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#CryptoTrader: BTC at $1mn is conservative – John Mcafee

BTC at $1mn is conservative – John Mcafee

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2018-02-23 08:36:22 | Duration: 28:54 | Views: 1534 | Likes: 22 | Dislikes: 3

John Mcafee says he won’t lose this bet – he has never lost a bet! Why are the markets going down again before another futures launch. In this episode we interview the top crypto people including, John Mcafee, Dr Julian Hosp and many more… Celcius ICO also featured.

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4 thoughts on “#CryptoTrader: BTC at $1mn is conservative – John Mcafee

  1. McAfee and Crypto Man Ran nothing more bullish then this ! ! !

  2. Avatar JRL3 says:

    Gotta love all these useless price predictions!

  3. Avatar Yusuf says:

    John was lying about his mines lol

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