Bitcoin is Ancient Technology Like The Model T


Bitcoin is Ancient Technology Like The Model T

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He Lost $500k and Went Broke Trading Crypto | Lesson For All Bitcoin Investors
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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin is Ancient Technology Like The Model T

  1. Avatar claude x says:

    I actually agree with most of what McAfee is saying, I already knew he was trying to onboard the community with such a ridiculous statement about eating his dick. Actually the 'math' does support 100k but a million? Not close. But his last comment about Bitcoin being the future? "Was the Model T the future of the automobile"? Is he doing reverse psychology now? Bitcoin is a store of value just like gold, that's already a proven fact and he certainly knows this and to make a comparison to the Model T just makes no sense. He's obviously just trying to get people worked up.

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  3. Avatar Rene Weiss says:

    what time is stream today

  4. Avatar glebov66 says:

    I would love to own Model T in mint condition now 🙂

  5. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    old and busted, new hotness

  6. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    cardano bro ! 🥰💰💰

  7. Avatar Daniel K says:

    I can’t believe you even bother making a video about McAfee. Whoever listens to him is a fool. I don’t even read his tweets anymore. The guy is a joke.

  8. Avatar Brett Simms says:

    Your videos after 5 years watching just dont give the crypto new you once had

  9. Yang isn't polarizing like the rest of the nimrodic field. Given his views on math and logic, it would be interesting to hear you interview him.

  10. Did you see the live stream of valic while people were getting scammed

  11. Avatar Be Awake says:

    Would you see Holochain replacing Ethereum to be the new internet contestants?

  12. John MaCafee's math is BS. It's Meth math….Heavy doses of meth + Math = WRONG ANSWER.


  14. Finally seeing a lil price increase💯🙌🏻

  15. Avatar JK says:

    Halving price in already. Efficient market hypothesis. But greed is not

  16. George you missed his point completely. In today's world technology is always replacing older tech, Bitcoin (while hoarded) is not being spent as a currency as it was intended. Vastly superior blockchains have evolved since 2009 and the fact you can't change with that shows bias and close mindedness. It can't be upgraded because those upgrades are on sidechains that may or may not work in the long run (lightning network, etc)

  17. Avatar JK says:

    George xrp usdt 75x on binance now. Why pump I bet.

  18. Avatar RWrightXRP says:

    John MaCafee is WREKD!!!

  19. Avatar kitten toots says:

    we want John's micro penis on a platter.

  20. Avatar Thomas Scott says:

    Don't be surprised if john starts Schilling bch

  21. Avatar Josh Carr says:

    John mcafee is a joke no need to say more

  22. Avatar Felix Lopez says:

    Are we now going to pay attention to a professional scammer and the most corrupted man in crypto; he is a shame for the space. He was even in Cuba few months ago praising that corrupted dictatorship system and loving the biggest assassin of Latin America Ernesto Che Guevara.

  23. Avatar F.A. J. says:

    McAffee Does 180 because he doesn’t want to loose his sorry body part.

    He is from being an expert- just a shill who is after his cut. Corrupt to the bone.

    Beside John, buy a hearing aid.

  24. Avatar Ire Igweb says:

    Why pay attention Tia fugitive in tbe first place !
    Crazy maniac

  25. In Crypto, old is synonymous with secure. Old means you've survived every hack and every source code review.

    In Real Estate it's location, location, location.
    In Crypto, it's age, age, age.

  26. Avatar Ire Igweb says:

    You meant “John McFe”, tbe wanted criminal , tbe crook, attention seeker , drug addict..
    Who in the first place took this drunken drug addict serious !
    Never took him serious

  27. Avatar Callybendt says:

    2000 TRON Giveaway .. @t

  28. Avatar Fatal Fury says:

    In 5 months one halving in 5 years from now 2 halvings. Now It is the best time to invest

  29. Avatar sciflyer67 says:

    McAfee and Berwick have both been pumping Monero.
    Mimble Wimble Coin should out do Monero.

  30. Well I hope bitcoin doesn't turn into the Ford Pinto, because then we are all in trouble….

  31. Avatar Big Mike says:

    Im not sure why hes backing out anyway. He was never actually going to eat his member. He has a pet pig thats named Dick or something like that & he was gonna eat bacon or whatever. Then he actually said he would have a hooker service him while eating this pig. Im sure hes got a chicken he calls cock too. LOL

  32. Avatar BlockChain says:

    McAfee ruthlessly and on a number of occasions defended his price prediction saying do the math do the math! Often insulting people who doubted his prediction now he says Bitcoin is a Model T this guy, this piece of shit McAfee needs a dirt nap Pronto

  33. Mcafee is a ancient crackhead😂 dumbass Schiller anyone that respects him needs slapped..I’d like to drop his ass with one punch 🥊 and be a crypto legend

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