Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020. Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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25 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 1/14/2020

  1. Avatar gost gost says:

    Btg bitcoin gold ,
    if you missed bsv pump,thank me later

  2. Avatar Jordan says:

    Not a fan of this format I need to see your egg head

  3. Where's the intro. music??

  4. Avatar Dee Funk says:

    Hi George, I like the new format of short videos. This will definitely help build the channel. Keep up the great work.. Cheers From Las Vegas!

  5. Hey George thanks for the content and your knowledge of the market. Appreciate what you do. I had a question. How safe is the Trust Wallet ?

  6. Avatar Ro Lo says:

    This is cool BUT it’s seems robotic and like you’re just reading a script. Towards the end when you went back to the chart and spoke your mind it flowed nicer. Maybe you can add your own short opinion after you read the script part cause I think that’s why most of us watch we like your opinion George! ✌🏽

  7. Avatar Butch says:

    BSV marketcap too big for fake pumps. It will be number 1

  8. Avatar V R says:

    George stick to the old format live format much better ; more interactive ; this format is dull and boring;

  9. I think it’s moon time man lol forreal

  10. Terrible!! You sound like ur just reading apiece of paper! Very mono tone?

  11. Avatar Raffa says:

    Dislike!! I miss your live videos… this doesnt seems right idk.. is not you bro

  12. Avatar 707Vegan says:

    Thanx for update George!
    Catch you later on live stream

  13. We still need everything to triple in price at least

  14. Morning George! I watch no matter what, Ive just had a hard time catching the live sessions. Always appreciate the vids 🍻

  15. Avatar damnright4 says:

    Thanks George! I dont mind that you are not live streaming. I felt a live stream every day was a bit much and hard to sustain,especially when the charts are flat. Maybe live stream once or twice a week or when something interesting occurs. Either way, your effort and wisdom are much appreciated .

  16. Avatar Benzimah says:

    50 videos everytime you see bitcoin makes a move….you are so fony

  17. Avatar Zebbrahead1 says:

    Thanks for the video George!!! I prefer the livestream but appreciate the video and all your efforts in this community!!

  18. Avatar Ind3lible says:

    Go live man! I always watch you while I work in the morning lol!

  19. Avatar Corey Smith says:

    No chat…. I prefer the interactions….

  20. “Bitcoin is going to $5000”

    “we’re in a bear trend”

    “clemson will walk all over LSU”

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