, insight, and tools for the market. New newsletter released every Monday.

  2. Avatar edy khair. says:

    Hi Goerges witch crypto credit card i can used in usa is good to apply for it ?

  3. Hey George can you explain how tether on tron will work also how to get in on the airdrop.

  4. Avatar XpsZero says:

    Yeah im happy with BAT got in at 0.29$ and its only been working its way up. Plus the Brave Browser is the best.

  5. Avatar john d says:

    i dump all bat 🙂 almost made 2x

  6. Avatar Donnie Azoff says:

    Sold all my BAT at 35 cents. Made some pretty good profit but man I wish I rode that out a little longer and kept some. Looking to re-enter soon at any sort of pull back

  7. I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on this yet. HUGE news regarding the British Virgin Islands adopting crypto

  8. Avatar Erick 4.0 says:

    Happy Easter brotha!

  9. Keep accumulating folks

  10. Thank you and Happy Easter George!

  11. The floor is called support….the resistance is the ceiling

  12. Avatar Tj Mayer says:

    I put $20 in bnb like 6 months ago, now it's nearly $100 but I don't want to touch it because I need it to trade.

  13. Avatar Crypto Cy says:

    Sup George? Happy Easter!

  14. I'm waiting rn for BNB to fall back to $20. From there on I'll be most likely invested in it again! BAT looks very strong too!

  15. Avatar VentionMGTOW says:

    7:09 yeah, a lot of people didn't buy since they were expecting btc to drop to 1000. I never took that chance though. To me, Bitcoins are such an amazing thing that I'm something of a perma-bull. I've been buying for years then I bought all the way up to 18000 then all the way down to 3200. I couldn't accept that Bitcoin was in another 2014 style bear market so I kept buying. Oh well, given enough time all those buys should all be in profit. You could say that my strategy was wrong for being too constantly bullish but those that failed to buy are too constantly bearish. I think I prefer the strategy I have. At least I'm in the game rather than sitting on the sidelines.
    That said, I'm done buying BTC now. I'm about to pull the plug on my job, sell the house and retire (11 years early). I will eventually tap my BTC for living expenses but I probably won't sell any until near the end of 2020. When I do sell I'll keep it under 38 thousand a year. That way I fall below the point where income tax is due (according to the IRS rules on long term capital gains).
    I'm going to use geographic arbitrage. I earned my money in the states but when it's time to spend it I'll move to where my money goes farther. I thought about SE Asia and I still haven't written it off completely but I think I prefer Latin America. Spanish is spoken through a gigantic area and it's easier for a north American to learn. With SE Asia though, the languages are vastly more difficult and if you learn one, just a couple hundred miles away they have an entirely different language. So I'll move to one of the Gringo Zones and use the area as training wheels while I improve my Spanish. Then I may venture farther out. Good times!

  16. Avatar nodaklojack says:

    My focus has shifted to the DASH / BTC pairing and I see buying opportunity in.0235 and under as long as bull sentiment remains. With some excellent trades already in the books at .0228.
    BNB has been a real surprise but it is too dependent on CZ and is too risky for me.

  17. Avatar jR says:

    George, I am just Yoking with you, ha ha ha!

  18. Lots of day traders got to pay their bills lol. Plus, I've been noticing everytime gold and palladium are in greens crypto slows down and vice versa.

  19. Avatar jR says:

    George I wish you colored your face like an Easter Egg, ha ha ha!

  20. Avatar DenzeL says:

    Happy Easter George!

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