Is Bitcoin Going Up or DOWN – Critical Signal Found?

Is Bitcoin Going Up or DOWN – Critical Signal Found?

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Is Bitcoin Going Up or Down – Critical Signal Found?
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15 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Going Up or DOWN – Critical Signal Found?

  1. Hi I'm from the future, it dump to the 7900's

  2. Hi George, thought you may find this info to be use full. amount of BTC left.

  3. This is probably the biggest year for crypto, so much good news throughout the year and big companies getting involved. Still pending a massive bull run 😓

  4. Avatar Willy P says:

    watch the green…long one

  5. Avatar Willy P says:

    its going up to 9k by HK eve time (21st nov evening hkt)

  6. How can we be so sure the halving event will lead to price gains? We thought the same for LTC and it didn't go anywhere … 🙁

  7. Avatar Willy P says:

    Hey I went to my Hong Kong liquor joint….there was no Jameson…so I just got some cheap shit

  8. George will the digital chinise currency affect the price of btc?

  9. Us bankers thinking about having crypto currency to trade with business!

  10. I think each of you wants to drive cool car, drink elite whisky and have a rest with girls who have a breast size not less than 3) For all this things you need money, a lot of money)) this year ICO of the Teelee GRAAAM will help you to become rich

  11. Avatar Vlad Dubov says:

    Do you want a cool car, smart girl with big boobs? Invest in I C O Telegraam while the going is good, this coin will precisely grow up strongly in price

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