He Lost $500k and Went Broke Trading Crypto | Lesson For All Bitcoin Investors


He Lost $500k and Went Broke Trading Crypto | Lesson For All Bitcoin Investors

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He Lost $500k and Went Broke Trading Crypto | Lesson For All Bitcoin Investors
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24 thoughts on “He Lost $500k and Went Broke Trading Crypto | Lesson For All Bitcoin Investors

  1. Avatar Sachin T. says:

    I disagree with your analysis about discouraging your viewers w.r.t. trading. If anyone understands the TA and follows good YT channels and improve their education daily by taking courses or finding a trading mentor, then trading can be fun and profitable. People don't lose because the market is manipulated, they lose because they are not committed to trading and they belive old adages like "lose only what you can afford to" – thats a loser's point of view. No risk no money. No pain no gain. Simple.

  2. Avatar samdroidva says:

    Crypto is crap. Everyone should get out. Blockchain is the deal. Stable coins is what blockchain was meant for. Not Bitcoin or any other fluctuating altcoin. THE END.

  3. Avatar Khoa says:

    Wen Jemoson. I could use one

  4. Avatar Justin Chris says:

    Do you think Tone Vays will come out of the closet?

  5. Great video! As always, appreciate the market colour. Agree BRV and BCH are distractions. BTC exchange traded options are on the horizon!

  6. Avatar Foomanlol says:

    How do you lose 500k if thats your entire networth. So dumb. That's not really rich but its more most people will ever have to their name and you could retire on a cheap country or just work part time and have your life set.

  7. Avatar Hasan Creed says:

    1. He knows nothing about cryptocurrency and WHY they are game changing.
    2. This market is extreamely volatile, he invested using his emotions and ass, instead of brain and research.
    3. Greed punished him hard as he needed to. He should have been happy with his £500K.

  8. Avatar Ksax Music says:

    “Never trade what you can’t afford to lose”. The old adage that’s still so true … always

  9. Avatar paul lunney says:

    i kind of met him before in chiang mai thailand he was selling a louis vuitton bag and i wanted to buy it. he works at a real estate place down where my villa is

  10. Avatar Paula Gentry says:

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  11. I love buying BTC on Paxful. You can buy Bitcoin with 300 different types of payment. It is easy and instant! Here is a link to it!

  12. Avatar white rabbit says:

    George you're just GREAT!

  13. Avatar Brett Simms says:

    Btw I watch George for the past 4 years. He is right things go up thing go down. Invest what you can and wait and see

  14. Avatar Brett Simms says:

    Hey George. Would it not be nice if all YouTube people talking about crypto had a block chain ledger with how much they make from YouTube and sponsors . Think about it before you smash the like button

  15. Avatar Jason Ellis says:

    bitcoin trading have been so beneficial to me ever since a mean't a good fellow who taught me how to invest my coin well in a profitable platform I really do appreciate Annette

  16. Avatar Joshua Asher says:

    You can stare at the charts until your eyes bleed but if you are in a downturn market and you don't realize it you will lose BIG TIME – That said, if you buy Bitcoin during a dip and wait a couple years there will most likely be plenty of windows to take profits. Relax my crypto-comrades, bitcoin is not going anywhere so eventually it will go up due to dwindling supply.

  17. Avatar Hat Hatley says:

    Sounds like he has a self destructive streak, he overlooks the obvious because it is not a rational thing, he has been lying to himself like so many do. Can be blame it on bitcoin? It's like blaming guns for violence, it's an emotional not a rational decision. Find something outside yourself to blame.

  18. Avatar Hi Ness says:

    Just found this channel, and ive only been trading for a year and did step over into investing and away from trading, i can use what i learnd in trading and im buying dips, but what you say is verry true, honnest dude, subed!

  19. Bitcoin once again has shown sign of bullish movement despite the downward movement we experienced few hours ago, For the short-term, continuation to $7,400 support level would be encouraging as the resistance could be flipped to support and serve as the base for further continuation throughout the weekend and coming week as this would give room for uprise which is poise to see $8,000 resistance area against the US dollars. The underlying factor behind any investment is to make profit but the crunch of bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole has made a lot of people blindly fall for market sentiment not knowing when to sell, hold, or trade. My advice to all bitcoin investors out there is to seek a professional trading guide from a mentor like Mr Lovatt Norton. I've made a significant increase in my portfolio since I started trading with Norton's daily signals which has been successful, I have been able to grow 1 btc to 6.5 btc in just a month by trading using his daily signals. Norton's daily signals are very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment and is always available to give a helping hand Whatspp: +13322135128 and Telgram @ Lnorton08 on how to trade profitably.

  20. Avatar EL26 says:

    He deffo done something stupid to lose that money, cost averaging small bits overtime he wouldn’t be in that position. You can’t blame crypto cos you are clueless with money lol

  21. Only invest what you can afford to lose

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