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#CryptoNews: Top 10 Chinese Altcoins! [EOS, Ethereum, GXChain Ontology, Waves, Ripple, Bitcoin]

Top 10 Chinese Altcoins! [EOS, Ethereum, GXChain Ontology, Waves, Ripple, Bitcoin]

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It is a fact: China promotes their own from within. Whether we are talking media, food, business, internet, or cryptocurrency, China maintains control.

Here is a recent list of China’s top 33 altcoin. This could give us some good insight on what coins will do well in future…let me know your thoughts.

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The CCID’s Global Public Chain Technology Assessment

Report Links 74% of Bitcoin Mining to China, Sees Threat to Network

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43 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: Top 10 Chinese Altcoins! [EOS, Ethereum, GXChain Ontology, Waves, Ripple, Bitcoin]

  1. this video is pure gold 🙂 thank you very much…is far better tan gold !!! eos my next purchase

  2. Ararion Gujo says:

    Aegeus is a great one. Unique project in crypto

  3. Cryptoman976 says:

    Meh, I put no faith in a media controlled gov't country. I'd run from that entire list.

  4. yo what about Pundi X. they making moves

  5. Verge is just a Shitcoin after their partnership with pornhub

  6. I hope EOS finally release their Mainnet without setbacks…

  7. Thought Walton Chain would be listed? being a chinese crypto

  8. Ambot says:

    How can TKY not be on here? So much potential it is mindblowing.

  9. Chinese love gambling. EOS is perfects for gambling. EOS will be king.

  10. TKY? VeChain?
    I'm wondering why these projects aren't indicated in this list.

  11. Henry Goh says:

    CCID ranking can be used for one of the many factors for investing crypto
    Yes one but should not be major factor
    5:50 btc is rank 13 ( it should be 18th )

  12. Anita Taylor says:

    Glad to see Dash on that list.

  13. Clefawn H says:

    HAHAHA He said (I can listen to my audiobooks and play games on the other) and get paid doing so. I use to work for the Navy as a Contractor and there was literally a job position called "FireWatch" where you sit and stare at a wall and this was the exact same thing I did Drink Tea or Coffee and played video games LOL

  14. Ray Peck says:

    I wonder why Vechain isn't on their list since they supposedly work with China?

  15. Chris Dags says:

    Trust me, no one is looking to America these day for leadership. 😂

  16. Chris Dags says:

    XRP is a great technology, financial institutions will adopt it, if it goes from $5 to $8 I would be surprised. Moving money faster and cheaper isn't really a great deal it's just a step forward that will make life easier. Wall Street coming in again won't affect price that much. $8 Max

  17. I didnt see anybody mention the lowcap gem apex network (cpx). It checks all the boxes for me anyway. Very interesting token economics. Lock up ur voternodes now while its dirt cheap. Mainnet coming Q1 2019.

  18. Noyan Göksu says:

    You are completely misunderstanding the point of the list. Most of these are not even Chinese projects, they will NOT be supported by the government. If that's what you're interested in, look no further than TKY, MAN and Walton.

  19. DD says:

    Etc.. There goes my statement. I'm full on etc. Hoping for an etc/eth flippening. The etc team is doing a lot of work while eth is full of problems and short of money. Etc all the way up

  20. G4D says:

    Can always tell it's bullshit when EOS is on top. Not to mention no VET or TRX

  21. M. t.V says:

    I'm sorry but I simply can't take this seriously. If you buy based on some list you might as well buy a lottery ticket

  22. 619 Trading says:

    Wonder if they charge these companies to list them

  23. So do the Chinese favor Verge more than TRX?

  24. Metal Virus says:

    I think the privacy coins is pure BS! China is the ultimate big brother and will never give any of their citizens privacy!

