Bitcoin Holders…This is Coming

Bitcoin Holders…This is Coming

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Bitcoin Holders…This is Coming

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20 thoughts on “Bitcoin Holders…This is Coming

  1. Avatar Quincy Mccoy says:

    I am ashamed… only because I admit that I had to pause this video a few times and go back to really listen to what was said and do my own research. First, the lawsuit against telegram is against a non publicly traded Russian based company, that means of course it’ll get questioned. There’s no way legislation should be ruled in its favor. The allegations and principles brought forth don’t justice ruling in its favor… maybe if they paid proper taxes? The one who wins the the blockchain war is the one that make most American economical sense

  2. Avatar Quincy Mccoy says:

    Blockchain maybe the future but not bitcoin… maybe that’s just my opinion. I personally prefer precious metals: copper , silver , gold , and platinum. I even prefer the current fiat currency over bitcoin .

  3. I got my money on Tesla.Its a actual growing company .

  4. Avatar jcattera says:

    George, when are you going to throw in the towel? Vicious swings over the last few days. You know all these moonboys are feeding the traders right? There's no new money coming into this space. BTC will be below 1K after the halving event. It's going to destroy this space.

  5. Avatar jcattera says:

    So funny watching BTC create more bag holders day after day! LOL!

  6. Bro heaps of scammers in the comments, they must own shit coins like XRP, STR, ADA, TRX, VET, BAT and try and scam there way back up out of the red HAH

  7. Avatar BEBOP says:

    "Maybe there's a cold war for Bitcoin". George?

  8. Avatar Andy Alvarez says:

    i was thinking of buying tesla at 300 but chickened out =(

  9. Avatar 911zhenxiang says:


  10. I think bch, xrp, and bsv need to be pushed out of the top 10. Make way for chainlink, cardano..better coins that have a purpose.

  11. Avatar Fish N Chips says:

    Still sleeping on Tezos? Did u get in yet? Been telling everyone to go all in since 40-50 cents

  12. You funny that add at end of stream has nothing to do with ripple lol

  13. Why is Btc going to 300k again? Money is going to other coins! BTC is not the only boy on the block! Things are different!

  14. Avatar Dean Roberts says:

    What do you think about cosmos George?

  15. Avatar Kevin says:

    Binance has been down today for longer than usual…im surprised the whales havnt taken advantage of this…

  16. Avatar Rich Buddy says:

    Hi George. I work within the financial industry and I can tell you the SEC laws don't apply to those who have the money to bribe their friends and contacts. I reported a co worker who was conducting unethical behaviors and he wasn't imprisoned until he was caught having stole 2 million from a senior citizen, but they let him steal for the 10 years after I reported him because he was generating revenue for them. He only did 6 months for stealing the 2 million. His father was close friends to exxon mobil CEO and shook hands with Presidents. Scumbags. Slime. Shit. SSS

  17. Avatar Filip Tudor says:

    Binance trading suspended for 4 hours now… that is the past was good news

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