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#CryptoNews: Is DigiByte A Sleeping Giant? Simply Explained! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review Deep Dive]

Is DigiByte A Sleeping Giant? Simply Explained! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review Deep Dive]

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team!

Let’s talk about DigiByte! Is it a sleeping giant? Is it a good investment? What even is it!?!?! Let’s talk about it!

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Link to DigiByte CEO talking about DigiByte primary use case NOT being a currency but as cyber-security:

Link to DigiByte website:

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***NOT financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. Make your own decisions.

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40 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: Is DigiByte A Sleeping Giant? Simply Explained! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review Deep Dive]

  1. Avatar seadog92023 says:

    Great channel…I just subscribed!

  2. Avatar SkizzyAus says:

    SpendCard has just adopted DGB and you can now use DGB with the spend card to make purchases via VISA, watched a short clip of a guy paying for his $87 walmart purchases with DGB. adoption is slowly coming i guess. time to invest!

  3. Avatar Thomas S. says:

    DGB is a great speculation, but not so much a sound investment. I came in hard and fast with expendable cash at less than a cent/DGB thus mitigating the risk, so I'm perfectly fine with the risk part. When you compare DGB to other cryptos I find that its advantages are staggering. It's everything you would want in a crypto that is resilient to hacking and price manipulation. Honest money is sound money. In the long run I see DGB taking a dominant role, especially if citizens of the planet lose confidence in the fiat, debt based financial system. So far it's been a slow process. But you can say the same thing about Bitcoin and its ten year run. Look where it's at now. You have to stand way back to see the bigger picture. It's a nice picture.

  4. Avatar kaleb cathey says:

    How do you buy digibyte

  5. Avatar Dave Chopp says:

    Im not going to be popular with this comment but something needs to be said about Digibyte, before anyone attacks me for this understand i do own and will continue to invest in Digibyte, it makes up 85% of my portfolio. I love the project and I Love the communities dedication to it. Its tech innovations are amazing and can be revolutionary. However this constantly pushing digibytes currency aspects to the back seat is really starting to irritate me and many investors. The truth of the matter is there are alot of people invested in this for financial gain, and in every interview or seminar i see (And i see most of them), we have Key people in the space pushing digi ID, DigiAssets, DigiSheild, DigiCafe & Digizipper and on and on, but as a real currency it is constantly glossed over. I am not at all suggesting that all these ideas are not valid and they all contribute to Digibytes success going forward BUT, I feel that the currency aspect of it should be taken more seriously by the key players, (Jared, Josiah, Etc) for example. The fact of the matter is Digibyte is a seriously under rated project and it is being eclipsed by many MANY inferior projects, but without investor confidence & incentive its not going to grow. Investors need real money potential and Digibyte needs real money to meet their goals, therefore it stands to reason if the coin rises everyone benefits, But glossing over that fact at every single event helps no one.

    Yes we all know there is more to Digibyte than payments, But Digibyte is also nothing without its Investors. Better start addressing their interests as well.

  6. Avatar Qlean Media says:


  7. Jared Tate said he is more focused on security than paument but Digi ID does not move price

  8. Avatar tommobeast2 says:

    Digi byte's all over it It's now Feb 19

  9. Avatar Torrd115 says:

    I just love the Digibyte community. So much passion. That's one of the reasons I went all in!

  10. Avatar Chele Ph says:

    Is digibyte still sleeping?

  11. Nice vid.

    Now is the perfect time to get into a good chunk of DigiByte.

  12. Avatar Wonderboy says:

    You in yet? I’m still waiting for half a cent and under.

  13. Avatar Henry Womack says:

    Great video as always. I didn’t see this coin on Binance. Where can I purchase this coin.

  14. Avatar Dominic .B says:

    we can mining ? digibyte

  15. Good to invest now, is it low enough now in dec 2018?

  16. Avatar Raymond Key says:

    5 years 1 dollar dgb ten years 10 dollar dgb. More if the dollar fails

  17. Avatar Alpha Weeb says:

    They need a sales guy

  18. Project Elysian Coin
    i heard thise ICO helps you 2 make your own crypto coin
    what do you think is this a good upcoming ICO?

  19. Avatar Dave c says:

    FOMO at 3 cents…it is called speculating not gambling,if you do your research.WTF does dogecoin provide???!!

  20. Avatar Dave c says:

    Don't call me

  21. Avatar Dave c says:

    You may want to look in their cyber security program…

  22. Avatar Qlean Media says:

    DIGIBYTE for the FLIGHT! Distributed Ledgers are about to take Flight !

  23. Avatar Just MeMe says:

    It occurs to me now that Binance has been excluding DigiByte all this time because they are racists.
    DGB is run by a bunch of honorable, altruistic white people. #NameTheBinanceRacists

  24. Avatar IBradFrazer says:

    What I like most about DigiByte is that it's possibly the most purest form of cryptocurrency out there! There isn't a shred of greed or corruption by the creator and founder, Jared Tate, or by the team behind DigiByte, as it's a non-profit organization and everything they do they do for free and in their spare time all for the simple benefit of mankind. I see a lot of hate towards DigiByte with people saying, "it will fail and that it's been around for 4 years and it's done nothing!" and yet, DigiByte is the longest, fastest, cheapest, most secure and most decentralized blockchain that currently exists. However, they could be referring to the price, and while I will admit the price of DigiByte is odd, as I think it should be at least $0.10 by now, but I think that's because Jared Tate said he wanted to grow the community organically, naturally, and through word-of-mouth, kind of like Facebook and YouTube did in the beginning.

  25. Avatar Mc Bane says:

    DigiByte has now and App to received, send and store DGB on your Mobile Phone!

  26. Avatar IwwIccA W says:

    dgb is the best crypto right now, and it will survive definetly… by 2022 we will have only few crypto still around and dgb is one of them. today we have 1900 coins??? wtf??? 1900 coins. people will get rekt thats why we have 1900 of them

  27. Avatar Sam Gabriel says:

    Can u make a video for beginners how to monitor new coins and how they perform and come to a decision whether to buy and hold or not?? What makes X coin worth inventing in etc….

  28. 1 DigiByte DGB Coin free giveaway for all subscribers
    Simply just subscribed my channel and Post your DGB address in reply of this comment we will send 1 DGB Coin to you

  29. Avatar Keith Hunt says:

    Nano is another promising cryptocurrency. What do you think of it's big gaines this week? I'm left scratching my head here. Any clear cause for this that your aware of?

  30. Avatar Keith Hunt says:

    I see the hesitation with DigiByte, I just recently learned about it and love it, but have yet to buy in myself. Think the fact that it has been around so long and yet has little name recognition gave me the most pause. Hopefully as other altcoins die, more focus will come to great coins like this one. I do plan to buy some soon, it seems like a great project.

  31. Seema Khinda Johnson as Co-Founder of Nuggets is promoting Nuggets ICO –

  32. Avatar Aim High TV says:

    IM buying 250,000 DGB it doesn't cost that much, see you in the future boys. This is small money for huge upside potential. Nonetheless the fundamentals are intact for Digibyte to be a mover. I love the excitement keep it coming, every time I see a new video from you about DIGIBYTE Im buying another 25,000 DGB. This is peanuts, we can all afford to LOAD up on DIGIBYTE.

  33. I accumulated and accumulated this coin when it was low at 1.9 rocketed to 4.9 cents a few weeks was a fun ride..ready to do it again..don't miss out on this coin and this community..I am a huge DGB fan and investor!

  34. Avatar x x says:


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