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31 thoughts on “#CryptoNews: Goodbye Stellar Lumen Rocket Ship! Bitcoin Not Compatible With Samsung Phone? Crypto Movie!?

  1. Avatar Chris says:

    Great video man thanks!!!!

  2. Avatar Sabin Nott says:

    I'm going to miss the rocketship!! Rocketship s go to the moon!

  3. Avatar Bitcoin Cash says:

    is ZCash the Best Logo in Crypto ?

  4. Avatar Bitcoin Cash says:

    Went from the best logo in crypto to the worst logo in crypto …. Stellers new logo is the worst.

  5. I need a bit of Hate today so I'm just going to say it. Bitcoin is dead, they just don't want to see it. XRP is going to take over the entire Crypto Sphere. The world doesn't need a "Store of Value", not when everything in the world is about to be valued and tokenized. There is no need for "Digital Gold". There I said it. Now bring it on………

  6. Avatar Coin Optix says:

    I liked the 🚀 logo but as with all good things, they must come to an end…

  7. Avatar Daniel Sinn says:

    if stellar finally realized cartoons are for kids than can someone please tell dragonchain to improve their little cartoon too? please

  8. Avatar saurabh s says:

    Better then the rocket ship

  9. Do you think XRP is better or XLM

  10. Avatar Don Gen says:

    HI GUYS, i found best crypto shop online! 🙂 !!

  11. Avatar Lucas J says:

    BTC isn’t compatible with the S10? That’s terrible….

    … for Samsung.

  12. Stellar website is ugly as well too

  13. Avatar watergapman says:

    The new Stellar symbol looks like the symbol on the Rising Phoenix (1988 Economist Cover).

  14. Avatar al zak says:

    very nice and interestin video
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  15. Avatar Greg Eddolls says:

    Please cover Electroneum for your viewers. Think mass adoption.

  16. Avatar Ezra NS says:

    Wow a new logo, that makes it more useful now. Hopefully it goes to at least half of XRPs value…

  17. Avatar Reid Parker says:

    Watching 20000ft up over the Gulf of Mexico en route to Costa Rica!

  18. Saturn I'm buying more

  19. The new stellar "S" is definitely much more professional and still gives the moon boys a Saturn..

  20. Avatar HornetUK1 says:

    i never liked stellar the rocket ship was the best thing they had going for them i think

  21. Avatar CB Creative says:

    Logo made think of the signs to tell you where the tubes are in London.

  22. Avatar jojo padlan says:

    Thanks mate for the news !!! Cheers !!!

  23. This is a no brainier. BTC & LTC Have Just been declared the new world currencies. Don't believe me watch RT news. What are these countries going to do with the BTC they are buying. Trade it for USD LMAO Venezuela, Russia, China, And Others. Are setting up to use BTC for International trade. Why BTC ? It is already there, Its not controlled by any Government, And it moves faster then a speeding bullet. I am sure there are those that will try to push the price of BTC down. But it will fail. The GIG is up so to speak.

  24. i can understand their enigma with the stellar logo, however, i will always revere my stellar rocket tshirt

  25. Thanks for the video. The new xlm logo looks more professional to me. I think it was the right decision.

  26. Avatar tobo26 says:

    Good change, the rocket is crappy, shows maturity on Stellar's part.

  27. Avatar 557Ron B says:

    BTC ATm's = BTC "No ETH" ???? S 10 =Eth No BTC ??????? FOR-Thought== Not smart

  28. Avatar John Smith says:

    Cryptobitcoinchris said hes seen bitcoin on the s10 i havent checked but someone is lying!

  29. Avatar Eric says:

    If the new logo makes it worth more then so be it.

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