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#CryptoNews: YALE STUDY: Best Investment Strategy [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency]

YALE STUDY: Best Investment Strategy [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Experts at Yale University have poured though years of data studying the price charts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple XRP to determine what they believe is the best way to make money in cryptocurrency.

Check out the article and the study here:

Yale Research Identifies Best Times to Buy Major Cryptocurrencies

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS!

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36 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: YALE STUDY: Best Investment Strategy [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency]

  1. Avatar Fabian Day says:

    great channel gentlemen. I love your content.👌🏾💪🏾👍🏾

  2. what do u think about 0x

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  7. Why don´t use Brave web browser?????

  8. Avatar Rob Winnen says:

    Hi brothers, honestly I am not too impressed by the outcome of the research. Waiting a whole week while the price is rising, before investing is too risky for me. Also we already knew that Google trends are a result of the price not the cause. Personally I started swing trading in combination with long time holding. I check which of my coins are more than 6% up (compared to the 24h price) than find the right moment to sell (market price) to USDT (tether)and than buy back using a limit order with a few percentages lower. This does not win me huge fiat gains, but it increases the number of coins I have. For example sell 950 XLM and buy back at a lower price resulted in 1000 XLM. You can even place multiple orders with different prices to spread the risk. This works for me lately, you have to be creative in this bear market. Not financial advise. Cheers Rob

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  10. Avatar zapresici says:

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  11. im new to the game and these vids are good for a rookie like me

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  13. Great content. thanks
    In general what do you think abut these coins: BitcoinGold(BTG), BitcoinPlus(XBC), PIVX, NANO, QTUM, POWR and Bytecoin.
    If you do a video on these will be great or please share the link if you have already done so.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work..educating people.

  14. My main buys have been Stellar and Cardano for hodl'ing. Was mining Monero and Zcash for awhile and hodl'ing those as well. Will use some BTC to trade some of the smaller cap coins to try and increase my BTC share for the next bull run. I've also had some success using the shorting bots on 3Comma's.

  15. Avatar Ben says:

    The Marilyn Monroe saying is actually very profound in a way!!! and using it to describe the market now is awesome!!

  16. I think August is going to go a little bit lower and then September we're going to start seeing a little bit of gaind where it's going to pull back and then October hopefully will be the time where it goes up significantly. But like you also alluded to in 2014 it took another year. With the potential ETF I'm hoping that this won't be the case. Also there's just so much more Partnerships for me so….

  17. Avatar Larry Silver says:

    Fan of you and your bro's channel.. Any way of knowing about ARB?..thx

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  19. I too am way down . Market still moves primarily with BTC . I converted to BTC and going to look for the uptrends and buy back the coins that show the most promise to get ready for the next big wave as I've been killed by hodling alts. Really not to sure what to do at the point.

  20. Avatar JC Crypto says:

    Like you said we just having a drink and chatting crypto lol

  21. Avatar insaneguy8 says:

    bought some cardano and elastos

  22. I want to pick up either Vechain or Stellar, I can't afford both.

  23. I’m looking at EOS, XLM, ADA, XRP, and possibly BAT right now. All seem super cheap for the moment and bargains are to be had.

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  25. Avatar Dory says:

    it's good time to buy, i am using linkkoin website to buy BTC and other cryptos

  26. Avatar Michelle Lee says:

    I'm going for Stellar and ADA. My app won't let me right it. I like Stellars partnerships.

  27. Avatar JR4EVR says:

    Added ETC, Theta, KMD, Ada, 0x and Bat. Of course, had to buy Btc to buy them. HODL< HODL<HODL and keep the tax man away. PS: I will never buy Ripple!

  28. I have a little bit of many of them (XVG, XLM, TRN, BTC, EOS, IOTA, NEO, GTO, ONT, BNB, THETA)… but the first 3 are the ones i have the most

  29. Avatar junaid sh says:

    I made money with this site 100% genuine

  30. Avatar D Based says:

    Personally i am waiting. The SEC is deciding on 5 to 9 bitcoin ETF's in the near future. All will be pushed back or denied which will create more sell offs like we just seen, under 5k soon.

  31. Avatar Mark Eric says:

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