Deutsche Bank's Bold Prediction For Bitcoin | Crypto News


Deutsche Bank's Bold Prediction For Bitcoin | Crypto News

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Deutsche Bank’s Bold Prediction For Bitcoin | Crypto News
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23 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank's Bold Prediction For Bitcoin | Crypto News

  1. Thanks Dude, appreciate your work from mother Russia! 🙂 BUY THE DiP!!!

  2. Avatar Edwin says:

    Yes, sideways Bitcoin movement, but upward motions are forced down constantly big time by the bears. No time yet for a break to the upside.

  3. Keep it up! your making me smarter with every video i watching! Thanks! Coinsclone.

  4. Avatar J B says:

    Bakkt is a scam. Show me the btc address

  5. Avatar Victor H says:

    I wouldn't put much stock into any one from a bankrupt corrupt Douche Bank

  6. Avatar Benzimah says:

    false prophecy again everyone look out for 2020 as the flse prophet change his dates again…please give me the donations i have been more accurate on calling this dude a fake crypto predictor

  7. Avatar MrAndriySolo says:

    Fiat will end but how can people believe that crypto is the currency of the future?? If you do believe that you have to also believe that it has a platform to be abused. Nothing will ever be more secure than something physical backed by gold. Put this into perspective you for whatever reason the government sees fit become an “enemy” they just simply disable your wallet or ability to access the internet or anything of that nature… this will give them the ability to basically control who is part of society and who is not.. once you make their black list you are cast out to scratch your living off rocks.. won’t be able to buy sell own. Basically exiled to your doom. If you don’t believe look at China’s social credit…

  8. Avatar XRP Freak says:

    Operating systems such as Windows and Linux run on every computer in China. They weren't built in China but are necessary to do business worldwide. There is no comparison when you state Chinese will support their own blockchain platforms the same way they only allow compaines like Baidu and Alibaba to operate within China. Software necessary to do business worldwide is quite different than national companies confined to China's boarders. Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple will be the winners in China. No international company will trust any blockchain where validation takes place in China. Collusion on EOS recently reared its head by Chinese block producers to nobody's suprise. That's why EOS has no enterprise customers and never will. Vechain is no different, 101 anonymous validators almost all run by Sunni Lu. It's a joke. Nobody is going to trust anything validated on that joke of a blockchain. Neither would I. That's why every "parternship" Vechain supposedly has needs an asterisk, none of them are bona fide when you look outside press releases from Vechain themselves. As for the Chinese currency, read it as China will launch it's currency on a blockchain. If that currency is going to be trusted worldwide, it's likely launching on Ripple or Stellar. It is known that 30 central banks will be launching their currencies on Stellar. Don't expect any announcements until it happens.

  9. Avatar XRP Freak says:

    ALL Chinese based platforms will goto zero. ALL of them are garbage that jumped on blockchain hype to harvest dumb western money, and it worked.

  10. Avatar Rikkity Rakk says:

    I think crypto is too new and volatile to be looking back at what it has done before. The old saying is more true for crypto than any other market – past performance is no guarantee of future results. There are just far too many variables and unknowns to make any meaningful analysis.
    Also, regarding VeChain, I'm more and more convinced that partnerships are no guarantee of profit or performance.
    EVERYthing in the cryptoverse is a hold-onto-your-butts, wait-and-see proposition.

  11. Avatar James Hanley says:

    A big Bank that's currently Failing I might add

  12. Masternodes and staking will be the new trend. XBI!

  13. Happy holidays , George!
    As always, love the content!

  14. Avatar nonya biz says:

    Thank you for giving the German central bank news the coverage it deserves, it is the biggest news of the year and nobody seemed to realize it.

  15. You know a professional gambler only wins 55% of the time?

  16. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    listen to 7empest by TOOL. best song ever. Cardano ftw

  17. We need a trend to happen again and it to be hyped up like in 2017 😭

  18. Avatar igodl funny says:

    The next crisis come from the pension

  19. STEEM is actually making big improvements now that the initial management team has relinquished control. They are currently testing out some major changes which will be coming early next year. I wouldn't write it off as dead yet. 🙂

  20. Avatar Mike Smith says:

    Honestly, I don't see good things for cryptocurrency moving forward. Icee geopolitical strife which may or may not bleed over into the economy for manipulative purposes but the economy is not going to fare well either way. I don't think we will see a four-year cycle like Bob Loukas talks about and others are expecting. I don't even believe we we're going to see a Bitcoin pump that coincides with the having of last time. If everything followed predictability it would be too easy. Every third year of the cycle you just dumped a bunch of money in expect to get a large return. It just doesn't happen that way. Also if everybody understood the cycle and no one would have been suggesting getting in during 2018 but not one person said that. #Truth

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