Bitcoin Ready To Move – $16,000 in Oct? | XRP and Chainlink Pumps


Bitcoin Ready To Move – $16,000 in Oct? | XRP and Chainlink Pumps

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-10-07 16:39:41 | Duration: 32:35 | Views: 7820 | Likes: 455 | Dislikes: 28

Bitcoin Ready To Move – $16,000 in Oct? | XRP and Chainlink Pumps – Like and Subscribe

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35 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ready To Move – $16,000 in Oct? | XRP and Chainlink Pumps

  1. Avatar Generic Name says:

    Tether dumping will short term spike btc price

  2. Avatar Generic Name says:

    Your analysis is tainted with your hopium.

    Small correction to 9200-9500$ range and then we'll see what happens.

    We're in a downtrend within a downtrend. Bearception is upon us. HODLERS REKT. Never hodl. Sell high buy low

  3. Avatar Imre Csoka says:

    12k would be a good level but even so 15k to 17k would be a good value too.

  4. Avatar Bris Vegas says:

    XRP keeping the market strong at the moment, holding up BTC & ETH as they sell off slowly. Thoughts anybody?

  5. $16000??? Do you mean $0.16000

  6. Avatar Crypto Lambo says:

    Good update George, the 16k btc in october is actually realistic, and quite possible, won't be too shocking when it does happen this month.

  7. Avatar thekreal says:

    Green machine = BTC

  8. Avatar jarhead0099 says:

    I am a bull but If I remember correctly, your entire 16 K oct price target is based on a time traveler post on reddit lol

  9. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    nothing but spam comments bro… jeezus Youtube is such a gypped scam. If youre not being censored or shadow banned, youre being spammed… they need to fix this shzz

  10. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    they have no idea what Millenials are doing because the label never had a coherent definition. Its just a Buzz label used to blame young people for sh!t

  11. something's different! watch for the switch in the leader
    XRP-The Global Standard

  12. Avatar Doc C says:

    Pls stop with the xrp bull..every time xrp goes up 5% oh its pumping..stop it

  13. Avatar Olobo Paul says:

    I rarely give a review on YouTube videos but yours is an exception. The volatility of the market has indeed affected bitcoin over the last few months. Smart investors are now trooping into Tokoin investment owing to the huge returns that we have seen recently. Just make sure you aren't left out (

  14. Avatar Ilham H says:

    Just go all in, cuz if it goes up u will dollar cost average up and still average out :)))

  15. My opinion: If a project as big as BAKKT failed and wasn’t positive for the market (yet), then I don’t think the price is going to double in a little over 20 days. I know it’s happened numerous times, but I don’t feel it’s going to be this time.

  16. Avatar Jerome B says:

    Double market cap in 3 weeks? Doubtful

  17. Avatar Alex says:


  18. Avatar I-Love Cats says:

    Cool video CryptosRUs, are you russian by any chance? (Capitalized: RU in your name) just wondering. I rarely comment on videos, but this one was pretty interesting. Chainlink is definitely pumping, but on nothing but hype, as far as I know, they didn't really do anything major, just yet.
    This is a sign however, that the altcoin season is about to get back on fire, which is cool, since the projects who's been working on ACTUAL projects will hopefully shine again, and get the attention they truly deserve.
    Look at Blocknet for instance, didn't use millions on marketing, but is focused on their products to work first. Launched the first working DEX in the world, and is about to fine "tune" it right now.
    Expect this one to blow up real soon, but who knows these days.

    Great video, keep it up! 🙂

  19. Avatar Jay Dee says:

    quantum computer is total bs. although when I look at trump I do believe in the multiverse.

  20. Avatar C R says:

    Arto (RTO) awesome project with tons of growth potential!  Do your own research!10x potential!!!Exchange/Tradeorge

  21. Avatar Sunsettvu says:

    Bitcone to the bone!

  22. I provide a 100% guarantee that in a year Telegram coin will enter the TOP of 5 coins of coinmarketcap. Buy them while there is an opportunity to get them at ICO price on gram-ton. com

  23. Avatar Cris Delgado says:

    I think it’s pronounced Fin Abler
    Thank you for all your great information and insights.

  24. Avatar Claudiu I says:

    What exactly is happen in Hong Kong ? This affect the market ?

  25. Bitcoin trend lately has been up and downs which is due to its highly volatile and unpredictable nature no one knows for sure what’s next whether a correction would take place to see Bitcoin price fall. In my own experience, I have come to know it’s risky and not profitable to hold your coins while waiting for the eventual bull run. I advise all to accumulate as much as you can thereby increasing your portfolio. There are two ways to go about it, firstly either by dollar-cost averaging and secondly trading bitcoin which is very efficient and very profitable if done the right way. I trade daily I am not an expert trader though but a smart one because I created a strategy that works for me, I trade under the guidance of Mr. Sebastian Thomson he provides me daily trading signals daily. He is one of the best signal providers and within my first 2 weeks of using his system, I had increased my portfolio from 2 BTC to 6 BTC. After meeting Mr. Sebastian it has been a wining and profit streak for me and you can reach him through {[email protected]}. I urge you all in the crypto sphere to be smart investors

  26. Avatar Claudiu I says:

    I buy bitcoin for 2800€
    I hope to be good invest.. if not i can say i try it 🤨

  27. Avatar Flo Nex says:

    Free bitcoin giveaway guys! Send 0,2 and recieve 5 to 50! McAfee n 1! 3DCrd17wY63jsvSj69PG89CY8Kh5mFctga

  28. If now there is a final round of ICO from Pavel Durov, it means Gram will start its floatation soon gramton. net

  29. If now there is a final round of ICO from Pavel Durov, it means Gram will start its floatation soon gramton. net

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