  25. Miv says:

    Man – Steem is not decentralised youtube 🙂 It has many dapps built on Steem and you create only one account and you can access them all so as your content is spreaded in all of them – but you post only once – and that is huge power – dapps like d.tupe steemit etc. Not to mention that it is 4th most used blockchain in the world just check it here: and steem is currency/coin not some token which is being used on all these dapps and not to mention Steem steemit etc. is being used by more than 1 million people so huge community – I would call Steem a sleeping Giant and – it is actually one blockchain which has real usecase and like I mentioned already being used and developed on – it will be huge.

  26. Andrea Luca says:

    I have been into crypto currency for about two years and I must confess that with all my experiences,losses and disappointments, meeting a High Trader Mr Ryann Kimmich at a convention in the Uk 🇬🇧 5months ago
    changed everything with his trades and I have made great profits

  27. Marcos H says:

    Funny how MAN is not on the list since it is said they are the blockchain for the on road on belt project

  28. IOST Toronto says:

    Reading through the comments, a lot of hate on EOS as always. the Chinese know something you don't! don't be a sheep explore EOS tech, use their blockchain, lend your tokens and generate passive income, check out their wallets, use their daaps then you will understand why eos is ranked so high. it's catered to a more sophisticated crowd i understand but EOS is really innovating. Anyways good luck to all!

  29. $kmd is well ahead of the game

  30. China puts out these lists every few months, and it's always different coins!

  31. fiddeff says:

    I think getting a view of the a
    Asian (and especially the Chinese) market is like getting a glimse of the future here in the west. They're so far ahead of us when it comes to crypto and other tech. Thanks for another interesting video AltcoinDaily.

  32. Jashim Ahmed says:

    Very good video team AA,
    Long time ago I made comments on your channel about investing more on the Cineese, Korean & Japan's coin.
    Because, these are the countries controlling and more invest on Crypto space. I reasurch on the top quality coins from those countries. Some of them are great great project with team.
    So, here are my list CHINA
    There are lots of big names and very good quality coin behind good TEAM to invest.
    Thanks again and always.

  33. Go Beep says:

    Thank you for knowledge. Coinbase is the world's most popular bitcoin wallet. We make it easy to securely buy, use, store, and accept bitcoin and more.

  34. Elastos for me should be there. We all need Elastos as well.

  35. Joseph Moss says:

    EOS – best basic tech = no brainer.  1) developers/new dapps can use various programming languages (i.e. C++); 2) EOS/Block1 is continually aiding dapp developers and are consistently hiring new developers on their team, 3) when a problem arises, EOS developers are quick to resolve issues and highly communicative, 4) on the EOS platform smart contracts can be 'paused' and edited to resolve issues –  you can't do that on the Ethereum platform,  and 5) Block1 has a lot of start-up money and are doing exactly what they said they would do—  expand, hire developers, give out initiative rewards regarding new concepts, hackathons, etc, etc.

  36. Bevern Beev says:

    hole list is made of people abviously not in this space. Verge is a scam. Bytecoin has done an exitscam and is toast. ontology is above NEO, Bitshares is basicly toast after leader left for EOS (he has left again btw..) Many of these projects just have testnets live…

  37. Dave Kings says:

    Surprised no Elastos on this list?

  38. Big Dragon says:

    China????? Get Real, Education system is broke, the next generation is not getting it "stupid" Why do you think they so want to go to American Collages??? Real estate bubble, looking for their first downturn, I Know better than anyone, I live in Shenzhen, been coming here for over 28 years, and lived here over 10 years. China is nothing more than Cut copy and past. most of the owner of companies can't do any function in their company they have to hire someone to run the company,

  39. Crypto Pro says:

    VeChain is by far the best.

  40. JayWalk3r says:

    China has been predicted to economically surpass the US within 5-10 years. Read more into this if you do not believe me.

    NULS made a huge jump to #6 and their flagship product (chainfactory) is not even released yet. Combined with NULS 2.0 and blockchain interoperability (communicating with other blockchains) I anticipate NULS to be in the top 3 of this list before 2020.

    There has yet to be hype around this project as the team is focused on the tech not hype.

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