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#CryptoTrader: Contrarian View: Bit Coin new Global currency


Contrarian View: Bit Coin new Global currency

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2013-06-25 12:51:35 | Duration: 2:28 | Views: 268 | Likes: 3 | Dislikes: 2

A 53-year-old car dealer in Kansas, invested in his share of winners and losers during the Internet bubble of the 1990s. Now he is clinging to a stash of Bitcoin, even though the fledgling virtual currency has lost about 70% of its value.

CNBC / Crypto Trader


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One thought on “#CryptoTrader: Contrarian View: Bit Coin new Global currency

  1. Avatar Gabriel Vine says:

    "It frightens me." This is the key statement in this video — these luddites have skimped on the most important research for journalistic reporting: investigation.

    – Why are numbers and pictures on paper LESS secure than cryptography-backed numbers?
    – Why bring up barter in this context? How is paper currency and more or less barter than cryptocurrency?
    – Why bring up Ponzi schemes in this regard? Even the most cursory research reveals Bitcoin cannot be one as it is completely distributed/P2P.

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