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#CryptoNews: The Bitcoin Price Will Hit $10,000 by May 2020 According to UPDATED Stock-to-Flow Model

The Bitcoin Price Will Hit $10,000 by May 2020 According to UPDATED Stock-to-Flow Model

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Bitcoin Will Be Over $10K By 2020 Halving, Model Shows

Stock-to-Flow model

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47 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: The Bitcoin Price Will Hit $10,000 by May 2020 According to UPDATED Stock-to-Flow Model

  1. price is bout to hit 10,000 this month so 100,000 + by 2020 mate

  2. Avatar EVOLUTION says:

    $50,000 TO $80,000USD 6 TO 12 MONTHS AFTER HALVING

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  6. Dude it's already $7100. It will hit $10K by June 2019.

  7. Avatar De Ka says:

    At this rate, we will hit 10k in a couple of weeks hahaha, let's hope not the crash would be huge.

  8. Avatar Mr Magic says:

    there are always indicators to show you what you want to see its becoming sickening on youtube

  9. If you need money, do not sell yo BITCOINS!! Use Nexo now & borrow on crypto collateral with a smile 🙂

  10. Avatar Tan bui says:

    Now is the generation of blockchain! One way or another Blockchain is dominating our life. Blockchain for telecom – truly interesting guys – Beowulfchain is being developed by Beowulf team. Let's try and share your experience

  11. Avatar Stan Holt says:

    no it won't you stupid bull

  12. Avatar JZA says:

    I disagree…i think we'll be at 8k -10k by the end of the summer.

  13. Avatar ecco trader says:

    I do not know when, one day, one SATOSHI = one USD

  14. It make so much sense. Thank you Austin. Good video much appreciated. JayMe

  15. This could be possibly be correct. Unless Samsung, Nike and all the other big boys jump in the market. I'm looking at Samsung coin for my future coin but bitcoin will always be my baby.. evolution you got to love it

  16. Avatar Spider Si says:

    How do you find the Brave browser did , you receive payment ?

  17. Avatar Zorro Pai says:

    When did you make your last ETH transaction? It is now very fast at the lowest gas price.

  18. AGI on binance as well, worth a look

  19. I Dreamt BTC will begin parabolic catch-up to its real true value versus the masses waking up and not to mention the Warren buffets thinking wohw this things money making commodities bonds eating machine and swallow almost every investment ever till it stabilises in price. In between 100k to one million equals 350k average?. BTC gains one decimal place every two years and its behind that at mo….”It not true” I dreamed it. What a nightmare.

  20. What do you guys think of crypto Chico's revelation about some crypto whales? They seem to be moving the price up…

  21. Avatar jajajaja says:

    How many ETH are required for staking? Thanks for the content 🙏

  22. Sending you 5 BATs, thanks to you now I am using Brave 100% in all my devices

  23. Avatar Kang Kim says:

    Staking reward for ETH at current price is 3.12%. 997,008 eth estimated reward and target amount of 32 million eth being staked. It's pretty low compared to other POS like Tezos.

  24. Avatar Anomit Anos says:

    I love the optimism in the comments. It's likely we go lower than seeing higher prices whether we like it or not. Happy to go either way but the bear market is still in play

  25. Avatar XRPotato says:

    @ 4:05 "The price of bitcoin has nvr looked better" . . . mmmmmmm . . . Yes it has!!!

  26. Avatar peterquagmir says:

    You forgot a zero lol

  27. What’s you thoughts on cova?

  28. Avatar Phil Amey says:

    I'm going all in and saying Btc will hit min 9k by years end. I know its not the full 10k but I say fomo will bring in the new years investors longing Btc up to atleast 12k by end of Jan 2020.Then correction back down to 9k. 🚀

  29. Avatar enahs says:

    2020? you mean 2019…. haha

  30. Avatar Jay Steele says:

    One year from now the environment will be completely different (imho) BTC will be 25-50k I believe.

  31. Avatar Ryan Carr says:


  32. I think 20k by the next halving. The peeks draw a direct line to the blue zones in each of the halvings.

  33. Avatar Cynthia Posh says:

    Make more money from trading by contacting Mr Thompson Grey on +16628308090.He is so experienced and smart in making profitable trades.

  34. Avatar ZEBIO 305 says:

    I think, i expect, I hope !!! May 20 => last ATH 20K , end of 19 => 10 K wait & See

  35. Ripple has a lot of hype but its price doesn't reflect all the hype and that's fishy to me.

  36. Avatar Ali Sabiri says:

    Your infos are not really credible, unsubscribed and liked #chico crypto the beast

  37. Sharting = you think it's a fart but…

  38. Lad I can’t retire on 10k😉

  39. Avatar RicViperMoto says:

    Imo much quicker, teather scam lords are buying btc with soon to be worthless teather

  40. Avatar Eric Ross says:

    lol first add I've watched all the way through in years. And I work at a digital marketing Company. HOLDOR!

  41. Avatar elysiumcore says:

    Nothing BTC does will ever surprise me.. it can spike and explode in a couple of weeks.. or slowly increase to astronomical levels in 2 years

  42. Too bullish too quick, I’m a holder, but Fibonacci Circles say 3-6000 till March 2020

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