Bitcoin in 2020 – What's Coming


Bitcoin in 2020 – What's Coming

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Bitcoin in 2020 – What’s Coming
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21 thoughts on “Bitcoin in 2020 – What's Coming

  1. DCA can be a crude but quite efficient way to accumulate bitcoins but hardcore holding can become an obsession that shouldn’t happen to anyone as you would most definitely regret it and is on its own a form of laziness. Bitcoin holders who bought in 2010 and have never spent it are just crazy people who could have spent and also created 100 sources of passive income by now. Start building streams of passive income now while taking advantage of the opportunities Bitcoin presents. As for me, I am trading using a well established and easy to use pattern and signal service by Brandon Gaston and with the efficacy of his methods, I am turning in at least 15K in profit in two week which I then invest most of into my fast-growing real estate business. This is a practical way to exploit the blessings of the blockchain technology and Brandon can be reached through Telegram, @Bgaston for insights into his system.

  2. Avatar F.A. J. says:

    „The last time one can buy „“cheap““ Bitcoin under 10.000“ said Georgi how often.

  3. Cmon btc go up this year 🔥

  4. Avatar WatchTheSuit says:

    Happy New Year George and the crypto fam!

  5. Avatar Chany * says:

    You're seriously sounding like one of those moon boys …. really disappointed!

  6. Avatar subzero says:

    Bitcoin won’t be the dominant coin in the years to come, I would start accumulating coins that have government or bank ties now or to come. All banks will eventually have their own digital currency and bitcoin will still be around but it won’t be what we hope it to be.

  7. Avatar TMI Fanboy says:

    Thanks for the video Georges!

  8. Avatar subzero says:

    Happy new year George!!

  9. Avatar Jay Solomon says:

    What if nothing is coming. They may hold this down for years.

  10. Avatar wedgecharger says:

    How many Nodes and how many mining units for BTC ?

  11. Certain art pieces falls into that category of scarcity.

  12. Avatar warsticker says:

    George, George, George of the bitcoin jungle, strong as he can be! ….

  13. You are welcome. I told you the boys is nice. 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎁🎈. Happy New Year

  14. Happy New Year! God bless you ! Long live the blockchain!!!

  15. Avatar scrwbl8 says:

    A regular Joe from the street putting 100k into btc, that's nice.

  16. Avatar John Raman says:

    Happy New Year George 🎉

  17. Avatar CryptoTekah says:

    Happy Bitcoin New Year George! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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