Altcoins PUMP – Bitcoin Dominance Falls


Altcoins PUMP – Bitcoin Dominance Falls

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Today, the altcoins pump in a big way with some big caps going over 30%. Let’s take a look at all of the alts that pumped today and how much Bitcoin dominance fell.

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39 thoughts on “Altcoins PUMP – Bitcoin Dominance Falls

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  2. Avatar The Tu Te says:

    I realized that there is a huge stream of profits from cryptocurrency trading. The decline in Bitcoin dominance will create opportunities for new platforms. ‪#Tokoin is doing it well!

  3. Avatar ICO Crypto says:

    Thank you very much George for sharing your knowledge, So how do you think about TOKO that token gets listed on Kucoin Exchange, when Btc dump, it still pumps.

  4. Avatar Alec Scott says:

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  5. I think that there would be much crypto’s in the future and only those who can drive with the wave would be able to survive now that the market is at its current state.. I have realised over time that there is a massive flow of profit from trading crypto.. I am very comfortable with the way bitcoin is going and as a trader, I am also preparing to buy the dip and keep trading because by all indications the next rise is expected to hit the ranges of $15,000 to $16,000. With the appropriate trading signals from Desmond Sydney, a competent trader by all ramifications, I have been able to grow 3 btc to 8 btc in just 2 weeks. He can easily indicate how to take advantage of this situation gainfully using his signals. He can be contacted on telegram / whatsapp +447723506502, for further assistance.

  6. you dont understand market cap moves. It doesnt take 500 million to move a market cap 500 million. LOL

  7. Avatar RisisMU says:

    I'm waiting for you to explain the BTC dump now. Last time, you claim it was due to a ponzi scheme in China where they flooded the market. Keep searching
    XRP is the way.

  8. Avatar scrwbl8 says:

    You could speculate about the fact, if these surveyed persons' knowledge about cryptos is even correct. Did the info they had, come from ING or other sources? Did ING maybe influence the surveyed?

  9. Avatar Teed E says:

    My pick for alt coins is gonna be Stegos…. They picked a great time to launch!

  10. Avatar Bris Vegas says:

    its ironic that George hates on Satoshi but loves his creation….

  11. To pump any crypto say 1 billion usd you do not need to spend 1 billion as the majority of the crypto is not even for sale. Most likely 50-100 million usd is enough to pump a crypto market cap for a billion.

  12. Avatar Eddie Price says:

    Chinese investors planning on shorting the hell out of bakkt

  13. Avatar Rs S says:

    Omg George i enjoy your vids but sometimes you can be incredibley wrong with your price math. To move a market by 500000000 doesnt take the same amount. Its all about liquidity. So probably 1-10% of that.

  14. Avatar 557Ron B says:

    whale manipulation for altcoins and it is going to wreck a lot of people.

  15. Avatar zappatx says:

    Man! I was just in Link and it took off – 4:15 central time. Did you see that??

  16. tron pump yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Stellar is probably up so high due to it being the most attractive on Coinbase and Binance not being US positive anymore

  18. Goerge good to see some of my sht coins go up 🙂 those bags are not so heavy today.

  19. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    Wish I had $53 Billion under the couch lol…..But seriously, very scary the power some people have over the world economy.

  20. Avatar jay quinn says:

    I dont think @cryptosrus knows how market cap works. If something goes up 10% it does not mean by any means 10% of the market cap was invested.

  21. Avatar D Pa says:

    Bought back into Stellar yesterday 🙂 happy man … for now …

  22. Still need 1000%+ for i to be actual alt coin season tho 😓😂

  23. Avatar RisisMU says:

    More reason to put in XRP ! Thanks

  24. Thank you very much George for sharing your knowledge, you are my number one Crytpo youtuber.

  25. Avatar Ray Dunn says:

    False Alt Season trying to drain BTC to rebuy cheap before the 🚀. Why isn’t BTC not dumping??

  26. You’re market cap calculations are wrong. XRP doesn’t need a billion dollars for the market cap to go up a billion dollars. Please google “how to calculate market cap.” Each coin purchased, the cost of the next coin goes up. The purchase price increases with each coin. Only a percentage of a billion dollars would be needed to move the market cap a billion dollars. Geez, man…. you sounded so confident when that person was trying to correct you. You shouldn’t make a statement as fact when you don’t know how it works. You’re saying that the guys math is wrong?!?! lol His is a LOT closer than yours!

  27. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    I continue to Dollar Cost Average into Cardano 100% of my Portfolio. NFG! Im holding deep bags from being hustled for over 18 months but I learned my lesson once and for all back in Dec. Now I continue to FIERCELY HODL and DCA. I will never sell my ADA, not now, not when it hits all time highs again…. HODL bitches! until I can buy a whole not just one house, but a whole neighborhood, after tax!

  28. Avatar T Johnsen says:

    You’ve advised everyone to sell alts and buy btc at the height of btc dominance 😫- you’ve chased a dragon.

  29. Avatar Steve Black says:

    Makes sense to stick to top 25 coins …if ADA releases Shelly and successful then big things will come. it's all Contingent. For the average guy will limited income investing in Bitcoin could make us a few bucks but without a large investment we won't get to life changing wealth … We need a 100x altcoin.

  30. Avatar L Wright Sr says:

    Thanks for the update!

  31. Avatar gloombastic says:

    BAKKT will do squat for the market. Those BTC used to settle are all about OTC. Exchanges won't see it.

  32. Avatar gloombastic says:

    Agree, def an explosion today! BOOM!

  33. Avatar Rosu Florian says:

    Dead cat after 85% loses…

  34. Avatar Jeff Higgenz says:

    Altcoin Sneezing. Tis but a correction up.

  35. Ur a fucking liar you said bitcoin would go up

  36. It'll dump in a couple of days

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