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#CryptoNews: You NEED To Think Bitcoin Big Picture! DigiByte | Cardano | Crypto News

You NEED To Think Bitcoin Big Picture! DigiByte | Cardano | Crypto News

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Bitcoin Rainbow Chart

BITCOIN Bitcoin’s [BTC] Lightning Network is ready for ‘widespread adoption’, claims developer

London’s first Lightning Network bar is ready for business

The Rhythm Trader Tweet

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Misir Mahmudov Tweet


Incoming Golden Cross Could Push Bitcoin Price Over $6,000

Murad Mahmudov 🚀Tweet

I am super excited for the very first ever #DigiByte Global summit in Amsterdam this Friday! Tweet

The soul of Shelley is out

CoinStar Bitcoin Review Screen if anyone is interested as to what it looks like.

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43 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: You NEED To Think Bitcoin Big Picture! DigiByte | Cardano | Crypto News

  1. Congrats A Team on reaching another milestone of subscribers 75k ….. Next target 100k , Your platform is top notch & consistently delivers solid content
    Thank Much Guys

  2. Avatar Barry Hume says:


  3. Avatar Drew Hahn says:

    I love Digibyte because it is secure, fast and truly decentralized. They survive with zero hype and are grass root supported. I think Digibyte will be a big winner in the the B2B sector.

  4. Avatar Thomas S. says:

    Nice analysis. Small picture, which I don't look at, and the big picture which is what it's all about. I like that. As for DGB: It's 100% decentalized, has five mining algorithms which avoids ANY 51% takeover/control of the beast, it is super fast– no scaling problem, they made enough of them at 21 billion, anyone can mine them using their software, they've only begun to adapt use cases such as DigiID which will be a boon to the planet. Almost any crypto out there can be manipulated (especially BTC), but DGB is set up in a way that it's not worth it to go down that road. It is set up as an honest currency and meets every criteria of sound money. At 1.5 cents it's also one of the most undervalued crypto.

  5. Avatar George G says:

    Can anyone explain why is it that only 21K btc will be ever produced?

  6. Avatar Jay Steele says:

    I would love to see ONE piece of news bakt etc…It seems the month truck on and nothing happens in regards to mass adoption/use cases. Why no big news for over a year now???

  7. Avatar Andres Alla says:

    Just a heads up: all those accounts here praising dgb, are fakes

  8. Avatar David says:

    Apollo is the best coin to invest in for maximum gains, just research the coin, it will be top 5 in next 12 months

  9. Avatar Kazzzzzo says:

    I have some of digibyte, don't know why.

  10. Avatar E. Cura says:

    In 2022-2023 I'll be saying "Damn I should of robbed a bank and used all the cash to buy as much bitcoin as I can" cause I'm already all in on BTC 😬💰💰💰

  11. Avatar Henry Goh says:

    2days ago Sunny Decree commented your hard work on you in his CCU CEO vid

  12. Avatar Ben Sharp says:

    Remember when you were under 3k subscribers! Congrats on the growth of your channel. Bull sign if ever I saw one! 😜

  13. Just wanted to clarify. You said the golden cross is when the 50 day MA crosses the 200 day MA. Not disagreeing but most people consider "text book golden cross" when 50 passes the 200 from the bottom up. Not 50 and 100. Not sure if you slipped or meant to say 100. Both are of course considered a "Golden Cross." But as I stated most people would consider the 50 and 200.

    Sincerely, thank you for all you do!

    Edit: sorry just realized the video was few days old

  14. Avatar Hallam Hope says:

    Tremendous video and perspectives. Hit the like button guys and gals. I get one bitcoin to support my student education every time you do. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

  15. Avatar Zorro Pai says:

    Last few weeks the ETH-transactions have been very fast and I used the minimum gas price. It is much faster that it used to be.

  16. The commercial before your video was u.s. money reserve selling gold for your crypto.. making statements like "gold is still the best long term asset". Lol.. for every 5 thousand dollars in crypto you spend with them they give you 500$ in free gold. Lol.. ironic your video is all about the big picture. These guys get it obviously.. they want your crypto.. lol


  17. Avatar Frogger 251 says:

    I love watching the evolution of YouTubers becoming maximalists or ish.

