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#CryptoNews: WARNING to Electroneum! MUST WATCH Before Investing! [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin]

WARNING to Electroneum! MUST WATCH Before Investing! [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let”s talk about Electroneum [ETN]. I want to share with you my opinion

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***NOT Financial Advice. Just Opinion. Make your own decisions.

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41 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: WARNING to Electroneum! MUST WATCH Before Investing! [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin]

  1. Avatar Brent Ewins says:

    Altcoin Daily, Its sad but true, people in this space who have such strong emotional drives should create a new crypto and call it the Yin & Yang coin. Its human nature I suppose and everyone wants to share there own opinion regardless if its right or wrong. Hopefully soon when the next GFC forces there hands, they will realize it's in everyone's best interests to support all cryptocurrencies and just get on with the reset and transfer as much of that worthless cash into getting as much crypto as it will afford.

  2. Man, what do you think about ETN now after 9 month? New M1 phone, Signed up with MVNO with rumours of more to come, People using it in South Africa but the price is still being dragged to hell – i think its at all time lows right now

  3. Avatar itsreza says:

    Just checked the recent Electronium activity. The price fell below all the support lines. Very scary. On top of that, there is no Github activity.

  4. Avatar Jeff says:

    Im holding ETN and I put a like on your video because you are more realistic than others, keep up your great work!

  5. Avatar Resul Avşar says:


  6. Avatar F. Russo says:

    You just lost another subscriber!

  7. Ease of use hahaha I can’t buy one without signing up somewhere on an exchange, how to I buy it without anyone knowing me

  8. Definitely have a point.
    And I have to say I'm very sceptical to the dev team. I'm a software developer myself, and I just can't get into my head how they could fail for months to make that damn mobile miner!
    Geeezz, it's basically a simple GUI with no calculation at all, since it's just a mining simulation! If you fail making a simple GUI with some basic API calls to their services, are you really good enough to develop a blockchain architecture? I don't think so.

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  10. Avatar MarvelExtra says:

    you basically said NOTHING technical. NO real value. Just the shilling and a lot of empty bla bla bla…

  11. Thanx 4 Bein ReAL – 🏁💯🔟💯🏁

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  13. Avatar Dabion says:

    332B63 my referral code for Electroneum android app

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    CODE: 249926

  15. Avatar Bird Chirp says:

    It's not flat lining now! Things are changing and now is the time to get in.

  16. Avatar Heikki H says:

    Have found your videos like a week ago and as a Electroneum fanboy found this one interesting. For some reason I did not watch those ETN to 500$ videos ever and I think I mostly just got the good parts of the community. The only issue was that if I mentioned ETN anywhere I got so much hate and people calling it a shitcoin. I never understood why. But now after this video I finally see why people were hating on ETN… because of the toxic delusional and overly optimistic gamblers that gave such a bad image of the community. I’d love to see you cover more ETN news also in the future. Its nice to watch realistic content 👍

  17. Toxic community? Haters? Isn't that every crypto? Not sure why you singled out etn. But I hope you work through your issues. In the mean time I'm enjoying the 100% price action.

  18. Worth watching Interview with Seema Khinda Johnson

  19. Good day! we need to add ETN to the exchange then its price will soar! all Russia and Ukraine on this exchange!

  20. Avatar chrisybanks says:

    2019 is Etn's year 2018 was getting everything n place. Just as the world underestimated the internet and social media, so too is the world underestimating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I genuinely believe in 2019/20 we will see mass adoption and gains in ETN much faster than we ever thought possible. Cheers.

  21. Avatar Mike Ikezoe says:

    I think ETN is a piece of shit coin…. There is better solutions.

  22. Avatar Backup Drive says:

    Are you loss over 80% in Electroneum ETN or not???
    Vote to show us your situation so we can send the resualt to Richard and ETN team

  23. Avatar Mohd Farid says:

    Use my refferal code and earn 1etn

  24. If someone need one code for mining more electroneum with app the mine is : 57D75D

  25. Avatar S. Yusof says:

    I FOMO'd in at $0.015… it's never reached that price since 🙁 just waiting for the next crypto bull run I guess. :/

  26. and dont shop with ur crypto this is how the gov and whales get all the supply. new coins will always come up as whales buy em all to control. its the beast taking iver our lives all over again hahahah

  27. etn a long hodl also because once the price goes up u will have all the miners dumping. and its alot. it will happen fast. so if etn. ur waiting 4 yrs for lambo unless u trade good at right time with alot of etn. or u all waiting. when market cap itself is 3 trillion then be an addict watching charts. lol. for now the cap suks. everyone waiting

  28. that started it. then the masses put mad price predictions then the app issues. then apple issues. etn will be good. it has a function. ada is the bedt crypto investment

  29. the fud for etn started when the market had it for 500 bucks etc. then it was off market for a while and came back. utubers had the screenshot

  30. Avatar Chip Dog says:

    It's dropped 53% this month so i'm waiting for it to drop another 47% before i sell, said, the hodling man.

  31. Avatar daniel fry says:

    Etn will do very well in the long run, prob a couple years. I dont see it ever being over $1. I sold all mine and bought XRP

  32. Ye man, i use to have 68930 ETN just few weeks ago. I sold them when prices was about 110 satoshies. I invested 3 times in this coin and i was hoping that will grow at least 5-10%. I hold it and hold it and hold it more for at least 5-6 months. Guess what, price has drop about 6-700% since January or even more. Difficulty right now is about 350 billion. So fwck that, iam out of this, iam gonna buy again when THEY DO SOMETHING TO GROW, NOT TO FWCKEN LOSE MAN !

  33. Are you saying a ponzi scheme?lol

  34. Avatar Eric Pedro says:

    ETNs vision and work ethic never fell off. Only people’s patience and short attention span. The truth is they have made huge huge strides and still laying the ground foundation to succeed, WHEN they roll out the whole project in its entirety. People need to step back and realize they just started 9 months ago Jesus let the company develop! Also look at ripple, you know how many YEARS it was less than a penny, before it really got the ball rolling? Howcome nobody aknowledges that? Because it’s still .33 Cents stable in a huge bear market. It took them a few years to take flight into what it is today. Relax people. To say ETN is dead because it’s around 1 cent shows close mindedness, and lack of vision. They have barely even gotten started. That’s the realistic truth.

  35. It will be around longer than Bitcoin. ETN .miners dont fuck up there own coin like Bitcoin miners in my opinion .Listen to there CEO .He is a lot more real than anyone at Bitcoin.You dont get it the vision is still there and in time it will be a very big deal.This and Stellar are real projects


  37. Avatar Halil says:

    Referral code : 9CD953

  38. Avatar my take says:

    Your right about the shills. Seemed EVERY video was about etn, and i bought the hype myself. Learned my first valuable lesson in crypto… use your head, not your heart.

  39. Avatar matt r says:

    Etn. King of shit coins

    Incompetent tech, I will never forgive them for lying about hitbtc while the coin tanked from 12 centa to 4 cent

    Etn is dead because of the trust factor
    They mislead their investors too many times

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