VeChain Pumps, PornHub + Bitcoin, | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

VeChain Pumps, PornHub + Bitcoin, | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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VeChain Pumps, PornHub + Bitcoin, | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News
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27 thoughts on “VeChain Pumps, PornHub + Bitcoin, | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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  2. Just seeing some vid's, photo's of MCO VISA cards now appearing in Australia. An ICY WHITE in Melbourne, A RUBY RED in Brisbane. Nice timing with the CRO exchange launch as it is one of the main tokens that can be staked in the app AND the exchange for high interest rates.

  3. Avatar TOMM JAMES says:

    Great video mate, BITCOIN TO 25K DEC 13TH. My knowledge is free. I'd leave my details if finding difficulties, feel free to ask. Merry Christmas in addy. TSM.

  4. Avatar BlockChain says:

    Where can I buy vchain and is there a hardware wallet for it

  5. Anyone think vet will come back down to 0.40 or below btc

  6. Measles now, polio next

  7. Avatar Ali Alijh says:

    Isn’t yen for Japan?

  8. Avatar John Dow says:

    Paypal is the devll incarnated

  9. Avatar Daijuan says:

    Man, I wanna put money in VET and have wanted to for a very long time but didnt because I want BTC to reach close to ATH around the halving event period. Also wouldn't it be very concerning if VET started going on a bullrun before BTC does?

  10. Bitcoin price fall?
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    With as low as $500 you can invest with 0.05btc to earn 7% in every 24hours.
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  11. Do you think this will help China's negative immigration rate?

  12. dont miss out on VET guys! It won´t come back down! When china allows to trade crypto it will moon!!!

  13. Hell yes V Chain for the Win!!

  14. Avatar Sandy Clark says:

    Still with you George from Bush firery Australia

  15. Avatar nord clika says:


  16. Vechain total market cap could reach over $600 billion by Q4 2021. Circulating supply of 60 billion coins and $10.00 per coin. Top 3 coins will reach over $1 trillion, total Coin Market Capitalization to reach over $8.2 trillion which will 10X January 08, 2018 Coin Market Cap all time highs $820 billion.

  17. Chainlink and VeChain will easily outperform every single altcoin

  18. Avatar F.A. J. says:

    I see building a horrible downtrend in the year chart 🤷‍♂️😬

  19. Avatar Mr. Canlas says:

    Let’s pay these pornstars!

  20. Avatar BeBest Now says:

    Paypal, skrill, banks, deep shit

  21. Avatar Anass J says:

    Guys, you can earn free cryptocurrencies With coinbase 👉

  22. BNB about to start bull run

  23. Avatar Allan K says:

    Funny Verge/XVG dumped when they got involved with pornhub.

    Why is this coin pumping?

  24. Avatar kurgon1976 says:

    will NULS ever move again?

  25. Avatar Qu Lu says:

    Can you please make a video about the Veden miner?

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