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#CryptoNews: My Cryptocurrency Portfolio [Top 6 Altcoins] Q2 2019 🚨 [Bitcoin/Crypto]

My Cryptocurrency Portfolio [Top 6 Altcoins] Q2 2019 🚨 [Bitcoin/Crypto]

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43 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: My Cryptocurrency Portfolio [Top 6 Altcoins] Q2 2019 🚨 [Bitcoin/Crypto]

  1. Avatar Lenochod 79 says:

    Smashed the like 😉

  2. Avatar Ezra0 says:

    I think the best is xsn coin by . It is developing ground breaking technologies like Cross Chain Proof of Stake and Combining Lightning Network and Masternodes into a trustless cross-chain platform with a Lightning DEX. Operate with any blockchain simply by using XSN. On the team is the former executive of JP Morgan Frank Amato.

  3. My Crypto portfolio is currently filled with interesting coins like Xrp, Bitcoin, Tron, Vchain, Stellar, Veil and Bomb

  4. Avatar jonah currie says:

    I picked holochain and vchain btc ethereum and litecoin monero. bless crypto

  5. Avatar smb12321 says:

    The problem with crypto investing (and I have several hundred thousand invested) is the lack of real research and the presence of hypesters posing as forecasters. On any given day you can read: "BTC will hit $100,000" "BTC will go to zero" "ETH headed to $350 breakout" "ETH will sink below $100" "Coin X (valued at 1 cent) has "good" potential to hit $100 "next year" The markets are too volatile, trading too thin, insider trading still a problem and 99% of the coins are based on future technology or "systems in the works".

    The best method for investing: Study the charts, learn the patterns, buy on the dips and set a sell price immediately. Stick with those with proven track records and liquidity. Get a good exchange (I use several but KUCOIN comes to mind as one that is simple and easy to use).

  6. Bitcoin is mostly generally accepted by all but there are still good altcoins like Veil that guarantees daily profit through, staking, mining and trading

  7. Avatar Jay big says:

    You don't need to own bitcoin if you own nipple ripples zeerp cash. As xrp is too decentralised, despite "popular misconception. No one owns it and anyone can run a node and participate in voting on the network.

  8. Avatar Me says:


  9. Hello,
    Have you heard of Volume Network? They are widely discussed these days. Former Co-Founder and CTO of Chinese FileCoin project-Lambda core team built Volume Network together, dedicated to build a large-scale cryptocurrency applied in real commercial society. This project token VOL trading has now resumed effectively on BISS exchange.

  10. Bitcoin is king so it's always good to have it. For other altcoins, I'll buying as much veil as I can. Currently staking it as I don't have a miner .

  11. As long as out investing funds are different so is the token we invest in. I'm on a veil investing spree.

  12. Mr Denis has the best strategy out there i make 1.4btc every 7 days with him as my trader

  13. Avatar Kevin Pak says:

    Whats your take on DENT? It apparntly has millions of users.

  14. Avatar jeffries says:

    Nuls is a great project whether it will moon who knows But im deep as hell into it

  15. Hopefully you took my advice and purchased XRP after my comment 3 weeks ago lol

  16. I own 3.10 eth around 16% of my portofolio is that good enough?

  17. MyWish, Morpheus Network, Daneel, Mitx, Essentia will be huge. Super low market cap and working products. X100 for sure

  18. Avatar Ofor Joseph says:

    Cardano!cardano cardano…charles charles charles.i have been waiting on this coin to moon forever..its never gonna happen this guys are using our money as a comfortable monthly salary…in addition that daedalus wallet is just that…… dead!

  19. Avatar Noorin Arif says:

    Add mhc, the next eos with blockchain 4.0

  20. Avatar tintin887 says:

    Ethos, ont, icx, aion, wan…these have the biggest potencial as alts

  21. Avatar Sam Ross says:

    isnt 90% of the btc being mined by china? LOL

  22. Since i was a complete first-timer I've struggled significantly for a long time on my journey to making money on the web but nevertheless fortunately this really helped me generate great money

  23. I would be very careful about any bitcoin?crypto currency because it's nor supported by any real money.

  24. Avatar Alican Canak says:

    You should check out MenaPay. It is a decent project from the UAE.

  25. How much money a month do you guys invest into cryptocurrency?? Please let me know.

  26. Avatar J serein says:

    You are superb, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I found the best way as you watch here to earn money from home

  27. Avatar H1TMANactual says:

    Why doesn't anyone have Pchain??

  28. Avatar JOHN NELSON says:

    Coin base is too slow and clunky. They make it way too hard to transfer funds from my bank so I just use [email protected] Way easier. Made 1000$ in capital gains in the last month! 💰

  29. Avatar Habib Sheikh says:

    Since i was a total inexperienced person I have attempted quite a bit for some time on my endeavor to earn money on line having said that gratefully this facilitated me earn terrific cash

  30. great video; this is awesome

  31. Avatar Fomosapien says:

    XRP is light years ahead of XLM

  32. Avatar Arian says:

    You are outstanding, tx so much for revealing his with us! I found out the best way as you may determine here to receive income from home

  33. I realized I was very close to throw in the towel forever the seek to make money using the internet nevertheless, right about the very last moment I found this which 100 percent altered my living.

  34. Elastos will make the believers rich

  35. You are great, thanks for sharing this with us! I came across an easier way as you determine here to receive income from your house

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