Bitcoin Rich – What They Are Doing | Cryptocurrency News


Bitcoin Rich – What They Are Doing | Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin Rich – What They Are Doing | Cryptocurrency News
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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Rich – What They Are Doing | Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar N G says:

    Dude, clean your comment section. Lots of scammers.

  2. Avatar The Man says:

    yeah Alessio got reinstated it was a fake account using his name shilling some scam

  3. Avatar hennyapan says:

    Deaktivate comment section then! There is to much SCAM comments on all crypto videos. These guys say hey! Send me an email to help investing etcetc… give me 1 btc i give you 3 back!
    Deaktivate comment section on all videos, then you will see no repports on a video and we can continue

  4. Avatar jay quinn says:

    "Alright lets do some Q and A" – Cuts microphone..

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  6. Avatar Ruby Truong says:

    TEAM GEORGE !!!!! 🙂

  7. Sober today. You were really enjoying that Vanilla Beam. Also, I see a white poodle.

  8. So krown crypto figured it all out I think its someone reporting the videos and its harrassment and not allowed it's not YouTube doing it directly it's people abusing the algorithm

  9. Maybe you dont ask for like for now. Once you hit 5k likes they might see your video as harmful talk about the devil

  10. Avatar Nguts says:

    Thanks George 💪

  11. lol George what is happening? whos attacking the Crypto You Tubers? Richard Heart is still up too lol!

  12. Hey George, I'm wishing a very late Christmas! I missed a lot of your live sessions since i'm visiting family and friends at Southern California. Keep up the great work! I've been exploring about why other crypto Youtubers have been flagged by YouTube, and what i believe could be is the sponsorship that relates to buying specific Altcoin token without putting a disclaimer they posted on their old YouTube videos. SEC declared Bitcoin as a utility but the SEC aren't sure what to label on Altcoins? Whether they are Security or Utility. Although this is just a theory.

  13. Avatar JR4EVR says:

    Try snorting Pepsi instead!!!

  14. It’s got to be due to all the shilling of Bybit. Like you say the fact they have hit poker channels first demonstrates this. It’s like gambling on steroids and a lot of people have got recked and these guys are making money out of others misery.

  15. Avatar Kitten Power says:

    Thanks George,
    This is well structured, creative and very informative of your content. Good analysis and expression of opinion. :thumsup:

  16. Avatar Trifin Soup says:

    vitalik moving due to possible price explosion? getting ready to sell off when moon

  17. You’re gonna be the only one left, we got you, stay strong and hang in there 🙌🏻🙏🏻

  18. Avatar Jeremy Smith says:

    You are solid and that's why I follow you. Happy New Years

  19. Avatar bluevelvet says:

    Good to see you alive. Keep strong

  20. You don’t shill shit coins lol that’s why you good 😂

  21. Avatar Jesse Dow says:

    If you get banned just let us know when where you go.

  22. Avatar first form says:

    Haha the hackers that have hit everyone else didn’t care about your channel. Must mean you’re a loser and suck so much hackers don’t even care about you.

  23. what is this page called? nice content…

  24. Alternative will be BITCHUTE

  25. Avatar Zeno C says:

    Stay strong G'unit…….

  26. Avatar Semmy Tan says:

    Heeeey great! You are still alive….👍🏻 I think the last survivor….I hope you wil not have any problems… keep it up and keep strong!

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