  18. Avatar ra803 g says:

    Poopcoin Patrick!

  19. Avatar B Prop says:

    Lightning Network is Still not ready
    for Commercial UseThe Lightning Network (LN) is a second-layer protocol that
    was long promised as a solution to BTC’s scalability problem. However, the
    off-chain system is still very far from being able to support actual commerce
    according to a new review by business management technology company Scipio ERP.

    Also Read: The Daily: Enforces
    KYC, Okex Updates BCH Ticker LN Is Incredibly Difficult to Use Report:
    Lightning Network Still not ready for Commercial Use The report’s developers
    created a Lightning Add-on for Scipio ERP that provides businesses with the
    ability to use the system. They then tested the network in order to see if it
    was really ready for commerce. On the positive side, the tests confirmed that
    under best conditions payment confirmations were reached within 5-10 seconds.
    However, also revealed many crucial flaws.

    LN makes it very hard to implement
    clustering, meaning running several redundant servers simultaneously, which is
    a critical feature for online retailers. Implementing it, in particular in a
    dynamic cloud setup, would require a lot of workarounds, the developers

    The network has a bad user
    experience, in sharp contrast to that provided by most payment providers, who
    make the process of setting up and integrating as fast and painless as possible.
    The system is also incredibly difficult to use. The report lists over a dozen
    steps needed for merchants and close to 10 steps required of customers to make

    It is also a resource hog, requiring
    a Bitcoin node and a Lightning node installed on the same server as the
    business application. “All of which will require a lot of time to set up and
    configure. If one of the systems fails, your business application will not be
    able to handle cryptocurrency transactions. This is even more problematic, as
    redundancy cannot be easily achieved,” the developers lament. This is actually
    much slower Than an Average Credit Card Payment.

    Lightning Network is Still Way off
    Being Ready for Commercial Use. The tests found that LN is still in a very
    early stage of development. “We have been operating the system for four months
    and crashes can and will happen all the time. Transaction channels can close or
    may not have enough peers at any time. There are no push notifications for
    these events so you won’t know until a new transaction is placed and
    fails.”Moreover, the network only allows small payments to be accepted due to
    limitations on the amount each channel can handle. And the process of opening a
    channel, needed once the limit on the previous one has been reached, makes it
    extremely difficult to automate for business applications.

    As it stands, the Lightning Network
    is not useful for professional clustered environments, the developers insist.
    “Yes, Lightning does allow multiple nodes in its network, but at the same time
    it limits the number of systems that can connect to a Lightning node. And sure,
    payments are considerably faster than Bitcoin, but they are not ‘instant’. Even
    under the best conditions, it still takes more time for transactions to be
    secured and processed than with your average credit card payment. In addition,
    Lightning is neither easy to set up nor convenient to run.” All of the above
    made the Scipio ERP developers conclude that LIGHTNING NETWORK payments are not
    yet suitable for business transactions. Lightning network is considerably
    slower Than an Average Credit Card Payment system.

