Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme | Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme | Cryptocurrency News

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Is Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme? According to LendingTree Chief Economist Tendayi Kapfidze, it is.


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46 thoughts on “Bitcoin is a Pyramid Scheme | Cryptocurrency News

  1. Looking for utility; start to watch out for Bitcoin SV $BSV. The size of a block has been crippled by Bitcoin Core, turning it into a simple ledger; which absolutely needs the Lightning Network to do payment channeling. Bitcoin SV can scale without this extra complexity, simply by following the Bitcoin Whitepaper and original thoughts about blocksize increments.

  2. This "economist" is laughable and STUPID!

  3. Wow… he’s a special kind of stupid. Probably just came from church….

  4. What an idiot… I can't believe what I just watched.

  5. ????? Everything in life is a pyramid scheme.
    The more people buy something the more it goes up in value. Come on guys be sovereign over your own money !!!!

  6. Avatar Niek1001 says:

    iT's A pYrAmId ScHeMe – Stupid noob, 2020

  7. Avatar Eplemos4Life says:

    God this bear is autistic. Zero credibility.

  8. You are talking ONLY about bitcoin.
    But this guy in the video has a wide spectrum of knowledge.
    He sees the whole market, economics and all the variables as a whole.

    You only see Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin.
    Having the tunnel-vision and hoping it will make you rich.
    Thats all there is to it.
    You need to look at the whole thing my boy not only keep having a tunnel-vision look.

    So since he sees everything as a whole from an objective perspective. He knows how things work
    and he also can predict the future outcome quite well. You on the other hand are living in dreams and hopes,
    Because you see ONLY bitcoin.

    In any-case. Hope we will all become rich during the next bull-market.
    I am already holding lots of bags in alts and bitcoin.

  9. Whats up with that dudes face though?

  10. You are wrong @CryptoRus. You dont make profit ONLY if you have bought at a certain price and somebody buys it higher than you.
    You are talking about speculative assets only.
    But there are assets unlike Bitcoin that actually have some type of usage and real world application.
    The assets price can easily grow if there is utility and real life usage and demand. People dont even need to buy stocks.
    The prices of that assets would grow anyway just because ppl are buying it in real life.

    Its not the case in Bitcoin.
    There is no real application besides people trading against each-other.
    For a whole decade many teams tried to bring crypto further and develop real life applications.
    And what have we got?
    Thousands of scams, hacks and people losing their investments. No real applications, no real usage.
    Only promises, hopes and dreams. This is all we've got here.
    Stop denying the truth. Stop being delusional. You just want to become rich easily and you deny all the facts because
    you are simply blind to the truth.

    It is true that bitcoin made a huge rally and no body expected it. But what is it?
    Huge speculation bubble. It might get yet another bubble. But someday it will simply die out, just when at some point people realise,
    that there is no good comming from it.
    Another decade and if there will still be no development then people will start realising that there is no use-case as a currency in bitcoin.

    So what is it? Yep its a huge bubble that is well manipulated and still didnt burst.
    Another few bull-markets might still come. And funny is. Its still a bubble.

  11. Avatar TheRex360 says:

    4:15 lol it scam yeah right. One day crypto currencies is going to be value and the usd value is going to crash

  12. Everything is a pyramid scheme stocks gold etc … you are always hoping for some one to buy your bags.

  13. Avatar Primzz says:

    Hahahaha, pyramid scheme – what an idiot! He should learn a bit before he comes to tv as biggest dumbass alive

  14. Avatar mandals33 m says:

    Who does this guys represent and what the hell is he even saying. There are arguments to both sides of crypto and this guy was unprepared an literally said 3 or 4 words…"its a pyramid scheme". Really like wth .its like they sent the uneducated to defend something they no nothing about purposely to make crypto look good

  15. That guy looks like he enjoys mad returns in his bank owned saving account. Then takes his pennies and buys CD’s. Loooooooossser lol

  16. Only scam is the banking system.

  17. Avatar Marcelo M says:

    first you have to anderstant blockchain.

  18. Avatar malky says:

    crypto is not blockchain. hahaha

  19. Avatar raki 666 says:

    at least for now it is a pyramid scheme

  20. Avatar Bobcat says:

    Bitcoin needs utility and it needs to be so simple and next to free for transactions.
    Btc has gone in a completely different path with 1mb,segwit,Ln network ect.
    I cant see it doing what it was originally created for.
    Thats why i like the path of bitcoin sv is going.

