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DOGECOIN LISTED ON BINANCE – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News


DOGECOIN LISTED ON BINANCE – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-07-05 17:00:06 | Duration: 24:21 | Views: 6539 | Likes: 440 | Dislikes: 19

Big news for Dogecoin! Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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24 thoughts on “DOGECOIN LISTED ON BINANCE – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar Evil Weasel says:

    I should make a catcoin I’ll be rich

  2. Good day! Instructively… That's all! I urge you and your listeners to get acquainted with the theoretical base of Prizm cryptocurrency.  There is no alternative. For, for it is the future and the success of the entire community of people. Welcome!!!

  3. Avatar Ahmad Danial says:

    hhi, why dogecoin the price still neutral?

  4. Avatar Tita Kita says:

    Anyone with IQ more than average can understand that this coin has no future as IT SIMPLE CANT SCALE as most of other garbage around here

    This coin is needed for average Joe to invest and to loose all his money , don't be this idiot hodler

    There are real projects around like BSV ,ZCASH ,STELLAR which WILL dominate

    listen to this guy

    from Insider

  5. Bitcoin is not predictable to invest, too much risk. But PRIZM with paramining, today it is cool!

  6. Avatar Alise Space says:

    Good video. Cryptocurrency prizm develops well in Russia and you need to invest in it

  7. Avatar Lia Summers says:

    Doge is for spending

  8. ? Reallly ? Not doubting you, just hadn't heard that…

  9. Hey George, what is your plan to take profits when BTC gets to 100k and higher? And how much % will you sell? Are you going to sell back to USD or into a stable coin?

  10. Great info as always thanks!

  11. Thank you Useful and interesting information.

    And what do you say about PRIZM, which allows

    users to keep and increase their money at the expense of

    unique paramining system.

  12. Avatar Charlie D says:

    Binance has become a joke just like doge is. It's a shame.

  13. Avatar crypt0bank says:

    Do you still hodl VET? Do you have a VET node?

  14. @CryptosRUs, regarding what’s going on with EOS and Voice… EOSIO v1.8 is required in order for Voice to work, and v1.8 release is a few more months out.

    They also plan to pay influencers to switch over to Voice. That recruiting process will take a while, and they probably won’t launch Voice until they have deals with quite a few big name influencers to come on board… not just in the crypto space, but many other areas.

  15. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    you clearly have missed the point about Dogecoin and havent done your research into the project or its fan base, perhaps consider reading its twitter feeds to get a better understanding

  16. Avatar gc1282 says:

    Just because the face of the coin is a 🐕 doesn't mean it's a joke. Don't be fooled. This is the coin to buy.

  17. Avatar gc1282 says:

    To the moon baby!

  18. Avatar Jo Hannes says:

    Honest review of xrp? Fraud? Long term hold? Useless?

  19. Absurd… joke coin listed but still waiting on Cardano????

  20. Avatar Yair H. says:

    Hey George, how can I create a Carlos Matos coin. Something tells me it would take off. %100 serious!

  21. Doge with all the hype now with Binance only proves the fact how infant the cryptospace is at even now..But Doge Dev was atleast open to say this is a joke when many projects who were and are scams have said they are so real!!

  22. Avatar Eric Dobkin says:

    I can almost guarantee you that the reason Jackson Palmer won’t speak positively about Dogecoin, just like Charlie Lee pivoted on LTC, is that he doesn’t want the SEC knocking on his door.

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