  20. Avatar B Prop says:

    Business Owner's Seething Critique of the Lightning
    Network Goes Viral and pays employees remotely in the Philippines has given his honest opinion on
    what it’s like to use the Lightning Network (LN). Jason Smith’s experience of
    attempting to use LN for payments was filled with frustration. He reports that
    the fundamental structure of the offchain solution is riddled with problems. Ready for Commercial UseBitcoin — But There’s a Problem, relentlessly about the Bitcoin scaling debate and proposed solutions. One of
    the most controversial solutions for BTC’s transaction congestion and rising
    fees is an off-chain mechanism called the Lightning Network. LN has been
    heralded by many BTC proponents even when it has been criticized for UX
    unfriendliness, centralization, and routing issues as they believe it is still
    a work in progress. Has been because merchants find it difficult to use as connections fail or
    expire quite often and funds need to be locked into channels. On Feb. 28,
    business owner Jason Smith explained to his Twitter followers that he runs a
    media company from Australia and pays people in the Philippines to help with
    back end programming. Smith detailed that he used BTC to pay them, but in 2017
    fees got ridiculously high and he had to “completely write off the idea” of
    paying his staff with bitcoin during that time. and over 750 likes at the time of publication. Using a custodial LN application and Pierre Rochard’s node launcher. After purchasing some stickers with LN he thought the solution might work, but after
    winning some money on a betting site he hit a snag when he couldn’t withdraw
    the money. This is because he needed incoming channels connected to his node
    with funds on the other side. Solved with certain developments but I assure you, the fundamental structure of
    lightning doesn’t suit me at all for my business — I want to pay my staff each
    month — Businesses can’t leave money tied up in Lightning channels. Needs to Be’ want high fees in order to drive the adoption of LN higher and showed his frustration for commentary like “bitcoin isn’t for poor people.”

  21. Avatar SupraSmart68 says:

    Surely as the block reward goes down and energy costs go up, security will become an issue? Aside from any potential quantum computing threat. We'll see.

  22. Avatar SupraSmart68 says:

    You remind me of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day. "With me, without me! With me, without me!" Great movie.

  23. DigiByte is the perfect block-chain for supporting Digital Assets (tokenizing of assets). Blistering Fast, ultra low fees, huge scaling on chain (very important to be on chain). A globally decentralized 5 years battle hardend POW UXTO block-chain suited for proof of authenticity.

  24. Avatar Emanuel M. says:

    Where to buy DGB for fiat

  25. Great stuff, as always. Thank you, team!

  26. Avatar RWrightXRP says:

    You got a mention today from Sunny Decree on his channel. Awesome!

  27. Life Token just made a first of it's kind partnership with the British Virgin Islands to manage all of their disaster aid funds… check out their twitter @lifelabshq… this is great for crypto

  28. Ditch your ADA for DGB. Cardano is still nothing but a wallet… Check out some of Chico crypto' s videos on this topic.

  29. Avatar Trew Skye says:

    Altcoins: I have come to the conclusion that any of these alt coins that do not find utility or use case (which will rise in price during bull run) I WILL SELL AND TAKE PROFITS of at least 80% of my holdings because if they don't find a home they will die eventually.

  30. Avatar tyler sawyer says:

    What great interaction this guy has with people who comment 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Avatar Dan Anthony says:

    I love digibyte. I love the fact it’s one of the oldest coins and the leader is young smart and not willing to bend to binance for a quick pump and dump. It’s faster then ltc and technology is top shelf. It’s also truly decentralized. Nobody’s holding a few billion in escrow to not be dumped on the market because they promise they won’t err uhuh caugh!caugh! (Exp) . It’s probably one of the most under valued coins with great gain to be had .

  32. Ethiopia partnered with Cardano.

  33. Avatar N B says:

    So some bar (probably owned by a Bitcoin investor) wants some publicity so decides to accept Bitcoin payments when they believe the BTC price is rising, but not when it is falling. The customer that has BTC will only consider spending it when the price is falling and not when it is rising. STALEMATE!!!

  34. Avatar Krzysztof C says:

    DGB— fastest, longest, most secure, decentralized, compatible with DIGI-ID what is very comfortable. DGB to the Mooooon!!! :–)))))

  35. Avatar Qlean Media says:

    HODL on TIGHT to your DIGIBYTE

  36. Am glad doing business with hackerchen2 he helped me multiple my bitcoin and make me happy love you

  37. Avatar seb22663 says:

    Days are going slow months going fast, and years?

  38. Avatar niurou says:

    I sold 100 bitcoin in 2013 at $60.😢

  39. Reminder : there's only going to be 17 million BTC , not 21M , 4 million have been lost forever.

  40. Great video guys..
    Love the BIG picture… so much adoption Around the world…
    I got into crypto like most people when was at the top and have been accumulating since then…all the way to the botton ……
    We are on the ride to the moon…

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