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Don't Fall Into This TRAP – EOS Voice – Bitcoin Weekend Update


Don't Fall Into This TRAP – EOS Voice – Bitcoin Weekend Update

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Let’s take a look at Bitcoin and what’s to come. Also, there is something important I want to share to make sure you don’t fall into this type of trap. ▷Become a …

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27 thoughts on “Don't Fall Into This TRAP – EOS Voice – Bitcoin Weekend Update

  1. Avatar John a says:

    EveryOtherShitcoin(EOS) After seeing how much money can be raised. Now these other Bitconnect types are going to make their own social media sites.

  2. Avatar Garan Lewis says:

    Great show George! Any opinion on projects such as WORBLI apparently the financial arm of EOS and Everipedia the blockchain Wikipedia?

  3. Avatar Robbie Cope says:

    Go EOS!!! Go Voice!!! Go pEOS!!!!

  4. Howdoo is already well on the way with a social media platform with all of these features and more. Check it's going live soon.

  5. Jump on the eos bandwagon ehhhhh

  6. Avatar F. S. says:

    EOS is overhyped! No usecase ! OVerpriced!!!

  7. Avatar Randy Black says:

    EOS ??
    Well . . . According to 'Fantasy Crypto' Portfolio (Made-Up Name) . . . Started 1 Year Ago . . . EOS does See Greater Gains than Bitcoin.

  8. Avatar Justin Evans says:

    I would like a thorough review of npxs.

  9. Avatar Tom Burke says:

    My favorite channel for crypto news. Thanks for the content and keep up the phenomenal work!

  10. I’ve been watching your channel since early 18 , always appreciate your insight! I remember that EOS debate with CB you crushed him lol

  11. Avatar IOST Toronto says:

    well done George, EOS is a gem no doubt

  12. I love info videos 10 12 minutes long right on point thanks

  13. Avatar Michael York says:

    The general public will not care about a decentralized twitter for the same reasons the general public didn't care about Steemit (decentralized Facebook) and DTube (decentralized youtube). This will make strike 3. EOS eventually goes bye bye.

  14. Avatar Jason V says:

    Is z-cash forking In July and will you receive 1-1 y-cash tokens ?

  15. Eos is a centralized shit coin

  16. Regarding freedom of speech on voice, I really hope that the fact that you post in voice under your own name I'm hoping that they leave us with the freedom to offend as is intended & suffer the consequences! That is what freedom of speech is, "hate speech" is the proverbial slippery slope of which we are seeing the effects of as we speak! So many people have already been unpersonned already, it's a huge problem, if they go that way I'm out!!!

  17. They will require kyc and biometrics that's one of the ways of filtering out bots and fake accounts

  18. SV coming to coinbase? It's listed among coinbase assets but can't buy/sell any.

  19. 0:19 dont underestimate the Canada #Raptors! A whole country is behind them Down with GS!

  20. They can't mine my information…everything in my account is fake, including a throwaway email. They get nothing…they lose! My concern is for freedom of speech–if Voice provides that, it's a good thing.

  21. Avatar shizza82 says:

    EOS, what a joke. Why wouldn't they use EOS tokens for voice?! Underwhelming to say the least.

  22. Chainlink has the exact same thing happen.

  23. Avatar Jhonsinh says:

    Are you still nuls deep? Haven't heard about it much

  24. Avatar Damon Ford says:

    Eosio is doing it’s job without bashing other projects, that’s what this space needs to succeed.

  25. Avatar BEBOP says:

    @sunnydecree is always copying your content

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