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#CryptoTrader: Is BitX a sign that Naspers sees Bitcoin as the future?


Is BitX a sign that Naspers sees Bitcoin as the future?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2015-07-24 06:01:54 | Duration: 14:16 | Views: 2001 | Likes: 24 | Dislikes: 1

Having recently raised $4 million from Naspers, BitX CEO Marcus Swanepoel joins Bruce Whitfield in this riveting chat on the future. Bitcoin and BitX have made big forays into what will be one of the currencies of the future. Virtual currencies will be able to eliminate the charges and costs that come with money transfers and could be a major first step of the world moving towards paperless currencies.

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4 thoughts on “#CryptoTrader: Is BitX a sign that Naspers sees Bitcoin as the future?

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