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#CryptoNews: YOU Need To Think About This! Bitcoin 5-10 Year Prediction 💥| Cam Girls Using Crypto | & Crypto News

YOU Need To Think About This! Bitcoin 5-10 Year Prediction 💥| Cam Girls Using Crypto | & Crypto News

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Bitcoin 5-10 Year Prediction 💥| Cam Girls Using Cryptocurrency | Bitmain Miners Setting Up | Facebook Coin| News

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Bitcoin US$100,000 could happen sooner than most investors think

Passage of Time/Lindy Effect Chart

How Cam Models Are Finding Freedom in Cryptocurrency

How Cam Models Are Finding Freedom in Cryptocurrency

Bitmain Set to Deploy $80 Million Worth of Bitcoin Miners, Sources Say

Wax News

Facebook Seeks Counsel to Forge Blockchain Partnerships for New Products

Chicago Mayor Suggests Cryptocurrency Will Save Countries from Financial Crises, Says Trend Lines Are Affirmative

Chicago Mayor Suggests Cryptocurrency Will Save Countries from Financial Crises, Says Trend Lines Are Affirmative

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38 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: YOU Need To Think About This! Bitcoin 5-10 Year Prediction 💥| Cam Girls Using Crypto | & Crypto News

  1. Avatar Adam Kestle says:

    It would be whores that make crypto adoption possible. Actually not even complaining. There's some poetry to it really. The oldest profession accepting the newest coin.

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  3. Avatar Tan bui says:

    Great news today guys: Ukrainian Crypto Jacker Received 6 Years Imprisonment for Running Cryptojacking Malware. Read more on #thecryptosight #thecryptoInsight:

  4. Avatar Tom Campbell says:

    I agree people don't understand price. But also, price is down because of the futures contracts that allowed shorting Bitcoin without even holding BTC

  5. Avatar Zhào Hsu says:

    I bought my first bitcoin late in 2017 and now i invest with a group of early investors and experienced market analysts at The executive summary, as well as the entire business plan, is one of the best I have ever read…a tightly written, well expressed and complete recitation of all the key facts and data that an investor could want.

  6. Avatar Mario Romany says:

    Talk maybe once about what you think of dogecoin

  7. Avatar Terry says:

    3, 5, for sure 10 years. Well even me without any skills can tell that.

  8. Avatar Rodney Prak says:

    I wonder why bitcoin cash is doing so well right now. That surprised me. I thought ethereum would at least do better.

  9. Avatar Dot Com says:

    Do you own any gold or silver? Thoughts on eth?

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  11. Avatar Sell the Dip says:

    " the sex worker we are all rooting for " …..gabby

  12. Avatar chrisybanks says:

    I like the ideas Electroneum are about should i invest in them?

  13. My channel analyzes the most accurate btc, altcoin, People come to see and register for their support if they find it interesting <3 <3 <3

  14. Avatar Dimitry says:

    chicago is almost bankrupt. Rahm needs anything he can get to have the city stay afloat.

  15. Avatar Mc Bane says:

    Sex, money, Wax ! Intensive video intro today! LOL!

  16. Avatar tommobeast2 says:

    They keep avoiding the irs

  17. Avatar KingsRight says:

    that is assuming a different, more efficient coin takes over. if volume dumps over.  there is no such thing as being too big to fail.  btc has tons of competition. any one of them can take the lead

  18. Avatar minezone IO says:

    Crypto Pocket Earn Team has started the blogg. We are posting only the legit ways . (Coinpot Post) (Helix Mine Post)

  19. We have a long way to go. The tech-inclined individuals are terrified of Bitcoin. The fact that there are thousands of stories of people permanently losing their coins over dumbs reasons; lost keys, exchange hacks, stolen keys, sending coins to the wrong address, etc. – tells me we have a long LONG way to go. Just yesterday I read a post on Reddit of someone got stolen $80K worth of crypto for downloading a malicious wallet. Until Bitcoin is made "stupid-proof", keep having those wet dreams about banks closing down and mass adoption.

  20. Avatar Niels k says:

    Matrix ai network (man) is realy a golden pick for now if you see they getting partnership after partnership and not just little ones but big ones and also the mainnet is running there is great tech behind it with a real use case while this token is stil heavy undervalued, if you research about matrix ai network you wil see and found out that they have already a lot of working products/applications now that wil realy excite you

  21. she worked "long and hard hours"

  22. im exactly in tune with your optimism – its a no brainer

  23. Funny to learn that adult entertainment industry (sex workers) are picking up on crypto. We need more industries like these, despite their profession, to joining the movement! Crypto is for everyone!!!!

  24. Avatar scottyf2277 says:

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  25. Avatar Mark Lindley says:

    Zuckerbucks will be another off shoot of the CIA mega data and tracking mechanism that has bee set up by the Bergs, aka Jewish Cabal. What they have to do is set up systems to control the Masses. But they enrich themselves and promote Corporate interest thru and means necessary , war, currency collapse poverty. Killing and taking it for themselves. They Killed 20 million American Indians it was miller time they kill 6 Million Jews its a Holocaust.

  26. Avatar don pivo says:

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  27. Avatar bimi397 says:

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