Watch Bitcoin and these Altcoins

Watch Bitcoin and these Altcoins

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Watch Bitcoin and these Altcoins

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22 thoughts on “Watch Bitcoin and these Altcoins

  1. Some analysts noticed that Bitcoin doesn’t follow the classic market analysis, so using a regular chart analysis to guess the price might leave you more confused. Factors, such as new developments, market integration, lightning network integrations, and new institutional investments might influence the price, so it would be recommended to trade and make profit instead of just holding ,Having bought just 1BTC at $9,000 and held a little i started trading using Payton signals and have grown my portfolio to over 4BTC. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and Niles is one of such competent hands that has made an impact on the crypto spaces. With bitcoin, where there is potentially a drop as experienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy. He can be contacted on whatsapp (+16268004757)

  2. Avatar Mateo Dawson says:

    Bitcoin has been very impressive since the beginning of this year with so much energy, although it fails to break above $10,500 resistance which is currently trading below $10,000 support level. However, there is still a sign of bullishness as long as the Bulls can defend the $9,900 support level, as this would give them enough strength to push further ahead of the halving. As a trader, I am looking forward to another profitable month again to increase my portfolio, this I have been doing with Mr. Knud Green's daily signals, therefore growing my portfolio from my initial Hodling into 8btc in 4 weeks, which every trader out there would say is a very good profit. Green's daily signals are very reliable and this current price position doesn’t make any difference as anytime is good for trading if you know what to do. Green can be reached Telgram -Knudgreen and [email protected] for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  3. The manipulation of BTC price is becoming so obvious these days. For a couple of weeks all the news articles bleat on about so called 'corrections' then boom it happens right on cue, also the handful of players that continually mess with its price to make a fast buck are a real threat to Bitcoin, not governments.
    That being said, the market is still all about BTC at the moment and I’ll advise current investors and newbies to take advantage of Morgan Norman program, a pro trader who runs a training program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, to help them recover loss from the crash and also accumulate more bitcoin, with his program I went from having 1.5btc to 6btc in just 9 weeks. You can reach him on Telegram – Normantrade.

  4. Avatar ash dayo says:

    7btc was successful mined into my blockchain wallet via the help of free_moneyhack on 1nstagram

  5. Love your persistence unlike other influencers, and your overall strategy

  6. Avatar E K says:

    hey man love the content please keep doing these daily streams we miss them!!

  7. Avatar Tot Tut says:

    Investment for beginners: Prizm (PZM) coins are generated on Your wallet.
    Go To the steam «Locomotive of Prisms» («Паровоз Призм») and the income will be from 6% per month (you can even more if you put money on a Deposit of 15% per month).

  8. Avatar crYptoQuad says:

    A lot of people smarter and much more invested research-wise than you see the high potential of De-Fi.

  9. I just don't understand why you think NULS it will go to a $1 but won't buy at 36 cent's is that not a bargain , Wish every coin i bought at 36 cents went to a dollar , Like your video's just don't understand why someone so into nuls , Why not tell us you was selling

  10. Now xrp And yes do watch your video's

  11. Can I buy UBT on hotbit? Is it legit ?

  12. Avatar Tony T says:

    Your comments on Eth are reason to unsubscribe. My gosh look at Defi

  13. George What???? DEFI Derivatives! SNX and FTT….. The house can never win! "Some What"

  14. You like XRP but don’t like ETH? Weird…….

    Everyone Knows IOTA is working towards Decentralization! I wonder if the guy they just dropped from the project did this?

  16. It'll probably just go to 12k then 14k then 20k then 25k then 27k with a small pullback then probably 34k so

  17. So, you like a centralized coin like XRP, but you dont ‘understand’ why others like ETH? You might not agree but stating you dont even understand why others do is simply stupid/dumb. I dont like XRP but I certainly understand why others like it.

  18. Avatar Steve Black says:

    Look into Lsk "LISk" it may be in top ten in a year or two. I say this because it's the only blockchain right now any person with A++ knowledge to build on blockchain and create a token….

  19. Avatar XRP Freak says:

    Binance is really located in the Cayman Islands, usually where criminals go to hide their money. Chainlink also in Caymans, not a hot spot for billion dollar tech startups. If that doesn't set off red flags, I don't know what will.

  20. Avatar XRP Freak says:

    The entire financial world is being re-built on Ethereum. That's why the token will be worth 10k+ in time. As for LINK, it's a couple of Russian scammers. The 2 individuals behind it hold the overwhelming majority of the tokens. They were the only 2 doing the coding for years. Even now Chainlink only has 4-5 coders and very simple code with no confirmable partnerships besides pump articles paid for by Chainlink. Nobody will believe that right now but it will become obvious in time.

  21. Avatar davlmt says:

    You "don't get WHY" people like ETH????? And you run a channel called 'ceyptosRus'??? This is unbelievable

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