  21. Avatar motor city says:

    What a douchebag he doesn't have a clue!

  22. Avatar claude x says:

    He accomplished 2 things. 1) He called Bitcoin a "Pyramid Scheme" 2) He called Bitcoin a "Scam". In the eyes of most uninformed viewers, that is all they heard and that is exactly what he was paid to do. So, the real question is, who is Yahoo Finance?

  23. Avatar claude x says:

    Actually the definition of a "Pyramid Scheme" would be the Federal Reserve. No single dollar can be created into existence without first incurring debt. It is a debt based instrument.This has 2 implications that most people don't think about. 1) When you work and 'earn' money, the dollars that you are paid for that service already represents debt. Therefore your labor is debt. This produces a backwards concept in money creation. How can labor result in debt? 2) It is impossible to repay this debt with income tax because the dollars that you use to repay on this debt are also created from their own initial debt. Let's recap: When you work for money that money has already incurred debt. When you pay your income taxes that money also incurs more debt. It is a self fulfilling perpetual debt creation machine. It is a Pyramid Scheme because it produces an endless cycle of debt that is impossible to get out of. They are robbing you and everyone else blind. That is a Pyramid Scheme. Oh yes, and it's extremely illegal. Bitcoin, solves this problem.

  24. Avatar Ian Staley says:

    This man is very confused on BTC… "you know?"

  25. Avatar Lubomir says:

    The pimp is utterly mad

  26. Avatar Luke Monkman says:

    The guys doesn't know how bitcoin works if he thinks its a pyramid scheme. The US dollar is a pyramid scheme and I am sure he uses that.

  27. Avatar Dave says:

    Where did they find the clueless freckle guy? I would bet anything that he owns Bitcoin because he is afraid he is wrong, and he doesn't even know why he's wrong. There is an inner struggle within him, and the only losers are us for watching.

  28. That bitcoin bear not only has a funny stupid face on , but he sounds like a fućkin buffoon

  29. Avatar Bill Pappas says:

    Uneducated all of them, they don't anything about BTC.

  30. Avatar Bill Pappas says:

    Lol "bitcoin is not blockchain", they are all clueless

  31. The skeptic doesn't understand the necessity for the need for PoW to give it value on a real-world accounting ledger. If it costs $X real money to produce, then it has an associated real-world attributable value. THAT is the benefit of PoW over other minting mechanisms (if it ain't mined, then it has no real world value – sorry XRP).

  32. Avatar TMI Fanboy says:

    05:47 euh whut? What about dividends, interest,…

    I get that you're defending bitcoin and i don't agree with the ignorant guy on tv, but you – from your side – also seem to also ignore the facts…

    06:00 really proces my point… You just ignore dividends and interests

  33. Avatar TMI Fanboy says:

    You have such a nice voicz to listen to

  34. Avatar Ant Man says:

    Just remember the moment BTC is compromised completely it's over

  35. Avatar 3cs3hs says:

    limited supply, borderless transactions, safety of private keys and phrases so ability to carry millions of dollars with you wherever you go with no chance of money being taken from you,

  36. Guy on the left probably doesn’t even know what utility means…let alone a Ponzi scheme. If he said bit-connect was one I would agree, but he’s just a non-believer when it comes to crypto as a whole.

  37. Avatar Sasa says:

    The clueless one should talk to Andreas Antonopoulos :p

  38. Avatar Mezz Marr says:

    Bitcoin is a technological literacy test few can pass.

  39. Avatar Samuel Foos says:

    Bitcoin is a perpetuation of the old world order, fiat rich are the bitcoin rich…nothing new here

  40. Avatar Samuel Foos says:

    Holding bitcoin sucks…holding hex is better…digital gold that pays interest? Yes please!!

  41. Avatar odun ivanov says:

    PRIZM is an authoring development, unlike any other electronic coin.

  42. Avatar odun ivanov says:

    PRIZM – allows users to store and increase their money through a unique Paramining system.

  43. Yeah, he didn't really bring any valid arguments, just this weak insistence that it hasn't shown anything in 10 years which you refuted with key points. I'm honestly not sure why anyone intelligent would expect things to change overnight especially when you're fighting against entrenched financial and government interests so it's obvious this guy is a shill.

  44. USD is a Pyramide System bby 😂 🤪 haha this damn corruptMainstream suckers…. 😂 🤪 😄

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